Cloudflare partners with Microsoft and others to reduce bandwidth costs

Say hello to the Bandwidth Alliance, a new group led by Cloudflare that promises to reduce the price of bandwidth for many cloud customers. The overall idea here is that customers who use both Cloudfl

Backblaze partners with Packet and Server Central to better challenge the big clouds

Backblaze made its name as a cloud-based storage backup provider (and using lots of hard drives in the process) for individuals and businesses. With B2, however, the company also launched a file-centr

CrashPlan shuts down its popular cloud backup service to focus on business customers

Code42, the company behind CrashPlan, just announced that it would stop selling home subscriptions in order to focus on business and education clients. CrashPlan has been a popular cloud backup servic

Backblaze’s unlimited backup service increases upload and restore speeds, adds file sharing and more

Backblaze is one of the few unlimited backup services standing — in part because of its prowess in securing its own hard drives and building its own cloud services. Today, the company launched v

Backblaze drops download pricing for its B2 storage platform by 60%

It’s been just under a year since Backblaze‘s B2 cloud storage service came out of beta. The platform’s main selling point at the time was definitely its pricing, which undercut virt

Backblaze launches its low-cost cloud storage service out of beta

Backblaze is still best known for its backup service, but the company has also set its sights on the fast-growing cloud storage market. While the company can’t compete with the likes of Amazon,

Backblaze’s Low-Cost Cloud Storage Service Comes Out Of Private Beta

After a short private beta, Backblaze today opened up its new low-cost cloud storage service for all developers. Backblaze made a name for itself as a backup service for individuals and small business

Backblaze Announces Low-Cost Cloud Storage Service To Compete With Amazon S3

Backblaze is best known for its consumer and enterprise backup service — and how many hard drives it buys to power that service. Today, however, the company is taking a step in a slightly differ

Online Storage Service Backblaze Now More Unlimited Than Unlimited

Online store and backup service provider <a href="">Backblaze</a> this morning <a href="

BackBlaze Presents Their Bare-Bones, $7348, 135TB Storage Pod For Backup On The Cheap

We covered BackBlaze's cloud-based backup system <a href="">way back in 2008</a>, when $5 for unlimited storag

Online Backup Startup Backblaze Was Almost Bought. Twice. What Went Wrong?

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Here's something you will not read every time an acquisition deal collapses at the last minute: an account of

Backblaze's Online Backup Solution For Macs Opens To The Public

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Backblaze Brings Its Dead Simple Online Backup To The Mac

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> <a href="">Backblaze</a>, an online backup servi

Backblaze's One-Click Online Backup Opens To The Public

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> <a href="">Backblaze</a>, the service I describe

Backblaze: Online Backup With Time Machine's Finesse

Every year millions of people lose their photos, documents, and music to the mechanical squeals of hard drive failure. Despite the consequences, few people ever get around to actually backing up their