Got $2 million? You can buy a T-rex skeleton. Because why not?


Many years ago (like 1992ish), I subscribed to some sort of Dinosaur magazine. It had all sorts of dinosaur facts and stories that any young child with an interest in science and/or biology. Every issue (it was a monthly publication) came with a single piece of a rather large dinosaur puzzle. Buy all 12 issues, and you have a dinosaur model on your hands. Never did I imagine that, one day, I’d be able to own my very own dinosaur fossil.

Granted, it’ll cost anywhere from $2 to $8 million dollars to buy a T-rex, so unless you’re Manchester City rich, you’re going to walk home disappointed.

The auction takes place in Las Vegas, and will be conducted by Bonhams & Butterfields, a pretty famous auctioneer.

All of this goes down on October 3.

Some info on the T-rex: it’s known as Samson, and was unearthed in South Dakota more than 15 years ago, probably right around the time that I was reading all those dinosaur magazines. It’s one of the most complete T-rex skeletons known to man, and was prepared by the Carnegie Museum.

How great would that be to display at your house? Deer head, bear head, elephant head, DINOSAUR HEAD.

via Slashdot