• Justin.tv Shuts Down To Let The Company Focus On Twitch

    Justin.tv Shuts Down To Let The Company Focus On Twitch

    It seemed inevitable, but the day has finally come: Justin.tv, the life-streaming service that birthed (and was quickly overshadowed by) the game broadcasting service Twitch, has closed its doors. From here on out, their focus is solely on Twitch. Read More

  • Exec Expands Its House-Cleaning Service To New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago And Boston

    Exec Expands Its House-Cleaning Service To New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago And Boston

    Starting a service that lets people request real-life humans to do tasks for them or clean up their apartment is no small feat. Exec’s founder and CEO, Justin Kan, set out to build a service that would not only create jobs for people who might not have had them before, but delight customers too. He has done just that in not much time. The service, which has picked up steam in San… Read More

  • Justin.TV Brings Live-Streamed Video Gaming Portal TwitchTV To The iPhone

    Justin.TV Brings Live-Streamed Video Gaming Portal TwitchTV To The iPhone

    In June Justin.tv launched one of its first verticals, TwitchTV, a live-streamed video game portal and community for gamers. The platform has since taken off in terms of usage, and today, TwitchTV is expanding to the iPhone. For background, TwitchTV features competitions of a variety of games and platforms with top gamers, tournaments and commentary. The platform aims to be a one-stop-shop… Read More

  • After A Hot Start, Justin.tv Spins Off Socialcam, Its ‘Instagram for Video’

    After A Hot Start, Justin.tv Spins Off Socialcam, Its ‘Instagram for Video’

    Last spring, just in time for SXSW, Justin.tv launched a new standalone video app that has a simple purpose: it lets you share short videos with your friends with just a few taps. The app adopted a model that’s very similar to Instagram’s, with a ‘follow’ system and quick sharing to services like Twitter and Facebook.  And it got off to a strong start, with… Read More

  • Socialcam Surpasses 1 Million Downloads, Now Lets Users Trim The Fat

    Socialcam Surpasses 1 Million Downloads, Now Lets Users Trim The Fat

    Socialcam, the service from Justin.tv that’s essentially an ‘Instagram for Video’, has passed a big milestone: since launching in March, they now have more than one million downloads on iOS devices (actually they have more than that now, because they passed that number in as the end of June). Of those, they say over 335,000 unique active users last month across both their iOS… Read More

  • Justin.TV: The Movie

    While the historical accuracy of Facebook tell-all The Social Network was questionable, the movie did tremendously well at the box office. And at the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars. Now Hollywood producers are looking for the next big story around a tech company. Next up—Justin.TV. LA-based production company Riche Productions has bought the rights to the story behind the… Read More

  • TC Cribs Tours Justin.TV Offices

    TC Cribs: Inside The Escheresque Home Of Justin.tv and Socialcam

    We’re back for a new episode of TC Cribs, and it’s featuring a startup long-time TechCrunch readers will know well: Justin.tv. The office is a quirky mix of hallways, rooms that probably shouldn’t be rooms, and secret stairways — and it’s loaded with character and condiments. The company got its start back in 2007 as founder Justin Kan livecasted his life with… Read More

  • Justin.tv Debuts Live-Streamed Video Gaming Portal And Community TwitchTV

    Startup Justin.tv has long offered live video streaming through its web platform as well as through various mobile apps. In fact, Justin.tv serves more than 300 million live videos per month. But besides streaming events, the startup hasn’t really expanded to categorized verticals. Until now. Today, Justin.tv is unveiling TwitchTV, a live-streamed video game portal and community for… Read More

  • Socialcam's 'Instagram for Video' Is Now On The Web, Too

    Socialcam, the video sharing app that was created by Justin.tv, is quickly fleshing out its feature set.  The app — which is a lot like an ‘Instagram for video’, minus the effects filters — launched just in time for SXSW and had 250,000 downloads in its first month (the total download number is significantly higher than that, though they aren’t releasing… Read More

  • Socialcam 2.0 Lands on The iPhone

    Back in Feburary we took an in-depth look at Socialcam, the mobile video app for iPhone and Android that was built by Justin.tv. The app is easiest to describe as an ‘Instagram for video’ — fire it up and you’ll see a stream of videos recently recorded by your friends. And when you record a video, it’s very easy to quickly tag your friends using Facebook… Read More

