Online Storage Service Backblaze Now More Unlimited Than Unlimited

Online store and backup service provider Backblaze this morning released version 2.0 of its flagship product, bumping up the allowed file size for storage and backups up to ‘unlimited’ and bringing other enhancements to the table.

The company has actually always provided unlimited storage – and “unthrottled bandwidth” – for five bucks a month, but now vows to make its unlimited offering even more unlimited. That’s right, boys and girls, infinite is the new unlimited.

Here’s a list of the main new features and improvements in Backblaze 2.0:

  • Unlimited file size (up from 9 GB)
  • Backup any file type
  • Backup VMWare and Virtual Machines
  • Restore to 1TB external drive (up from 500 GB)
  • Added Automatic Throttle to maximize the efficiency of uploading of your connection

There are other enhancements, mainly in terms of speed and performance, but maybe you should just give it a whirl.

New customers, trials, and new installs by existing customers will automatically get Backblaze 2.0. Current customers and free trials will be automatically upgraded over the next few weeks (although users can ‘check for updates’ right now).

Backblaze customers that update from an existing version will keep the settings they have on their current installation.

If you want to learn more about who and how Backblaze can offer this at a relatively low price (if you pay for 1 year, it’s actually only about $4 per month), you should read Devin’s earlier story.

On a sidenote: I enjoyed re-reading an article about Backblaze I wrote a while ago: Online Backup Startup Backblaze Was Almost Bought. Twice. What Went Wrong?