Valve Index pre-orders launch tomorrow for a blistering $999

Valve is throwing a little bit of a “screw you” to Oculus this morning, announcing the specs of their high-end VR headset the Valve Index, just before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced some minor updates to the Rift.

The Valve Index is a high-end headset with few compromises. It’s $999 for the whole system, but you can buy each of the components individually, as well.

The headset’s 1440×1600 per eye display is the same as the Vive Pro, but it features some insane 144 hz refresh rates and a much wider 130-degree field-of-view. The full system comes with Valve’s newly named Index “Knuckles” controllers that developers have been playing with for the past year or two. Everything can be tracked by the SteamVR tracking sensors that came with your Vive or Valve’s new-generation trackers.

Pre-orders are launching tomorrow and the system ships June 28.