Comcast's 105Mbps On Deck For National Rollout


Comcast is about to nationally roll out its 105Mbps (!) Internet service. The ISP hopes to have the service in several of its top markets, including Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Miami, bringing the total number of potential subscribers up to 40 million. Considering so much of legitimate media consumption these days is based on streaming, having a super fast Internet connection will only help to a point.

I remember when I ordered Cablevision’s 101Mbps service two years ago, and the tech that installed it told me flat out, “You’re going to be faster than the services you’re trying to tap into.” YouTube was still dog slow, for example. In fact, the only time I’ve regularly topped out the connection, which costs $99 per month (to Comcast’s $105 per month), is when using BitTorrent or Usenet.

Comcast says a 4GB iTunes download takes about four minutes with the service. That sounds about right, given my own experience.

The only issue, of course, is if Comcast decides to implement bandwidth caps. What’s the point of having a 105Mbps connection if you’re given a ceiling?