• Kobo Pulse Aims To Offer New Twist On Social Reading

    Kobo Pulse Aims To Offer New Twist On Social Reading

    Kobo has been cultivating their Reading Life initiative for a while now, and with the announcement of their new Pulse feature, they’re digging even deeper into the social space than before. Slated to launch in their Kobo iOS apps first, Pulse is a new way for readers to connect with others while digitally thumbing through their collections. Read More

  • iPad Book Apps Hobbled: Only Existing Account-Holders Can Use The Apps, Google Books Booted

    iPad Book Apps Hobbled: Only Existing Account-Holders Can Use The Apps, Google Books Booted

    At the beginning of the year, Apple said it wanted 30% of everything sold through the iPad platform. You could sell almost anything – books, downloadable content, magazines, pictures of kittens – but, according to their subscription rules, everything had to go through Apple itself and you could not, in short, go out to a web page to complete the transaction. That promise –… Read More

  • Revolutions On The Road

    Revolutions On The Road

    I almost miss the bad old days. When I first started wandering around some of the more obscure nooks and crannies of this planet, lo these many years ago, Internet connections were rare and wonderful discoveries; now I just get annoyed when I can’t get online. The last decade-and-a-half of innovation has completely transformed the experience of travel. Right now I’m in the middle of… Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: A Kobo eReader Touch (And Some Gift Cards)

    Update: It’s over! Congrats to all the winners – emails have been sent. Thanks for entering, everyone, your bookcases are all very interesting. If you’re curious about the new generation of touchable e-readers, now’s your chance to pick one up just for being a CrunchGear reader. Kobo has been generous enough to donate one of their new eReader Touch Editions for us to… Read More

  • Review: Kobo eReader Touch Edition

    Short version: Superficially similar to the new Nook, but the Kobo is perhaps even simpler, and the form factor is slightly more book-like. If you don’t need 3G or the other perks of the Kindle ecosystem, and just want a straightforward e-book reading device, this Kobo could be a good match. Read More

  • Kobo Touch Vs. New Nook In Specs

    We’ll soon have both of these new e-reader devices for review, but a quick comparison seems in order since they’re so similar on paper. Both are going to be available in early June, and both promise a frills-free touchable reading experience. How do they differ? Let’s run down the specs and see what happens. Read More

  • Kobo Introduces New Touchscreen E-Reader, Drops Original Model To $100

    Kobo launched as a Borders-based alternative to the Kindle hegemony, and while their e-reader was perfectly decent, I wouldn’t say it was feature-competitive with Amazon’s latest. They’ve announced today a new device that may not match the Kindle (or its rumored tablet successor) on all fronts, but it’s at least distinct and definitely worth looking at. Yes, a… Read More

  • When Dinosaurs Ruled The Books

    When Dinosaurs Ruled The Books

    This is a really weird time to be a writer. Agents are becoming publishers; publishers have moved to “the agency model“; and some self-published authors are making millions—all because e-books are now outselling all other segments. Magazines and newspapers are dying, blogs and aggregators are thriving, and the line between them all is blurring. Last year Apple was their… Read More

  • What's Going To Happen With The Kobo After Border's Bankruptcy?

    Borders took a different route with e-readers than rivals Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Instead of branding their own reader, Borders opted to partner with Kobo, a spin-off of Canadian publishing company, Indigo Books & Music. So, when Borders announced their bankruptcy today, we couldn’t help but wonder what happens next for the Kobo. Read More

  • Borders Declares Bankruptcy

    Here we go: the first of the smaller booksellers is hitting the ropes as Borders, a once thriving book chain, files for bankruptcy. The company is closing 200 stores and posted $1.29 billion in debt and $1.27 billion in assets. The chain was last to market with a usable e-reader platform and still hasn’t gained the traction that Amazon and Barnes & Noble have with the Kindle and Nook. Read More

  • Snag A Kobo Wireless eReader For Only $99

    The Kobo Wireless eReader is a fine device. It uses the same sort of screen found in Kindles and uses Borders for its content. However, the Kindle gets the nod when the Kobo is at its full, $139 MSRP. But Borders has the Kobo on sale for only $99. That’s a deal. Read More

  • Borders Looking Bleak Despite Ereader Offerings

    Book chain Borders sales are looking bleak and the company is apparently not paying publishers. The company is down two-fold over last year and, although some talks point to a potential Barnes & Noble merger, nothing has been finalized. Read More

  • Review: Kobo Wireless E-Reader

    Short version: It’s the same thing I reviewed a few months ago, but with wi-fi and an on-device store. They work as well as can be expected on an e-ink device. Read More

  • Kobo Wireless Now Available On Walmart.com

    You can now find the Kobo Wireless e-reader on walmart.com. You can also find it in brick-and-mortar Wal-Mart stores, so it all works out. Read More

  • Kobo Adds Newspaper, Magazine Subscriptions

    Want an alternative to the Amazon Kindle/Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader duopoly? Kobo is always a choice, and now there’s word that you can newspapers and magazines on there, “there” being the Kobo Wireless eReader device as well as the iOS Apps. Read More

  • Kobo E-Book Store Unfriendly To Self-Publishers?

    While this blog post over at Tomorrow’s Book has more than a little bitterness to it, it’s also informative. More and more people are choosing to self-publish these days, and even if it’s a hassle, you’d think a new e-book store like Kobo would want to embrace this nascent business model. After all, if you cut out the middle men, you can get right to the chiseling. Read More

  • Kobo Reader To Be Pre-Loaded On BlackBerry PlayBook

    Kobo certainly seems to be hot right now, what with their wireless Kobo reader coming out and all. Well, here’s another feather for Kobo’s e-cap: the Kobo reader software will come preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Read More

  • Borders Announces Kobo Wireless Reader Coming To Stores

    Borders just announced the release of the wireless version of the Kobo ereader. The Kobo Wireless joins the nook and the non-wireless Kobo reader, but has improved hardware and software, and is priced at a quite reasonable $139.99. Read More

  • Kobo Releases Free Kobo Desktop Application

    The e-book world is slowly evolving into a number of fairly similar, homogenized ecosystems. No one wants to be shackled to using a single device to read their e-books: the Kindle is both a device and an app on your smartphone; Apple’s iBook’s is an app on your iPad and your iPhone. And today Kobo is following the trend with the announcement of the Kobo Desktop Application. Like… Read More

  • As E-Book Wars Heat Up, Borders Drops Prices Of Kobo And Aluratek Devices

    As competition in the e-books device market heats up, Borders is cutting the prices of its leading eReading devices, the Kobo and Aluratek to $129 and $99.99 respectively. The Kobo was previously priced at $149.99 and the Aluratek was priced at $119.99. Borders is also announcing that Velocity Micro’s Android-based Cruz Reader R101 and Cruz Tablet T103 are now available for preorder… Read More