All hail the ten-armed USB charging cable


Aaaand here we have the only charging cable you’ll ever need. Is it a tangled mess waiting to happen? Perhaps. But you could safely misplace most, if not all, of your other USB charging cables. Plus, it looks like a sea monster!

The “Super USB Mobilephone Charger” from features ten various popular connectors all leading up to a single USB connection. You’ve got Nokia, PSP, Motorola, Micro and Mini USB, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and iPhone/iPod all covered. It’s only $10, too.

The cable can’t be used for “Data HotSync” except for the iPod connector. So it’s strictly a power-only affair. And you can only hook up one device at a time. So it’s not perfectly perfect, but I’ll still probably get one in the interest of keeping the cable monster that lives on my desk under control.

Super USB Mobilephone Charger []