Citizen CrunchDeals: 10-foot HDMI cable for 74 cents plus $2.95 shipping

HDMICrunchGear reader Steve Jabs seems like a reasonable and trustworthy guy. Patient, too, as he’s been reading the site for quite some time now and clearly hasn’t removed our feed from his RSS reader in a fit of rage over one of the many half-assedly researched and grammatically baffling posts that have graced these virtual pages for so many years.

Steve alerts us to a ten-foot HDMI cable deal on Amazon: 74 cents, plus $2.95 for shipping. That’s a grand total of $3.69 – much cheaper than, say, the nine-foot cable that Best Buy sells for $19.

And if I may add something to Jabsie’s deal, I’d point out that if you can make-do with a six-foot HDMI cable, you can get one of those on Amazon for just a penny, plus $2.98 for shipping.

And while even less expensive HDMI cables may exist somewhere out there, the moral of the story is: there’s no need to overpay for HDMI cables — Jabs tested, Aamoth approved.

10 FT HDMI Cable [Amazon]

6 FT HDMI Cable [Amazon]

Thanks for sending this in, Steve.