Man to put entire collection of 700 Nintendo games up for auction

Dan Hentschel is a video game collector. He has 2000 video games for multiple systems and now he’s selling is entire Nintendo collection, including a thumb drive containing a full catalog of his collection. That is, friends, 700 different games, consoles, and controllers for on low, low price of whatever the madmen out there bid this up to.

Sadly the auction isn’t live yet but Dan has set up an informational page to tease us all a little bit about his collection. He’s included a friendly video and full photo album and he’s giving 50% to charity, which is noble.

Here are his reasons to bid:

Likely one of the most complete NES auctions you will ever see.
All the games have been alphabetized and cataloged. As part of the auction, you will receive a thumb drive containing pictures of every game, box, and manual. Also on the thumb drive will be videos of the collection, useful for insurance purposes, and an Excel spreadsheet containing a game checklist.
Every single game has been surface cleaned so that you can examine your collection without getting your hands dirty.
This collection has been stored in a smoke-free home. I.e. it doesn’t smell.
Each game has had the contacts meticulously cleaned, and each game has been tested in the top-loading NES included in the auction.
Included in the auction are nine extremely rugged Rubbermaid storage containers that are the ideal size and shape to hold NES games. They almost seem like they were designed specifically for that purpose.
I have a very good E-Bay profile with a solid feedback rating and selling history that goes back more than 10 years.
I will be donating 50% of the sale price on this auction to Victory. Some of you may not care too much about this one, but even if you are not a Christian, you may appreciate knowing that your money is going towards a charitable organization that is very active in helping the community.

And here’s mine:

You, too, can appear as crazed about video games as Dan. Pass the torch of obsession!