Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers


Through some bizarre law of the universe if you put two cables on opposite ends of an empty room and return an hour later, both cables will be tangled together in a knot. You can help to stem that tide somewhat by forcing yourself to adopt simple cable management techniques. There’s nothing fun or sexy about cable management but it can be simplified by using things like these Power Shelves.

ThinkGeek has four to choose from: Laptop, Hook, and Original (pictured above from left to right), plus the Mega shelf, which is like a bigger version of the Original. The Power Shelf is an entire outlet cover that replaces your existing outlet cover and the actual shelf part can be positioned on the top or bottom of the wall plate.

Prices range from $15 to $50, which seems a tad steep but, hey, less cable clutter leads to less stress, which could ultimately land you a better job, so the thing basically pays for itself. Or something like that.

The Power Shelf [ThinkGeek]