60beat iPad Gaming Accessory Could Be The iOS Missing Link

It appears the iPad gamepad of our dreams has finally arrived. The 60beat is a full-sized gamepad designed for iOS devices and it connects to iPads and iPhones via the headphone jack. While there aren’t many games that support the technology (yet), the concept is fairly simple. The controller works by sending signals through the devices’ microphone jack.

Works with all 60beat GamePad compatible games
Package includes : GamePad and Audio Splitter
4 foot cable from GamePad to headphone jack
Color is white with black joysticks and buttons
Made from hard resin plastic

Because it is portable it won’t bog down your baggage like the iCade accessory and it should be trivial for games makers to add support in future titles. $50 is a little pricey, but it might mean the difference between fun and failure when it comes to run and jump classics like Mega Man on the iPad.

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