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Airbnb acquired its React Native partner Deco Software, Deco IDE goes open source

Airbnb — the peer-to-peer marketplace that started with accommodation rentals but has now expanded to other travel services — has made an acquisition to expand its platform and how it w

Solve real problems, provide real solutions

We love the internet. We love apps. We love the Internet of Things. But most importantly, we love ideas. The accessibility that the internet provides, however, is also what makes it unbelievably diffi

Why app development is going micro

Application development has long been fraught with peril: Projects become bloated, expensive and never ship. The “micro” trend in application development is focused on delivering bottoms-up, simpl

The app boom is not over

There’s a new wave of reporting focused on the post-app era. Recode announced “The app boom is over.” Quartz points out how most users never download any apps. Let me be very clear: The app boom

The Apple App Store graveyard

People just don’t seem to have the same excitement lately about Apple’s App Store or the Google Play platform. The air of hopelessness that surrounds the mobile app ecosystem is obvious and demora

It’s the end of “euphoric times” for custom app developers

For the first time in about eight years, we saw a decline in the small business customer base of app developers (in terms of revenue and per-project value). The primary reason cited is the rise of whi

From Native To Hybrid App Development And Back

If you’re running an early stage startup, you know how to make the most of limited resources. From getting the most bang out of every marketing buck to jockeying the pace of a small development team

Algorithmia Launches With More Than 800 Algorithms On Its Marketplace

Algorithmia, the startup that raised $2.4 million last August to connect academics building powerful algorithms and the app developers who could put them to use, just brought its marketplace out of pr

Apps Respond The Fastest In Canada And Japan, Finds New Report By Crittercism

Engaging design, marketing, and a solid user acquisition strategy are all key to making a successful app. But an app’s reliability often depends on factors beyond its developers’ control,

Japan Is The Most Potentially Lucrative Market For Gaming Apps, Says Distimo

Mobile analytics firm Distimo just released a new report showing how the most successful apps monetize around the world. According to it, the five most potentially lucrative markets for gaming apps ar

Kodak Alaris Calls To App Developers With New Print API That Sends Photos To Target & Elsewhere

Kodak may have filed for bankruptcy, but its brand and business carries on. Today, the Kodak Alaris group is launching <a target="_blank" href="">a new service for mobile

Pathmapp Launches An A/B Testing Platform For Native iOS Apps To Let Developers Optimize, Configure In Real Time

A/B testing has long been a fundamental part of developing applications and products for the web, and, with the explosion of smartphones, developers are naturally eager to use the process to test new

Following’s Reboot, Smore Introduces App Flyers For DIY Mobile App Marketing

<a target="_blank" href="">Smore</a>, a startup which lets anyone quickly build attractive, single-page websites which it calls flyers, is rolling out a new version of its service

Bustin Jieber: The 12-Year-Old App Developer Who Taught Himself To Code Goes Viral [Video]

This video was posted about ten days ago and is in the process of going viral. How do I measure "viral"? Do I have a yardstick? No, it's simple. When my mom emails me a website or a YouTube clip, that

Native Apps Or Web Apps? Particle Code Wants You To Do Both

<img src="" /> When it comes to app development for mobile devices, cross-platform implementation is the new ho