Bye bye Xbox 360 Core [Update]

Ok, so the headline isn’t exactly accurate, but this recent photo of the Xbox 360 Arcade packaging is a clear indication that the Core is on the way out. The Arcade is purported to come with a wirel

XBox 360 Arcade console found online

Sony’s PlayStation 3 Need an XBox 360 without a hard drive? Sure, we all do. That’s why you can buy the $279.99 Arcade console AKA the Core from Amazon and Toys R Us on October 23. The pro

Original Star Wars Cockpit Arcade Machine For Sale

I’m pretty certain this was the first arcade machine I ever fed my hard earned quarters. Who doesn’t remember the Star Wars Cockpit machine?! I’ve been lusting over Golden Tee for ye

Tekken 6 Gameplay In The Wild

Surely by now you’ve become extremely excited for Tekken 6 and are dying for some live gameplay vids. This video will quench that thirst. Check out the minor details in the game. Fluid motions,

Arcade-style Wii Controller

With this new peripheral from Hoki you can finally play your classic Virtual Console games in all of their retro glory. As usual the U.S. is going to be last on the list for this one, but it can be im

MAME Devs Decrypt CPS III, Street Fighter III Playable Soon

The MAME guys cracked Capcom’s CPS III encryption about a week ago and have made a startling amount of progress since then. (In fact, I just grabbed a bunch of CPS III dumps from Usenet in prepa

Next King of Fighters Arcade Screens Leaked

Mmmm I’m not sure how I feel about another 3D King of Fighters, but I’ll let SNK slide this time around. This new incarnation of the hit 2D-fighting game will be heading to arcades sometim

Daily Crunch: I'm Sensitive Edition

Electrically Sensitive People Reach Out, Tell Us to Cut Back on the Wi-Fi, Cellphones DreamAuthentics’ Katana: The Desktop Arcade Machine You Always Wanted Tiger R-Zone: Worst Console Ever, or Just

DreamAuthentics' Katana: The Desktop Arcade Machine You Always Wanted

DreamAuthentics’ Katana brings the excitement of video game arcade culture of yore to your desktop. Built around a Windows-based PC, the Katana is filled with more than 200 games, very possibly

The Cell Processor: The Brains of The PS3 and Now Tekken 6

The Cell processor already sits at the heart of Sony’s PlayStation 3, but starting with Tekken 6 it will also power arcade machines. Namco’s upcoming fighter is currently scheduled for rel

512MB Xbox 360 Memory Unit Being Launched For Poor People

Truth be told, you shouldn’t have bought that Xbox 360 unless you can afford a hard drive for it. But for all the poor people up in the CrunchGear, we feel you and so does Microsoft. That’

Arcade In A Box Is Literally That

This is not a controller. It is not a component for a MAME cabinet. It is a full-on gaming PC. Burn your PS3 pre-order form, the Arcade In A Box is here to stay. With a full compliment of audio and TV

How to Build an Arcade Controller for Xbox 360

This how-to involves a lot of wiring, a lot of balls, and a lot of love for old school arcade games like Frogger, Street Fighter 2, Galaga, and whatever early ’80s shooter they’re pumping

X-Arcade Tankstick

I love these things. My friend used to have one back in the Dreamcast days and we’d play “Marvel Vs. Capcom” for hours and hours. Ah memories. Anyway, X-Arcade is releasing a newly r