• Video: Peter Molyneux's Son Wants To Know Where Is Half-Life 3

    This is Lucas Molyneux, famed game developer Peter Molyneux’s son. In this exciting video we see Molyneux The Younger ask Valve Software: “Where’s Half-Life 3?” Cheeky! Read More

  • Valve Thinks They Should Make The Half-Life Movie

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve’s own Gabe Newell took some time to talk about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. Apparently after the smash success of the first game, they were inundated with crappy scripts, and directors who didn’t get what the game was about. As a result, Valve started thinking about how they would make a movie. The result is the ever amusing… Read More

  • Immortality Via Valve's Team Fortress 2 Hat-Describing Contest

    Probably should have mentioned this yesterday, but such is life. Valve is running a fun little content wherein you get to DESCRIBE HATS~! in Team Fortress 2. The name of the contest? “The First Ever Hat Describing Contest.” Two thumbs up. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Steam QuakeCon 2010 Pack

    This week being QuakeCon and all, Steam has set up a special deal on all of the current Id and Bethesda games. If you bought these separately, the over all value on the software in the package would be over $300. In light of QuakeCon though, Valve is selling the whole package for $69.99. Just to hit a few highlights from the list, you get Wolfenstein 3D, Ultimate Doom, everything related… Read More

  • Counter-Strike: Source now available for Mac (!)

    Just a heads-up to let you Mac users out there that Counter-Strike: Source, “the number one online action game in the world,” is now available on Steam for Mac. Read More

  • Portal 2: bigger, better, and definitely more insane

    I just got out of my Portal 2 meeting a little while ago, where Erik from Valve went through a few of the game’s new features and themes. It’s nothing particularly new if you read the Game Informer article, but seeing it in motion started my brain juices flowing again, just like the old days. And there are a few new details in here. Read More

  • Video: Portal 2's E3 2010 trailer

    Do you want to see the same Portal 2 trailer that Matt and I saw a few moments ago during Sony’s press conference? Of course you do! Also: the game’s official site isn’t live yet, but it’ll be here when it is. Read More

  • Portal 2 to be released in 2011!

    Portal 2 now has an official release date: 2011. So says a fancy e-mail we just got from Valve. That gives you around a year to play it before the world ends, according to people who misinterpret the Mayan calendar. Read More

  • Portal corporate training program a huge success

    Following the announcement that Portal is free on Steam, at least for a little while, Valve Aperture Science has also released a video discussing the merits of using Portal’s home training version for corporate advancement. There’s also a hint that Portal 2 might have a co-op mode. It’s definitely worth your time to take a look at the video though. [via Boing Boing] Read More

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