• Five Reasons Why Twitter Will Kill TweetDeck

    Five Reasons Why Twitter Will Kill TweetDeck

    On reading today’s report by the Wall Street Journal that Twitter is in talks to buy TweetDeck, I believe the only reason it is doing so is to protect its turf. Less than a week ago, CNN wrote a piece that UberMedia will be developing a competitor. Ubermedia, is the same company, that was supposed to have bought TweetDeck two months ago. UberMedia is also the same company that has been… Read More

  • TweetDeck Reportedly Still In Play

    Earlier in February we had reported on UberMedia’s acquisition talks with TweetDeck, a land grab move that would have given Bill Gross’ UberMedia control of nearly 20% of tweets served. But the acquisition did not actually close. Shortly there-afterward Twitter shut down and then reinstating three UberMedia apps (Twidroyd, UberCurrent and UberSocial) for violating TOS policies. Read More

  • TweetDeck Launches #NewTwitter Rival

    After the success of its Chrome web app, TweetDeck is launching a full-fledged web app, which should pose major competition to both Twitter and Seesmic. According to a blog post, TweetDeck Web is built on the same core as Chrome TweetDeck and features a similar UI and product features. Unfortunately, TweetDeck Web does not include Twitter streaming. The reason why TweetDeck, which makes a… Read More

  • UberMedia, Indeed. Bill Gross' Twitter Ecosystem Empire Just Acquired TweetDeck

    The number of companies in the Twitter ecosystem keeps contracting. But not for a necessarily bad reason, but because they keep getting purchased. And what’s crazy is that it’s largely one person who has been buying them up: Bill Gross. We’ve just learned that his company, now called UberMedia, has just acquired TweetDeck. We’re hearing that the deal, which happened… Read More

  • The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    Editor’s Note: The following guest post is written by a Silicon Valley CEO. Frank Dupree is a pen name In the late 1990s, the rise of the browser was supposed to usher in an era of unprecedented opportunity for startups. A great part of that increased opportunity came as a result of the significant reduction in platform dependencies. No longer did the users’ operating system… Read More

  • TweetDeck Most Popular App On Chrome Web Store, Ahead Of Google Services

    Google publicly unveiled the Chrome Web Store a week ago. Looking at the most popular apps in the U.S. by weekly install numbers, it looks like TweetDeck has fast risen to the most prominent spot on the list, as relayed by the startup’s founder Iain Dodsworth earlier today. With about 102,500 weekly installs at the time of writing, TweetDeck thus beats NYTimes, whose app has seen… Read More

  • ChromeDeck: TweetDeck Finally Comes To The Web As A Chrome App

    ChromeDeck: TweetDeck Finally Comes To The Web As A Chrome App

    You can get TweetDeck, the popular realtime stream reader, as a desktop client, on your iPhone and iPad, or Android phone. But up until now, there was no Web browser version (unlike Seesmic, which is best known as a browser-based app). Today, TweetDeck released its first Web client as a Chrome app in the new Chrome Webstore. “It’s definitely our best version of a desktop TweetDeck… Read More

  • Do Twitter's Application Naming Rules Spell Bad News For TweetDeck?

    MG earlier wrote a post about Twitter’s rules regarding its trademarks, logos and so on. Here’s what struck me, going over the guidelines: Naming your Application or Product, Applying for a Domain Do: Use Tweet in the name of your application only if it is designed to be used exclusively with the Twitter platform. Don’t: Use Tweet in the name of your application if used with… Read More

  • TweetDeck's Underground Project: Allowing TweetDecks To Talk To Nearby TweetDecks (TCTV)

    Now that TweetDeck’s Android app is out in beta mode, with its multiple streams (notably Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google Buzz) and blended options, many users want to know when TweetDeck will overhaul its iPhone app. The company’s CEO and founder, Iain Dodsworth, who dropped by TechCrunch’s headquarters on Wednesday, says it could be a “good couple of… Read More

  • First Look At TweetDeck For Android

    First Look At TweetDeck For Android

    TweetDeck is preparing to release its first Android app in beta tomorrow. I got a hold of the beta build and some screenshots. The app adds some new elements which go beyond TweetDeck’s popular iPhone app, and even introduces some new elements not yet found in its desktop app. But this app shows the direction where TweetDeck is going. As CEO Iain Dodsworth noted in a blog post… Read More

