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CoRise’s approach to up-skilling involves fewer courses and more access

Despite the boom of education technology investment and innovation over the past few years, founder Julia Stiglitz, who broke into the edtech world as an early Coursera employee, thinks there’s a lo

What are the new must-hit startup metrics?

This year, we're told, profit is in and growth is out. And yet there's some indication that growth expectations may be higher than ever. Let's attempt to square the circle.

Google updates the Play Store to make it easier to find non-phone apps

Google is revamping its Play Store in an effort to help users better discover and install apps to other devices via their phone. The company announced a series of changes to the Google Play Store that

OpenAI removes the waitlist for DALL-E 2, allowing anyone to sign up

Several months after launching DALL-E 2 as a part of a limited beta, OpenAI today removed the waitlist for the AI-powered image-generating system, which will remain in beta but let anyone sign up and

Hear game-changing AI and ML leaders at the iMerit ML DataOps Summit

What do more than 2,000 data scientists, engineers and machine learning professionals have in common? They’re all getting ready to hear from a fantastic lineup of speakers at the iMerit ML DataOps S

HeadsUp helps PLG sales teams understand how and when to sell

For many non-technical sales teams at product-led growth companies, it’s difficult to sift through reams of data to find out the best way to engage with potential paying customers. That’s a proble

Dear Sophie: Is it OK to use a visitor visa while holding an H-1B?

I’m in Toronto, Canada, and I was approved for an H-1B. Can I visit the U.S. on a previous B-1/B-2 visa this November?

Solana developer platform Coral raises $20M led by FTX, Jump Crypto to build web3’s iPhone

Developers are a huge catalyst for growth in the competitive world of layer-one blockchains. Where the devs go, they build out applications and robust ecosystems, and user activity and interest tends

EQT acquires Billtrust, a company automating the invoice-to-cash process, for $1.7B

Billtrust, a company developing a platform to automate the invoice-to-cash process, today announced that it agreed to be acquired by EQT, the Sweden-based private equity firm, for $1.7 billion in an a

Elon Musk wants ‘government-imposed muzzle’ on his tweets thrown out

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is sick and tired of having to pause before tweeting to consider the potential implications on his company’s stock price. The celebrity executive is urging a federal appeals

Invisible AI raises $15M to stick worker-monitoring cameras in factories

The rise of so-called “smart factory” technologies is leading to a race to modernize manufacturing plant and warehouse floors. Old equipment is being replaced by newer, more advanced machi

Building startups in public has an end date

This week on the Equity podcast, Natasha Mascarenhas asked: How does the 'build in public' mindset impact the way that startups are built?

The unbearable lightness of being asset-light

Asset-light marketplaces have proved their worth, but the model has limitations, and has led to the development of asset-heavy platforms. keeps rolling with free Slack incident response bot and new investment

Just about every company is going to face a catastrophic incident at some point where a key part of the system goes down, and you need to know not only how to respond in the moment, but how you figure

Femtosense raises capital to power the AI inside of consumer electronics

Large AI systems like OpenAI’s GPT-3 might grab headlines, but the practical limitations of power consumption and cost — not capabilities — often determine where AI is deployed. For

Hofy lands $15M to help companies remotely manage enterprise equipment

In March 2020, Sami Bouremoum and Michael Ginzo, two tech entrepreneurs with a background in consulting (Bouremoum worked for Bain & Company) and software development (Ginzo led product at hiring

Trading app debuts alternative asset offering with Birkins, Banksy and CryptoPunks

Investment app (Public), a Robinhood competitor that pivoted away from the contentious payment-for-order-flow (PFOF) revenue model, is expanding its offerings in a big way. The three-year-o

Bad robot: Europe plans product liability changes to make it easier to sue AIs

  The European Union is to update product liability laws to tackle the risk of damage caused by artificial intelligence systems and address other liability issues arising from digital devices &#8

TikTok says fake account removal increased 61% to 33.6M in Q2 2022

TikTok is continuing its PR offensive to convince the world that it takes its content moderator responsibilities seriously, as the Bytedance-owned social video platform today published its latest Comm

This new app is helping Gen Z invest in cars, food, video games and other ‘themes’

Michael Haddix Jr. is a former college basketball player who was pre-med until he discovered investing once finishing undergrad. After being exposed to it, Haddix  says he got “really excited” ab
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