Foursquare Gets Better For Business: You Can Now Add Events To Your Venue

There are reasons why we go where we go, eat where we eat, and drink where we drink. Maybe it’s the ambience, maybe it’s that cute waitress or waiter, or maybe it’s karaoke night.

Today, Foursquare has announced that businesses can now add events to their venues. This is a pretty huge step toward helping you find new places to go and tell your friends about why you go there…without doing any work.

The cool part about this, which is already available for things like movies, is that you can check-in to the actual event at the venue. This records what you’re doing as well as where you are.

Here’s what the company had to say:

People can already see movie, concert, and sporting events in the Foursquare app (and you should be able to see and edit those on your location). Now you’ll be able to add your own, be it an author appearance, arts and crafts fair, or a fundraising event.


Not only is this important for businesses and consumers, but it’s important for Foursquare as a company. This is yet another deep data point that the company is collecting about our tendencies. You know what that means, right? Better targeted specials.

The march to more revenue continues for Foursquare. What the company has done brilliantly is instead of embracing existing “ad models” that don’t always work, it has created its own that fit within the Foursquare experience. That’s good for users and businesses. And eventually, Foursquare itself.

[Photo credit: Flickr]