Without Black representation in climate tech, ‘the planet will burn’

The lack of funding and dearth of DEI data suggests that the venture community writ large is overlooking a vast amount of untapped potential.

UniSieve’s filters use special crystals to reduce industrial emissions

The energy-intensive process of separating and purifying chemicals and gases is a big reason industries like plastic manufacturing cause so much pollution. UniSieve wants to reduce their carbon emissi

Arts Help launches $6M fundraise to build digital climate library and ESG certification program

The lack of access to proper climate information has become imperative as the Earth’s temperature swells.

Over 300 gigafactories will make tomorrow’s EVs. We mapped them all

Venture capitalists and private equity firms have invested over $40 billion into battery technology startups, and some of those investments are now coming to fruition.

Startup says the seaweed blobbing toward Florida has a silver lining

A brown macroalgae native to the Atlantic’s Sargasso Sea is increasingly a menace to coastal ecosystems and communities across the Gulf of Mexico, ever since mats of the normally beneficial seaw

Universal Hydrogen takes to the air with the largest hydrogen fuel cell ever to fly

As a Universal Hydrogen-branded plane, equipped with the largest hydrogen fuel cell ever to power an aircraft, made its maiden test flight in eastern Washington, co-founder and CEO Paul Eremenko decla

To fix the climate, these 10 investors are betting the house on the ocean

Founders and investors have a growing appreciation for the ocean’s potential to help solve the climate problem.

The impact investor and climate correspondent walk into a bar

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This week Natasha Mascarenhas and Becca Szkutak took to their

Climate tech roundup: Food waste, wastewater and the UK’s troubled battery industry

Waste and batteries were the theme this week in climate tech. Dive in to see what happened.

Climate tech roundup: From solar to CES, this week had something for everyone

Even without a milestone fusion announcement this week, plenty happened in the climate tech world that’s worth catching up on.

Hot takes: How TechCrunch+ covered climate tech in 2022

Climate tech is more relevant than ever in 2022, so we rounded up our hottest TechCrunch+ climate coverage over the past year.

Oxyle’s tech uses water movement to remove pollutants

UNESCO calls water pollution one of the main challenges facing societies, with 2 million tonnes of sewage entering the world’s water each day. Oxyle wants to help solve the crisis with a new wastewa

Porsche, World Fund join $63M bet on batteries for electric planes

To help electric planes take off, German battery company Customcells says it landed about $63 million (€60 million) in Series A funding from Porsche and several climate-tech investors. World Fund, a

Accacia tackles the real estate industry’s massive carbon emissions problem

The real estate and infrastructure sectors contribute about 40% of global carbon emissions, and part of solving the climate crisis is fixing how those industries work. Accacia gives large property own

New Paris-based VC Satgana completes the first close of its €30M fund to back climate tech startups

While climate tech may be all the rage right now — and for good reasons — new Paris-based VC firm Satgana (which means “a good company” in Sanskrit) is hoping its take on the subject will gain

Chris Sacca on climate investing right now: The opportunity ‘almost feels unfair’

Today, for a series of climate-related conversations organized by the global venture firm SOSV, we interviewed famed investor Chris Sacca, whose investment firm Lowercarbon Capital is managing $2 bill

Ocean-climate VC Propeller launches with $100M to fund ‘tomorrow’s narwhals’

Propeller, a new climate-tech investor with a focus on the ocean, tells TechCrunch that it has hooked $100 million for its first seed fund. Co-founded by former HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan, the venture

Samsung aims to make global operations and products carbon neutral by 2050

Samsung announced Thursday it will invest more than $5 billion (7 trillion KRW) in its carbon-neutral projects and environmental technologies through 2030, aiming to make its global operations and pro

Solar Foods wants to replace industrial animal farming with a high-tech protein harvest

Fermentation has a long, rich history in food production, from beer and wine to yogurt and cheese, leavened bread and coffee, miso and tempeh, sauerkraut and kimchi, to name just a few of the tasty th

Can battery recycling help end US reliance on China?

China has long been the leader in battery supply and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act seeks to end reliance on the East Asian country and turn the U.S. into a battery powerhouse.
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