• Anyone can now apply to be verified on Twitter

    Anyone can now apply to be verified on Twitter

    It may have just become a little easier to get the blue check mark on Twitter.  The company has just announced that they are opening applications to apply for verification on the platform. As a refresher, being verified gives users a blue check mark on their profile to “let people know that an account of public interest is authentic”. Typically, this means celebrities… Read More

  • Pay celebs to text or video message you with TipTalk

    Pay celebs to text or video message you with TipTalk

    It has never been worth it for celebrities to respond to their endless digital fan mail — until now. TipTalk lets them set a price for a private text, photo or video response. The idea is that in their downtime, they could forge deeper relationships with their audience while earning enough to warrant at least a few seconds of their attention. Considering how the public comment reels… Read More

  • 7 Celebrity-Backed Startups That Totally Nailed It

    TechCrunch highlighted a number of startups and products that were founded or heavily backed by the glitterati, and failed. The list was surprisingly long. This time around, we’re flipping the script, and showing off some companies that have taken celebrity buzz and cash, and used them to their massive advantage. Is it a good, or a bad idea to take famous dollars? That’s your… Read More

  • Tinder To Introduce Verified Accounts Because Celebrities Aren’t Getting Enough Matches

    Tinder To Introduce Verified Accounts Because Celebrities Aren’t Getting Enough Matches

    Poor famous, beautiful people: They can’t even get a good date using tried and tested methods like swiping right. Matchmaking app Tinder has high-profile users including Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan and Josh Groban, but the startup’s CEO Sean Rad explained to The Hollywood Reporter that these people aren’t necessarily fielding an endless stream of matches. Users of the app… Read More

  • Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel And Oliver Luckett’s theAudience Raises $20M To Help Celebs Navigate Social Media

    Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel And Oliver Luckett’s theAudience Raises $20M To Help Celebs Navigate Social Media

    Back in July, we caught wind of a stealthy startup called theAudience, which purported to be on a mission to help busy celebrities navigate the world of social media. Fittingly, the startup was a product of its own A-list roots, the result of a partnership between Napster, Plaxo and Airtime co-founder and founding president of Facebook, Sean Parker, and Hollywood superagent and William… Read More

  • Survey: Boys want to play video games with President Obama, girls with Miley Cyrus

    Right now, if I could play a round of Multiplayer Game 2: The Sequel with anyone in the whole world, it’d probably be either Manuel Zelaya or The Situation from Jersey Shore. Zelaya because I’d could ask, “So what’s it like to be the first South American leader in a really long time to be illegally ousted in a coup?” Then I’d tell The Situation… Read More

  • GPS tracking device found on Simon Cowell’s car

    Poor Simon Cowell. Apparently someone on a motorcycle had been constantly following closely behind the notoriously cranky American Idol judge’s Bentley and he couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, there was a magnetic GPS tracking device stuck to the undercarriage of his car, which helped explain why the aforementioned motorcyclist kept showing up at Cowell’s private meetings. Read More

  • Top ten list: Celebrities and video games often don't mix

    [photopress:jackson.jpg,full,center] It wouldn’t be a Friday without a top ten list, so here it is, from Asylum.com, the ten worst celebrity tie-in video games of all time. Spoiler: one involves Spielberg. 10 worst celebrity video games ever [Asylum] Read More

  • Woz goes D-List!

    Damn son! Who knew Woz was such a player? Girlfriend and celebrity Kathy Griffin took him to the opening of Diablo’s Cantina in Las Vegas on Saturday and showed off the goods. He looks pretty good in that all black ensemble! She Needs To Marry This One! [Perez Hilton] Read More

  • Steve Wozniak Dating A Celebrity!

    Fugmaster and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is now dating Kathy Griffin. You may know Kathy from her Bravo show “My Life On The D-List”, which has brought her back into the spotlight. The two met during one of Griffin’s stand-up acts. Classy! Score! [Perez Hilton] Read More

  • K-Fed Gets A Search Engine

    Lucky for you, I spend a good hour a day pissing my life away reading gossip blogs. So when I stumbled upon this K-Fed Search Engine, you could imagine my excitement of finding technology combined with a D-List A-list celebrity! “Search With Kevin” is a essentially a promo for Kevin Federline’s album Playing With Fire. A user can search the web with K-Fed and win a prize. Up… Read More

  • Geek Porn: Women Of Warcraft

    It seems the people over at GameDaily are getting very lonely. They’ve thrown up a little piece called “Women of Warcraft” where they compare in-game female characters of different races to real-life celebs. Think of it as Perez Hilton meets Blizzard. Read More