USB cable with inline card reader


File this one in the “good ideas” folder (if you use the tickler system, file it in the “February” folder). Brando is selling a mini-USB cable with an inline SD card reader sitting smack-dab between point A and point B. It allows you to transfer files from an SD card while at the same time charging your cell phone or other portable device.

Inserting an SD card will disable transfers from whichever device is hooked up to the mini-USB end to make way for SD card transfers, but the cable will keep charging the device in the meantime. Once the card is removed, you’ll again be able to shuttle files between your computer and your phone (or whatever’s hooked up).

Compatible cards: SDHC / SD / MMC II / RS MMC / Ultra II SD / Extreme SD / Extreme III SD / *MiniSD / *T-Flash / *MicroSD / *MicroSDHC (*Adapter is required). There’s also a MicroSD version available as well. Both cables cost $12.

2-in-1 SD(HC) Card Reader Cable [Brando]