Socialcam Surpasses 1 Million Downloads, Now Lets Users Trim The Fat

Socialcam, the service from that’s essentially an ‘Instagram for Video’, has passed a big milestone: since launching in March, they now have more than one million downloads on iOS devices (actually they have more than that now, because they passed that number in as the end of June). Of those, they say over 335,000 unique active users last month across both their iOS and Android apps, the majority of whom are on iOS — not bad for a service that’s been around for four months.

Today the app is also getting an upgrade. You’ll now find that Socialcam features a new activity feed, which gives you a constantly-updated view of the videos your friends have Liked and commented on.

Another important addition: you can now ‘trim’ videos before you upload them. This is key, say CEO Michael Seibel and President Justin Kan, because oftentimes when users take a video they begin recording in anticipation of something happening — and that the interesting stuff may not come for 10 or 30 seconds after they hit the record button. Now they’ll be able to trim the extra fat before uploading. Another small improvement involves the camera, which now supports tap-to-focus.

If you’re on an Android device there’s a bit of bad news: that version is behind the iOS version in terms of features and won’t be getting this update yet (the startup says it’s because they’re still hunting for more Android developers).

Going forward, Socialcam will be offering more robust privacy features and more granular control over whom you’re sharing with (right now the service doesn’t let you share videos with a subset of friends, since everything uploaded is public).