Want A Meeting With Tim Cook? You Can Win One For Charity

CharityBuzz in conjunction with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is auctioning off a coffee break with Apple CEO Tim Cook at his Cupertino office, a prize valued at $50,000. That’s right: if you have a great idea for the next Apple TV With Smellovision this could be your chance.

The campaign begins today and will run through Tuesday, May 14. The proceeds go to the RFK Center.

CharityBuzz is a New York-based charity organizer that has raised $75 million since launch. The company keeps 20% to cover services and operating costs and the remainder goes to the charity.

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The bidding is up to $5,200 right now but I suspect that it will skyrocket over the next few hours. After all, getting sit down with the most powerful man in Silicon Valley is not too shabby. Hopefully he’ll unveil the iPhone 6 in your presence but then he’ll have to silence you – using any means necessary.