Yama hama, that's a lot of video games


Another Monday morning with nothing to buy with the $11,000 burning a hole in my pock — what’s this??! Over 1700 video games, systems, and accessories on Ebay?!

Shipping varies based upon your location but costs can get up around $1500 unless you use the Buy It Now option ($10,979) in which case shipping is free. The first line of the auction makes me sad; “After decades of painstakingly collecting video games and consoles, I’ve finally decided to part with my entire collection.” What happened, friend?

The auction ends in about 5 days and at the time of this post, the bidding is up to $2,225. If you’ve never played a video game in your life but have always wanted to know what all the fuss is about, now’s a great time to jumpstart your collection.

30 YEARS OF 1700+ VINTAGE-PRESENT VIDEO GAME LOT [Ebay] via technabob