TC Cribs: Inside The Escheresque Home Of and Socialcam

We’re back for a new episode of TC Cribs, and it’s featuring a startup long-time TechCrunch readers will know well: The office is a quirky mix of hallways, rooms that probably shouldn’t be rooms, and secret stairways — and it’s loaded with character and condiments.

The company got its start back in 2007 as founder Justin Kan livecasted his life with a camera hooked up to a backpack that was loaded with batteries and modems, letting thousands of viewers watch his every move. He’s a brave man.

The company’s come a long way since then: they’re now one of the most popular live streaming platforms on the web (Kan has hung up his backpack, which you’ll see in the tour). And they also recently launched a sister product called Socialcam, which is best described as an Instagram for video. Tune in!

Credit once again goes to Ashley Pagán and John Murillo for the camera work, and to Mr. Murillo for the editing and fantastic music selection.

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