• Zune 2: Don't immediately discount them

    Zune 2: Don't immediately discount them

    Microsoft launched the Zune 2 family last night while I was dreaming about being a New York City police officer (that’s real, btw), to, nearest I can tell, nearly zero fanfare. (That’s what you get when you inform no one about its launch.) As much as I’d love to needlessly hate on the new Zunes, they’re not all bad. Sure, there’s no touch screen and they’re… Read More

  • Flash Video Player Soon To Do High Definition

    Flash Video Player Soon To Do High Definition

    Adobe is getting set to support the H.264 high-definition standard, the same standard used in Blu-ray and HD-DVD players and set-top cable and satellite boxes. Most popular video sites on the Internet use the Flash video format and as more and more videos get published in this new format, we can expect to see the visual quality of web video improve exponentially. Read More

  • Attention Flash-based Widget Builders: Win A Free Trip To Flashforward2007

    Attention Flash-based Widget Builders: Win A Free Trip To Flashforward2007

    Thumbplay, purveyor of fine mobile-entertainment downloads (ringtones, games, videos, etc. etc.) is looking to get a little outside help from Flash developers. They’re having a Thumbplay Widget Festival in conjunction with Flashforward2007 being held in Boston on September 19-21, 2007, and are looking for someone to create the ultimate Flash-based widget to help pimp their… Read More

  • Creative Zen Plus V Now At 16GB: Ye Snooze, Ye Lose, Apple

    Creative Zen Plus V Now At 16GB: Ye Snooze, Ye Lose, Apple

    Creative beat Apple in the race to release a 16GB flash DAP, if such a race actually existed. The Zen Plus V, already a fine player according to Hickey’s analysis, has seen its capacity double and can now tease the iPod nano until its voice is sore (go to 4:43 in the video to understand the allusion). Hate to rain on your 16GB flash DAP parade, but, right now, this Zen Plus V looks to… Read More

  • MySpace Launching YouTube Competitor

    According to the “New York Times,” MySpace is set to rename and relaunch its Flash-based video-sharing service as a stand-alone Web site, MySpaceTV.com. This will be accessible to everyone including people who do not have MySpace accounts. MySpace TV will be less centered on user-generated content — unlike YouTube — and will focus more on the material it has acquired… Read More

  • Draco: Ocard Spelled Backwards, New Zune

    Draco: Ocard Spelled Backwards, New Zune

    Apple news and rumors have been swamping the interwebs for weeks now, as I’m sure all of you have noticed, so I’m ecstatic that Microsoft has leaked some info on the flash-based Zune. The Draco, as it’s being called, will emerge for the holiday season in a 4GB and 8GB model. Oh wait, that was it? Yeah. Boring.
    “Draco” to Store 4GB or 8GB of Flash Memory [ZuneScene] Read More

  • Kodak Camera Sensor May Eliminate Flash

    Kodak Camera Sensor May Eliminate Flash

    Kodak today unveiled its biggest load of crap by announcing that it has developed a way to eliminate flash use on a camera. Thanks to new imaging technology in its new camera sensors, you may not even need a flash the next time you go to take that award-losing night-shot. Only problem is, no matter how good your imaging sensor is, if it’s dark out, it’s dark out. Your pictures… Read More

  • The AudioFile: The Expandable Revolution

    The AudioFile: The Expandable Revolution

    My favorite trend in MP3 players and music-phones is the inclusion of a slot for a ridiculously tiny microSD card. There’s just something really cool about taking a 2GB memory card out of my LG Chocolate phone and putting it into my SanDisk Sansa e280. But high-capacity memory cards also have the potential to resolve thorny issues related to digital music sharing — especially… Read More

  • Flash-based Laptop for $30

    Flash-based Laptop for $30

    Very cool. Addonics is selling a $30 Compact Flash adapter that allows you to boot from any CF card just like a standard 2.5″ hard drive. The adapter comes in SATA and IDE and can use multiple flash cards at once. Clearly, you’d need a few hundred for some fat CF cards — $260 for 24GB — but the read and write speeds will be phenomenal. This will become extremely… Read More

  • Kongregate: Video Games Meets YouTube

    Kongregate.com is video game maker Jim Greer’s baby and we sort of alerted you to it yesterday with the Understanding Games post. Who could resist dumping money into a start-up when the sales pitch is: “It’s video games meets YouTube.” After a few hours playing around on the site I was pretty hooked. I’m actually playing their most popular game, The Fancy… Read More

  • Replay Media Catcher A Godsend For PC Users

    Replay Media Catcher A Godsend For PC Users

    I don’t know how many of you watch shows on ABC, but all the popular shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy are available online to watch for free via ABC.com. However, the trouble is that you have to watch boring 30-second commercials and sometimes the flash-based player acts up. Your only other options are to buy the shows off iTunes or pirate them and neither are a feasible option… Read More

  • Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB

    If you can forgive the noir color scheme, you might enjoy this USB flower vase from some design house in Europe. What could a flower vase possibly do via USB? Tell you that your pansy is low on water, that’s what. When your slowly dying bud (ha! ha!) needs more liquid love, a message pops up on your computer monitor to alert you to the task. Even with this technilgical help, however, I… Read More

  • YouTube Unveils Real-time Webcam Recording Feature

    YouTube Unveils Real-time Webcam Recording Feature

    So without major announcements or anything of that sort, YouTube decided it’d spruce up its site a bit. One of the major new features is an ability called Quick Capture. If you have a webcam, you can now record quick clips right to YouTube without having to upload anything. Just visit the URL, fill out your description, tags, and other information, and then allow the Adobe Flash applet… Read More

  • Kanguru 32GB Flash Drive is the Worst Ever

    It’s true that this Kanguru thumb drive holds 32GB, which is enough to take your entire operating system with you as you travel – sticking it into various local internet cafe computers like the naughty drive it is. The massive storage would be enough except for two things. The first? The $1,499 price tag. Unless you really need something the size of your thumb – perhaps… Read More

  • 64GB Thumb Drive for $5,740

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/s writes, and has more room than just about any flash drive we've seen. Of course, it does cost $5,740, and only the masochistic or the very rich would buy one of these instead of a portable hard drive that costs less than 10% of this baby. But then again, maybe you've got some special reason – like… Read More

  • Imation Flash Wristbands Make You Look Like Lance Nerdstrong

    This wrist-fashionable USB flash drives from Imation don’t quite have the punch the original Lance bands did, probably because they’re a few years too late. Also, because it says Intel on the side. They’re available in 32MB to 1GB sizes, and are actually fairly useful because you’re less likely to forget them in the library computer. These have been out for a little… Read More