Hands-on: Sega's new RAMBO Arcade game (It's so bad, it's awesome)

My favorite game center in Tokyo got the new Sega arcade game “Rambo” (obviously based on the movies of the same name) in this week. It runs on Sega’s Lindbergh system board.

And the gameplay is terrible, even for a lightgun shooter (I happen to be a big fan of this type of games). All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. So no news there. But what is so “unique” about Rambo is that you have to keep the trigger button pressed at all times because you are killing whole armies with an Uzi – there are no single shots.

At least the game features an “anger meter”: If it fills up, Rambo goes crazy for a limited amount of time and becomes more powerful. And player 2 is Colonel Trautman, which is great.

The graphics are disappointing and Sega actually uses FMV from the movies in the cut scenes, reminding me of Mega CD times long forgotten. But although there is next to no variation in gameplay, the game is still tons of stupid fun, especially for Rambo fans like myself.

Is this out already in the US or Europe?