How to tell friends you got home safe with iPhone’s new Check In feature

Making sure loved ones got home safe at the end of the night is something we all try to do. But it can be easy for that “Home safe! 😙” message to be missed or forgotten. Apple’s n

Alaska Airlines does away with check-in kiosks

Alaska Airlines recently started a three-year, $2.5 billion project to improve the airport experience at its hubs and focus cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a part of t

Alaska Airlines’ new electronic bag tag will let you speed through the airport lobby

Given the current state of the worldwide aviation industry, checking a bag may not be the best idea right now. But sometimes you don’t have a choice and soon, at least if you’re flying Ala

Yes, Americans can opt out of airport facial recognition — here’s how

Whether you like it or not, facial recognition tech to check in for your flight will soon be coming to an airport near you. More than a dozen U.S. airports are already rolling out the technology, with

Swarm now lets users check-in without sharing their location

Swarm, the gamified check-in app from Foursquare, has today launched a new feature that will let users check in to locations without sharing that location with their group of friends. The company is c

Foursquare Introduces ‘Super-Specific’ Search And Filter Options For iOS And Android To Help You Find New Venues

As <a href="">Foursquare evolves</a>, it wants to help you find either new places to che

Foursquare Redesigns Its Venue Pages For The Web To Capitalize On Its 50M Monthly Unique Visitors

Foursquare today launched redesigned venue pages to focus on its Explore and Discover functionality, bringing them more in line with its homepage. The changes, which come two weeks after the company r

Foursquare Gets Better For Business: You Can Now Add Events To Your Venue

There are reasons why we go where we go, eat where we eat, and drink where we drink. Maybe it's the ambience, maybe it's that cute waitress or waiter, or maybe it's karaoke night. Today, Foursquare ha

Meet The New Foursquare, The One That You’ve Helped Build And Continue To Power

As I've said before, I'm an avid user of <a href="">foursquare</a>, and it ha

What Lies Beyond The Check-In: Foursquare To Launch Big New Redesign Next Week

If you're following <a target="_blank" href="!/foursquare">Foursquare on Twitter</a>, you've probably noticed that the check-in champions have been teasing the release of <a targe

Check-In Needs To Work, But How Can We Fix It?

Remember <a HREF="">Highlight</a>? That app that everyone thought was hot stuff back at SXSW? I used it for a few days and then deleted it, discovering quite quickl

Foursquare’s Inflection Point: People Using The App, But Not Checking In

When Dennis Crowley, the CEO of Foursquare, visited the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year, he told me he spent a lot of time explaining Foursquare to the operators and vendors that are the

Foursquare Has Been Trying (And Failing) To Trademark "Check-In"

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-210257" title="bh" src="" alt="" />You'd be hard-pressed to find a hotter term in technology right now t Checks Out Of Closed Beta And Into Your HTML5-Compatible Device

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-181681" title="cc" src="" alt="" />Back in March, I wrote about the problem of <a href="https://techcrun Is A Potentially Brilliant Remedy For Check-In Fatigue

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-167976" title="checki" src="" alt="" />Last week, I wrote about <a href="