Metal Gear Arcade 3D: Konami announces first playable version

Konami’s hit game series Metal Gear Solid is finally getting an arcade treatment: Aptly named “Metal Gear Solid Arcade 3D”, the game was first shown during the E3 last year in the US. Konami has now announced [JP] it will bring the game cabinet to the AOU 2010 expo tomorrow in its full glory. And, for the first time, the title will be playable.

Vaguely described as an “tactical online action game”, MGS Arcade’s main selling point are the cool 3D glasses players will need to wear (Konami calls the things “head controllers”). The company promises an extra-intense gaming experience, enhanced by sound in 5.1. Gameplay-wise, players will need to cooperate and communicate with each other over mics in order to complete missions in the game.

Unfortunately, Konami isn’t saying yet when exactly MGS Arcade will be released. But at least there’s a special site [JP] dedicated to the game, which includes a placeholder for a trailer that I think will be online tomorrow. We’ll update this post then, but for now the screenshot will have to do.