• Checks Out Of Closed Beta And Into Your HTML5-Compatible Device

    Back in March, I wrote about the problem of check-in fatigue. That is, with so many location-based check-in services now out there, it’s exhausting to open each one every time to check-in to the same place across multiple networks. The solution, for now at least, is And it’s ready to open to everyone tonight. is an HTML5 web app made by Brightkite that allows you… Read More

  • Is A Potentially Brilliant Remedy For Check-In Fatigue

    Last week, I wrote about check-in fatigue. While there is a lot of excitement right now surrounding location-based apps, and particularly the ones where you “check-in” places, trying to use all of them can be exhausting, as I found out at SXSW. So what’s the solution? Do you just pick one and stick with it? You could, but there’s no guarantee that all of your friends… Read More