  • Socialcam: A Look At Justin.tv's Upcoming 'Instagram for Video'

    Between the likes of picplz and Instagram, image-sharing sites are making plenty of headlines these days. And there’s one obvious offshoot that seems ripe for similar services: video. Granted, Path offers support for video, but it’s semi-private and there could still be an opportunity for a more public service to tap into this trend.That’s where Justin.tv’s upcoming… Read More

  • UFC Files Lawsuit Againt Justin.tv As It Tries To Elmininate Illegal Online Streams Altogether

    UFC has continued its fight against copyright infringement by filing a lawsuit against Justin.tv, the video streaming Web site where, UFC alleges, people can watch its events for free. UFC takes issue with “Justin.tv’s repeated and ongoing failure to meaningfully address the rampant and illegal uploading of video of live Pay-Per-View UFC events by members and users of the… Read More

  • Despite Employee Shakeout, Justin.tv Continues To Grow

    Despite Employee Shakeout, Justin.tv Continues To Grow

    Justin.tv has been bleeding employees recently. VP of Marketing Evan Soloman, VP of Business Development David Aufhauser (and most of the business development team), and VP of Product Caleb Elston have all left the video streaming startup over the past few weeks. While that sounds like a foreboding number of key hires exiting the company in a short amount of time, CEO Michael Seibel… Read More

  • Justin.tv VP Of Product Latest To Stream Out; Starts Stealth Mobile Sharing Startup, Yobongo

    It was just over a year ago that Caleb Elston announced he would be leaving Miami and heading to San Francisco to become the VP of Product for Justin.tv. As of today, he’s out to commit himself to his new startup, Yobongo, a stealth startup centered around mobile communications and sharing, we’re told. And Elston is taking a fellow Justin.tv employee with him — David Kasper… Read More

  • Justin.tv's Newest App Now Broadcasts Live Video From Your iPhone

    Time spent watching live video is up 650 percent in the U.S. over the past year, thanks to the proliferation of a number of live video publishers including Justin.tv, Ustream, Qik and Livestream. In particular, Justin.tv has been one of the leaders of the pack, serving more than 300 million live videos per month. And a few weeks ago, the startup launched an Android app for broadcasting live video. Read More

  • comScore: Time Spent Watching Live Web Video Up 650 Percent

    comScore has just released some telling stats about the massive growth of live streaming video over the web. According to the analytics company, over the past year, the amount of time American audiences spent watching video on the major live video publishers (Justin.tv, Ustream, Livestream, LiveVideo, and Stickam) has grown 648% to more than 1.4 billion minutes. Of course, video consumption on… Read More

  • Justin.tv Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone

    Justin.tv Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone

    When you think about broadcasting live video over the Internet, being tethered to your computer isn’t so much fun. Broadcasting live from your mobile phone, now that starts to get interesting. Today, Justin.tv is joining the mobile party with an Android app for broadcasting live video (which will be available later today). A similar iPhone app is also in the works (it’s… Read More

  • UFC subpoenas Justin.tv, Ustream.tv for names of illegal streamers

    If this were the AP, the following would be the lede to this next story: “UFC President Dana White wants to put pirates in a kimura.” (That, of course, assumed the AP funny lede guy even knows what a kimura is!) Man, those soft ledes are terrible. Moving on… yeah, Dana White is upset at pirates. The promotion has subpoenaed Justin.tv and Ustream.tv, demanding to know the… Read More

  • From The Trenches: The Problem With Live Web Video And How To Set It Free

    Editor’s note: Michael Seibel is the CEO of Justin.tv, the largest live video site on the Web. In this guest post, he addresses the challenges of live video on the Web and how to set it free (hint: it’s all about mobile). I spend a lot of time talking about the challenges that live video will face in growing from an intriguing group of startups to an obvious part of the everyday… Read More

  • Exclusive: Justin.TV's New Android App, iPhone App Hits 1.5M Downloads (Video)

    Justin.tv is finally kicking its mobile plans into high gear. Next week, the lifecasting company will release its Android app to beta users. Unlike its iPhone app (released last month), the Android offering will finally let users stream live video with a simple click and simultaneously chat as they shoot. It’s a simple interface, an image of your shot, a chat bar below and three buttons… Read More

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