For the child who’s not spoiled enough, there’s the $480 Porsche sled


If you constantly find yourself with a backache caused by sitting on all of the $100 bills in your wallet, you might consider dropping $480 on a sled made by Porsche.

Yes, it’s a sled. A sled. An aluminum sled. Available since November, now might be the perfect time to try one of these things out considering it’s been –500 degrees in just about every part of the country since January started.

So what makes it so special? There’s a Porsche logo on it. Oh, and a waterproof leather seat – wait, scratch that – it’s imitation leather, not real leather. So $480 for a sled and I can’t even get real leather? Oh, thank God – there’s a high quality carrying bag and the sled’s been tested by the German safety standards agency.

Aluminum Sledge [Porsche via Likecool]