• FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    "Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Cat! More Grumpy Cat, please!" - That's basically my two-year-old's review of FarFaria, a new subscription-based children's storybook app for the iPad. (To translate: she loves it, and especially that story about the grumpy cat.) The app, to be clear, doesn't just offer the one story - not that my kid seems to care right now - it's a collection of nearly one hundred stories… Read More

  • Prediction: What Kindle DX stories will appear today?

    Prediction: What Kindle DX stories will appear today?

    We were just going a little meta in the chatroom and Carlos Deleon pointed out that there would be a series of articles all appearing about the Kindle DX. They include, but are not limited to: 1. How the kindle will save print 2. How it won’t save print 3. Will students flock to kindle? 4. Something about the price – What is Amazon thinking! Read More

  • Juvenalia: POSDT and BigWideLogic

    Juvenalia: POSDT and BigWideLogic

    Not that anyone particularly cares, but I recently dug up some work I did way back in 1991 when I was a Bishop Watterson High School sophomore. As a quiet, friendless nerd (except for my equally quiet, friendless friend Rick), I was fascinated by UNIX and found a book at the library that basically showed you how to write all of the UNIX commands (ls, cd, etc.) under DOS. There was another… Read More

  • HD DVD: A Cautionary Tale

    HD DVD: A Cautionary Tale

    To those of you who can’t accept the news that HD DVD is gone I recount to you the tale of one of my father’s co-workers, Don, who was a die-hard Betamax user. This was back in 1989 or so when VHS pretty much ruled the day. Consumers were already buying VHS camcorders and I believe we already had a VCR by then, brought home with great fanfare by my parents and relegated to the TV nook… Read More

  • Working At Rockstar Makes You One Cool Dude

    Working At Rockstar Makes You One Cool Dude

    NOT! But it’s always fun to see the inner-workings of all your favorite companies. Jeff, who used to work for Rockstar Games, recently posted a gigantic manifesto on his time spent working for the company. It’s a great read full of interesting tidbits, though some of the stuff is predictable. Here’s a snarky excerpt: Working there also really did buy the rock star treatment in… Read More

  • Teenager Buys PS2, Gets Lotsa Cash

    Teenager Buys PS2, Gets Lotsa Cash

    eBay can be an interesting place. You never quite know what you’ll end up getting when placing a bid. This is the case of one British teen who bought a Playstation 2 off eBay, only to receive a package full of $90k worth of euros stacked inside. Talk about an awesome freak accident, considering the teenager only spent about $195 on the auction. But like all things good, a problem arose. In… Read More

  • Professor Owns Student Trying To Own

    Professor Owns Student Trying To Own

    There’s a terrific story over at IT Toolbox that tells of a professor and one of his childish teenage students. Nicknamed “Pima” (for being a pain in his ass), the student would goof off and pretend to be uber-l337 by changing the root password, arguing points in class – you know, that sort of thing. Since all the students’ PCs are netbooted from a central computer in… Read More