• Sega Rally Arcade Machine Mashed Up With Remote Control Cars For Real Racing Robotics

    Sega Rally Arcade Machine Mashed Up With Remote Control Cars For Real Racing Robotics

    Sega Rally at the arcade was a blast when I was growing up. But Portuguese hardware hacker Luis Sobral and robotics company Artica made it even better by introducing remote controlled cars into the mix, along with cameras and an Arduino receiver to grab transmitted acceleration, braking and turning commands relayed from the arcade cabinet. Read More

  • 60beat iPad Gaming Accessory Could Be The iOS Missing Link

    It appears the iPad gamepad of our dreams has finally arrived. The 60beat is a full-sized gamepad designed for iOS devices and it connects to iPads and iPhones via the headphone jack. While there aren’t many games that support the technology (yet), the concept is fairly simple. The controller works by sending signals through the devices’ microphone jack. Read More

  • Stealth: The Arcade Table With 60 Built-In Games

    The following probably only applies to people with plenty of extra cash laying about. It’s the Arcade Tables Stealth, a home arcade table that’s loaded up with 60 games. The Germans designed it, so at the very least you know the build quality is solid. Read More

  • Behold the arcade museum; a geekgasm waiting to happen

    In an office complex in Rochester NY, there is a storeroom that looks like any other, except for one minor difference. This storeroom (to some) should be considered a temple to the power of gaming. This storeroom lives inside the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, and contains over 20,000 different gaming related items. From an original Pong game, to the the latest… Read More

  • Classic arcade tribute sculpture

    This rather nifty electronics sculpture was created by Artist Steve D’Angelo, as a homage to the classic arcade. This is what I think all synthesizers should look like. [Make: Online] Read More

  • Video: Metal Gear Solid Arcade 3D in action

    We’ve covered Metal Gear Solid 3D (whose first playable version was announced by Konami last week) twice so far, and now it’s time to look at the game in more detail. Konami is still in the middle of optimizing the gameplay (which is based on Metal Gear Online) and hasn’t fixed a release date yet. In the video embedded below, you can see a model holding a gun in her hands… Read More

  • Metal Gear Arcade 3D: Konami announces first playable version

    Konami’s hit game series Metal Gear Solid is finally getting an arcade treatment: Aptly named “Metal Gear Solid Arcade 3D”, the game was first shown during the E3 last year in the US. Konami has now announced [JP] it will bring the game cabinet to the AOU 2010 expo tomorrow in its full glory. And, for the first time, the title will be playable. Read More

  • Arcade on wheels? Yes, please

    An arcade on wheels? Now THAT is a good idea. Don’t get too excited, though, as these are basically glorified console setups, not old-school arcade machines. This isn’t about us, though, this is about the children. And the children think Ms. Pac-Man is boring. Ergo, no stand-up arcade machines. Read More

  • Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 Arcade models shipping with 512MB of memory

    Just a quick update on the story we posted yesterday about an Xbox 360 Arcade model with 512MB of built-in memory; it’s true! Microsoft confirmed with Eurogamer a wee bit ago. Hit the jump for the official blurb from MS. Read More

  • Sega unveils new arcade hardware and mech game (video)

    Sega hasn’t given up yet on the arcade business but isn’t really investing a lot of resources into their gaming machines either. During the AOU, an arcade exhibition that took place in Tokyo last week, the company presented two new pieces of arcade game hardware that both are PC-based. Both RingEdge and RingWide use Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 as the OS. Read More

  • Space Invaders piggy bank from Japan

    30 years went by since the original Space Invaders. It’s one among the few things I like and are older than me. You put in the coin, one invader goes to the tally. Read More

  • The saddest arcade in the world

    And it seems to me, you lived your life, like a Egghead in a mall. Never knowin’ who to cling to when same store sales began to fall. Read More

  • Sit-down arcade driving sim with built-in kegerator – wait, what?

    This site Dream Arcades has a huge range of arcade machines to put together or order pre-built, from cocktail tables to stand-ups to sit-down racers. Great, right? Well, their latest model, the Octane 120, has a extra perk, and it’s not exactly — well, appropriate. It’s got a kegerator. Now before you blast me as a teetotaler, you should realize that this arcade machine… Read More

  • Hands-on: Sega's new RAMBO Arcade game (It's so bad, it's awesome)

    My favorite game center in Tokyo got the new Sega arcade game “Rambo” (obviously based on the movies of the same name) in this week. It runs on Sega’s Lindbergh system board. And the gameplay is terrible, even for a lightgun shooter (I happen to be a big fan of this type of games). All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. So no… Read More

  • New 'Street Fighter IV for Arcade' gameplay movies Yes, it’s true. There’s going to be a new Street Fighter arcade game. If you’re still into arcade games and still know where to find an arcade, you might very well love this game. I recently went to a Dave and Buster’s in Providence, Rhode Island and man oh man, do… Read More

  • Video: Street Fighter IV in high-def looks mighty fine Street Fighter fans owe Akihabara News today. Their coverage of some arcade trade show thing over in Japan has resulted in a high-def gameplay video (you may have to go to Aki to see the high-def version, I’m not sure how the embed code works) and more than 20 photos of IV. The video more than speaks for itself, so rather than re-hash what… Read More

  • Metal Slug 3 coming to XBLA in T-Minus 5 days

    The arcade classics are coming back in force, and one of the big daddies of them all is certainly the Metal Slug series. Metal Slug 1, 2, and X were fantastic, but Metal Slug 3, in my opinion, stands apart as simply the best run-and-gun game of all time. Not only is it beautiful, but the branching paths, extra weapons, and co-op multiplayer will keep you entertained for years. You can get it… Read More

  • Dust off your Hadukens and Rat-ta-tukens

    The fourth iteration of Street Fighter is coming, according to  It’ll likely be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and in the arcades (if you remember what those are). More details will be in the January issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly but what’s known know is that "the game’s graphics are polygonal but the gameplay is strictly 2D. There will be new moves… Read More

  • XBox Arcade console officially available

    We all knew it was coming, but the $279.99 arcade edition is here and it’s fabulous. It comes with HDMI out and five games: “PAC-MAN Championship Edition” (NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.), “Uno” (Carbonated Games), “Luxor 2” (MumboJumbo), “Boom Boom Rocket” (Electronic Arts Inc.) and “Feeding Frenzy” (Sprout… Read More