Just in time for the G1, T-Mobile removes 1GB bandwidth cap


T-Mobile has removed the 1GB 3G data cap ahead of the G1‘s launch. People had been freaking out, as they do, the past two days when they read the fine print of T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, realizing that the wireless carrier imposed a “soft” 1GB cap on 3G data. Meaning, that if you downloaded more then 1GB of data—isn’t that a big selling point of the G1, fast Internet everywhere?—T-Mo would cut your connection speed to levels below that of EDGE. And no one wants that.

But have no fear, for T-Mo told the Times’ Bits Blog that it has removed the 1GB cap. Keep in mind, however, that T-Mo, doing its best Comcast impression, said it still reserves the right to manage its network in order to prevent abuse.

But yeah, it never seemed smart for T-Mo to put a cap on the connection, strangling the G1 before it even got home from the delivery ward.