Smittens: World’s dumbest mittens


These mittens are called “Smittens” because they’re mittens for lovers. Your outside hands will be free to grab, poke, and point at things, while your inside hands will be locked together inside a single mitten so you can interlock your fingers while you stroll about your favorite small town and/or scenic forest trail – awwww!

Here’s what would happen in real life. First, my wife and I would delicately bicker over who gets to have their dominant hand in the single glove. We’d each want our right hand to be free to punch things, hold coffee, and give motorists that run crosswalks the finger (too bad they’d just see a mittenous lump).

None of that would matter, though, because about half a block into our romantic promenade we’d have a sweatstorm going inside the double glove that’d turn it into a mushy maroon mess.

The kicker here is that Restoration Hardware started out selling these things at $49! Thankfully they’ve now been discounted to $24.49, although that’s still about $24 too expensive.

Smittens [Restoration Hardware via Foolish Gadgets/Likecool]