• AT&T DSL Adopts 250GB Monthly Bandwidth Cap

    AT&T will impose a 250GB data cap for users of its DSL service. The company says that, based on trials, it only expects that less than 2 percent of its users will be affected by the cap. If these people want to continue consuming more than 250GB per month they’ll have to pay for the privilege. Read More

  • Report: Canada's Usage-Based Billing Scheme To Be Overturned

    Canada’s Internet innovation-killing usage-based billing scheme may already be dead in the water. The Toronto Star says the decision has been made to reverse the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s plan to implement the controversial billing method, which would have led to a situation where people there could have expected to pay up to CDN$2.35 per gigabyte. Read More

  • Another FCC Bandwidth Auction To Happen In July

    For people who care, there’s another FCC bandwidth auction coming this July. They’re selling off more of the 700MHz range, which will probably start another bidding war between AT&T and Verizon. Read More

  • Web Video Hogs Up 37 Percent Of Internet Traffic During Peak TV Hours

    Web Video Hogs Up 37 Percent Of Internet Traffic During Peak TV Hours

    A few weeks ago, some data came out suggesting that Netflix alone accounts for 21 percent of Internet traffic during peak TV hours. But if you add in a couple other sources of streaming video from the Web, namely YouTube and other forms of Flash video, the traffic share of Web video jumps to 37 percent (with 10 percent from YouTube and 6 percent fro Flash video). BitTorrent is another 8… Read More

  • Intel Hits 50 Gbps Throughput With Photonics

    When we last left the intrepid research scientists at Intel, they had managed to hit 40Gbps throughput using something called the Avalanche Photodetector. It’s been two years since that report (yeah, this has been in development for a while), and the gang at Intel have not been idle, let me tell you. They’ve managed to improve the field of photonics to achieve throughput of 50 Gbps! Read More

  • Research suggests Internet could run out of bandwidth in the coming years

    Will the Internet run out of bandwidth? That’s the concern expressed by an upcoming study, and it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it. Uselessly slow Web sites (think: YouTube, Hulu), Internet “brownouts” (“please wait: processing request”), and general mayhem could be the norm in just a few years’ time. So let’s freak out about it. Read More

  • Oh my, Google may be designing its own router

    Well, isn’t this exciting? Because Google’s bandwidth needs have exploded it’s looking into making its own router. Quick, cue dramatic music Read More

  • AT&T to implement bandwidth caps: Starts at 20GB per month

    Looks like AT&T is on its way to implementing Time Warner-style bandwidth caps. Residents of Reno, Nev. will be the guinea pigs this time around, with AT&T looking to impose a 20GB per month bandwidth limit for its lowest tier of broadband service; bandwidth limits increase as you move up AT&T’s service pyramid. The limit tops out at 150GB per month when using the… Read More

  • Just in time for the G1, T-Mobile removes 1GB bandwidth cap

    T-Mobile has removed the 1GB 3G data cap ahead of the G1‘s launch. People had been freaking out, as they do, the past two days when they read the fine print of T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, realizing that the wireless carrier imposed a “soft” 1GB cap on 3G data. Meaning, that if you downloaded more then 1GB of data—isn’t that a big selling point of the… Read More

  • Bandwidth caps don’t concern some video providers

    So Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting next month. While some consumers are up in arms about the true meaning of “unlimited” internet access, others have focused on how these caps will affect the innovation of web-based services, particularly video streaming and downloading. Roku, maker of the Netflix-streaming box (reviewed here), isn’t too… Read More

  • Rambus gets silicon up to Terabyte speed

    In November of last year, Rambus announced The Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative in which they stated they were going after, well, a terabyte of bandwidth. They have been making progress and recently showed off some working silicon. Rambus is looking to provide the architecture that will be needed for tomorrow’s hungry graphics processors. They plan to achieve the goal by using 32x Data… Read More