Belkin’s Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable is your way out of family tech support


Ah, late October – a time when a young man’s fancy turns to love, the autumn gingerly steps aside to make way for winter, and, this year, the beginning of at least a year’s worth of non-stop free tech support you’ll have to provide to any of your friends and family that decide to buy a new computer with Windows 7 on it.

The biggest question: How do I get all my dumb photos, tax returns, and Miley Cyrus MP3s onto my new computer? Your new answer: Buy this $40 cable and leave me alone.

That’ll hopefully cut down on your charity workload considerably. Apparently the cable was designed to work with the Windows Easy Transfer utility and setup basically consists of connecting each end of it to the old and new computers. It’ll transfer files, user accounts, settings and customizations, e-mails, and contacts and then provide a report about which programs need to be re-installed along with “links to download latest versions of programs.”

So you’ll still get the “Why didn’t any of my programs transfer?” question that inevitably arises after every new computer purchase, at which point you’re free to suggest that your friend or family member write a strongly-worded letter to Microsoft and then hunker down for an entire weekend of trying to find their old Office 97, Print Shop, and AOL discs.

Available October 23rd, same day as one day after Windows 7.