  • Twitter User Streams Is Crack For Realtime Web Junkies

    Twitter User Streams Is Crack For Realtime Web Junkies

    I’m a little afraid to think about how often I hit the “XX new tweets” area to refresh my Twitter stream on Hundreds of times a day? Maybe more? It’s almost as if I’m an animal in some feedback experiment hitting a button. I cannot stop. So why don’t I used one of the third-party Twitter clients that auto-refreshes every so often? I never found… Read More

  • TweetDeck Turns Two, Desktop App Passes 15 Million Downloads

    Popular stream reader TweetDeck turned two on July 4th, and founder Iain Dodsworth just put up a post giving an update on the company’s progress. Tweetdeck now employs 15 people and recently raised more than $3 million in a series B round, led by betaworks. The company’s product started out as a Twitter client, but now supports multiple streams, including Facebook, Foursquare… Read More

  • Tweetdeck adds Foursquare for location based updates

    TweetDeck, the popular Adobe Air desktop app for social networks (though an HTML5 version is on the way), has now integrated Foursquare into its latest release. The move represents the latest from the startup to grab the “social dashboard” crown against the likes of Seesmic and others, although Tweetdeck seems to be heading towards a kind of “Pro User” space more… Read More

  • Tweetdeck Adds Location Column, Integrates Foursquare

    TweetDeck, the popular Adobe Air desktop app for social networks (though an HTML5 version is on the way), has now integrated Foursquare into its latest release. The move represents the latest from the startup to grab the “social dashboard” crown against the likes of Seesmic and others, although Tweetdeck seems to be heading towards a kind of “Pro User” space more… Read More

  • Does Seesmic For iPhone Stack Up Against TweetDeck And Twitter For iPhone?

    Seesmic, Twitter and the iPhone have all been around for a couple of years, but for whatever reason it took a while for French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur‘s latest venture to come out with a proper iPhone / iPod touch application. As of this morning, it’s here, and it’s … great. The application, which you can download from iTunes via this link, lets users manage their… Read More

  • Betaworks Leads $3 Million Series B In Highflyer TweetDeck, New Desktop Goes Live

    Highflying stream reader TweetDeck just raised a $3 million Series B round led by its biggest investor, betaworks. That brings the total capital raised by the company to $5.3 million. Ron Conway and Danny Rimer also invested in this round, as did all existing seed investors, including the Accelerator Group, Roger Ehrenberg, and Howard Lindzon. TweetDeck is the most popular Twitter client by… Read More

  • A Sneak Peek At TweetDeck's HTML5 Browser App (Screenshots And Video)

    Today, during Google I/O, for about a minute on the stage screen there was a sneak peek at an HTML5 browser version of TweetDeck, the popular stream reader. In the video below shot by TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth, some of the features of this internal research project are shown starting at about the 27-second mark. This version of TweetDeck has not been released yet, and won’t be… Read More

  • TweetDeck Is Working On A Rich Mobile Web Client

    Social stream aggregator TweetDeck realizes full well that there’s a lot of opportunity for growth in the mobile area, and that making apps for iPhone, iPad and (soon) Android only is not going to cut it if it wants to be a dominant player there. Hence, the startup has “embarked on a secret mission” to develop a full-fledged mobile Web client to cater to people with… Read More

  • The Best iPad Apps At Launch

    The Best iPad Apps At Launch

    In preparation for the launch of the iPad tomorrow, iPad Apps are live in iTunes and we’re sorting through the best ones as fast as we can. But with more than 2,000 iPad apps in the App Store, the choices are already daunting. To help you find the best apps at launch, we’ve put together the definitive list below. It includes all the iPad apps reviewed on TechCrunch, as well as… Read More

  • TweetDeck Taps TwitVid For Video Sharing, Replacing 12seconds

    TweetDeck is switching its default video Tweeting platform today, from 12seconds to TwitVid. will serve as the video service across all existing TweetDeck products, as well as all new products released by TweetDeck in 2010. TwitVid will be integrated into the next iteration of the TweetDeck’s desktop application, which is expected to be launched next month. TwitVid will also… Read More