Tiny Arcade Lets The Smallest Of Us Experience Stand Up Arcade Action

Day 3 – My experiment, though a success, has led to a terrible side effect. Now that I am a mere 3 inches tall I am able to perform a number of exciting feats including the exploration of a gopher hole and the systematic cleaning of my home’s heating ducts. However, I have found that I am now horribly bored. I cannot read a normal book and even ebooks are difficult to manage due to my small size. The television frightens me and even cellphones are too large for me to manage easily. I am still searching for some outlet.

Day 4 – Huzzah! I have discovered an amazing thing. It is a tiny arcade cabinet that is just my size. It apparently uses a small Arduino board and controller to display video games from the classic era. The kit was left behind by some sort of small child and apparently cost $60. I will begin to play now in order to take my mind off of the fear associated with being a tiny person. You can find it on Kickstarter, I understand.

Day 5 – Tragedy! The small cabinet tipped over and a cable was disconnected. I was able to move it back in properly but I had no access to entertainment for hours while I worked. Perhaps I should focus on my scientific endeavors instead of gaming?

Day 6 – So lonely. I miss my kids and I miss my wife.

Day 7 – I feel that I have learned all I can from my experience as a three inch human. I only hope my invention can turn me back to normal size. Today I will climb to my computer and initiate the reversal process.

Day 8 – Failure. The machine is now broken and I am now one inch tall. Pray for my soul. I can no longer play my video game and it is nearly impossible to fill my lungs with air. I hope I pass on soon or I find a smaller Arduino kit on which to play video games. Good bye, cruel world. Tell my family I love them and to forgive an old fool with more ambition than sense.