Hey, Bromasters, Take Your Kenu Highline On The Slopes When You Shred

So you want to take a photo of you and your buds on the slopes or at the bar or at A&F or whatever and you know, just know you’re going drop that shnitz on the floor. So what do you need? A freakin’ Kevlar cord, Mr. Brojangles. That’s what you need.

So this is the Kenu Highline. It’s basically a locking connector, a coiled cable, and a little loop. You lock your iPhone to the cable, attach the loop to your jacket, and go totally nuts. Attach it to anything. Your jacket. Your bropurse. Your 7 Jeans with the big, tribal stitching. Anything, Brosephus, but they clearly want to grab the snow sports folks because the entire website is dedicated to shreddin’, ski-liftin’, and hittin’ the apres ski brodeo.

It’s only $20, so it’s not that expensive and if it saves you chipping your phone on the floor of the ski lodge while you and your broposse roll up to the bar for some Coors then that’s like money in the bank, brosephine, money in the bank.

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