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  • Betfair's David Yu: The Patience of a Saint Running a $2B Company for Sinners (TCTV)

    What does it take to build a $2 billion consumer Internet company in the UK? For starters, center it around a market that’s illegal in the US.¬†Betfair, a marketplace that matches and executes some five million wagers everyday, went public earlier this year and is valued at more than $2 billion. It has a few things in common with the other $2 billion-plus Internet win out of Europe, Skype. Read More

  • Why Zynga Is Worried about Playfish

    When I wrote my BusinessWeek column on Zygna a while back, every venture capitalist in the Valley told me that Playdom was the company’s biggest competitor. After all, it competes game-to-game, with similar mob-style and poker games, and was said to be doing the same revenues as Zynga with much higher profitability. (As my column pointed out, Zynga’s revenues are more like… Read More