Partner breakout sessions will drop serious knowledge at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

We’re less than two weeks away from kicking off TC Sessions: Mobility 2022. Our first in-person mobility event since 2019 — holy cats! — takes place on May 18-19 in San Mateo, California, followed by an online event on May 20. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with hundreds of your peers and hear about, see and test drive the latest mobility tech. Buy your pass by May 15, and you’ll save $200.

We’ve packed this multi-day summit with more than 30 presentations from mobility tech and transportation leaders, expert technologists, investors and policy makers on the main stage. Check out the complete agenda for all the great choices. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to offer this piece of advice. 

Don’t miss out on our partner breakout sessions. These expert-led, topic-specific breakouts give you time to lean in, ask more questions, get more answers, discover new opportunities and connect with companies that support early-stage mobility startups. 

Here’s what Karin Maake, senior director of communications at FlashParking, told us about her breakout session experience at our last live mobility event.

“I enjoyed the big marquee speakers from companies like Uber, but it was the individual presentations where you really started to get into the meat of the conversation and see how these mobile partnerships come to life.”

We’ve got an impressive array of partners ready to drop significant knowledge for your benefit. Take a look at who’s coming and what they’ll present.

May 18

How navigates diverse traffic scenarios and inclement weather globally 

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At, we aim to deliver autonomous mobility everywhere by building safe and reliable autonomous driving technology. Since our founding in 2016 in Fremont, California, we have been pioneering autonomous mobility services that benefit global users in five cities across the U.S. and China. With 6.2 million autonomous miles driven,’s core autonomous driving technology enables the “virtual driver” to navigate diverse traffic scenarios and inclement weather smoothly and safely.

Delivering the holy grail: Safe, highly-automated consumer vehicles for sale 

Brought to you by Innoviz Technologies

Next year top automakers will sell luxury consumer vehicles that include safe, hands-free driving features. Lidar will take these automated driving systems to the next level, and re-establish trust with consumers who stand to benefit from these life-saving technologies. Innoviz Technologies CEO and co-founder Omer Keilaf will discuss the long road to making automotive-grade Lidar in order to help car makers like BMW achieve Level 3 automation for the first time. What’s next? The tech is ready. Now it’s time to integrate it into cars around the world and properly educate consumers so they love, not loathe, automated driving again.

Data: Your key to successful autonomous mobility

Brought to you by Appen

Appen is the Data for AI Lifecycle leader. This session will explore use cases and challenges that our clients see from data sourcing, data preparation and model evaluation by humans. Our experts will discuss and demo the technologies and processes that were used to enable success for both in-cabin experiences and out-of-car data with ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles.

A new sensing paradigm: How GPR uses subterranean maps to enable automated driving in any condition

Brought to you by GPR

Automakers and AV companies use GPR’s subterranean mapping and localization platform to deliver a safe automated driving experience without relying on clear lane markings, cooperative weather and lighting, or stable visual landmarks. GPR is expanding where and when consumer vehicles with automated features and AVs can operate, opening new markets and bringing a level of autonomy that can earn the public’s trust. GPR CEO Tarik Bolat will detail how GPR’s product works, how automakers and AV companies are using it today and what it means for the future of high-volume passenger vehicle autonomy, robotaxis and automated freight.

May 19

Breaking the luxury spell: A journey to commercializing safe autonomy for all

Brought to you by Cepton

Dr. Jun Pei founded Cepton in 2016 with the vision of enabling safe, autonomous transportation for everyone. Hands-free, driveway to driveway — lidar promises to make this vision a reality, but only through scale. Focused on making safety the standard for all levels of autonomy, Cepton is dedicated to commercializing lidar for every consumer vehicle, not just the luxury class. By supporting General Motors’ Ultra Cruise program, Cepton is aimed at bringing all the benefits of lidar technology to every American household in less than two years. We’ll hear from Dr. Pei on Cepton’s journey to the industry’s largest ADAS lidar series production award, and what it means for the future of mobility. We’ll also hear from Dr. Pei on lidar’s unique capabilities of adding certainty to perception, key considerations behind scaling lidar for everyday passenger cars and the timeless principles underlying Cepton’s elegant invention.

Advancing the future of transportation infrastructure

Brought to you by Michigan Economic Development Corporation

The future of mobility starts with the next generation of transportation solutions and the infrastructure that keeps them running safely and efficiently. Attendees will hear from some of the most innovative names about opportunities that await when the traditional auto industry collides with high-tech innovations to revolutionize the way we think about our roads. The session will illustrate the need for future-proofing our roads and how a connected and automated vehicle corridor in Michigan is paving the way for a nationwide deployment of tech-enabled roadways. The discussion will feature: Trevor Pawl, State of Michigan Chief Mobility Officer and Shelby Winkler, Senior Vice President of Programs and Operations at Cavnue.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 takes place in person on May 18-19 in San Mateo, California, followed by an online event on May 20. Buy your pass before May 15, and you’ll save $200. Now, get ready to connect with the influential people who can help you drive your business forward.

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