Bento Stack is a bento box for your Apple accessories

The only thing I hate more than schlepping around electronics is schlepping around accessories and dongles for those electronics. And even when I’m not traveling it’s still hard to organiz

Amazon bans the sale of rogue USB-C cables

There's good news in the fight against rogue USB-C cables, some of which have caused major problems with smartphones and laptops, after Amazon tightened the regulations around the type of cables that

Hey, Bromasters, Take Your Kenu Highline On The Slopes When You Shred

So you want to take a photo of you and your buds on the slopes or at the bar or at A&F or whatever and you know, just know you're going drop that shnitz on the floor. So what do you need? A freaki

Roboden: Japanese Company Develops World’s First Elastic Electrical Cable (Video)

They aren't as hip as those curly cables we've <a href="">shown</a> you a few days ago, but <a href="http://www.asahi-kas

CrunchDeals: Free Shipping On Cable Orders

<img src="">Do you need some freaking cable? Yeah you do, you know it! Where do you get it? Duh? Like the c

Happy Day Of Special Significance To Many Religions! We Have Brightly Colored iPhone Cables For You!

<img src="">Do you think white cables are BORRRR-ING SIDNEY BORRR-ING? So do the folks behind the <a HREF="

Don't you dare sync, Mr. USB cable

<img src="" />Initially I was like, “Why am I writing about a USB cable?” Then I read the little description and was like, “Oh, neat.

USB powered VGA to HDMI converter

<img src="" alt="" />Here’s what appears to be an easy way to hook your VGA-only notebook or netbook up to your fancy HDTV’s HDMI por

USB to SATA 2.5-inch hard drive cable

<img src="">There's usually a lot of unnecessary foreplay that goes along with accessing an old hard drive just to pull a few fi

Citizen CrunchDeals: 10-foot HDMI cable for 74 cents plus $2.95 shipping

<img src="">CrunchGear reader Steve Jabs seems like a reasonable and trustworthy guy. Patient, too, as he’s been reading the site for qui

Cable skips iTunes synchronization foreplay and gets straight to the charging

<img src="">Believe it or not, sometimes people just want to plug an Apple i-Device into a USB port to charge the thing without wak

Belkin’s Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable is your way out of family tech support

<img src="" />Ah, late October – a time when a young man’s fancy turns to love, the autumn gingerly steps aside to make wa

All hail the ten-armed USB charging cable

<img src="" alt="charger" />Aaaand here we have the only charging cable you'll ever need. Is it a tangled mess wait

iStubz iPod Cables: Short is the new long

<img src="" alt="iStubz" />Tangled cords are absolutely the bane of my existence and yet I'm not quite anal enough to wrap twist t

Atlona has some nifty swivel HDMI and DVI cables

<img src="">I'm a sucker for products that make installing A/V equipment easier and these cables from Atlona do just that. The ends

Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers

<img src="" alt="powershelf" />Through some bizarre law of the universe if you put two cables on opposite ends of an empty room and retur

Today is 'Free HDMI Cable Day' (plus $5.99 for shipping)

<img src="" alt="HDMI" />HDMI cables are the new fool's gold. And by fool's gold I mean "things they sell at Best Buy for $30+ that you

DIY: Speaker and component cables

<img src=""> Making A/V cables used to be a hobby of mine. That was before <a href="">H

Our life with cables

<img src="" />Designer Christoph Niemann hates cables as much as the rest of us, but he has the skill to creatively describe his disgust.

USB cable with inline card reader

<img src="">File this one in the “good ideas” folder (if you use the tickler system, file it in the “Februar
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