• Kobo Releases Free Kobo Desktop Application

    Kobo Releases Free Kobo Desktop Application

    The e-book world is slowly evolving into a number of fairly similar, homogenized ecosystems. No one wants to be shackled to using a single device to read their e-books: the Kindle is both a device and an app on your smartphone; Apple's iBook's is an app on your iPad and your iPhone. And today Kobo is following the trend with the announcement of the Kobo Desktop Application. Like its competitors… Read More

  • The Literati Color E-Reader

    The Literati Color E-Reader

    The Literati, shown here, is an e-reader with a full color display. MechSource, the creators of this e-reader, are hoping to get a jump on the color e-reader market with this device. It does not have a touchscreen, it does not allow you to browse the web, and it does not run any applications. It's simply a $159 color e-reader. It uses the Kobo platform, and will come bundled with 25 public domain… Read More

  • It begins: Audiovox kills the RCA Lexi

    It begins: Audiovox kills the RCA Lexi

    In what will definitely not be the last e-reader to bite the dust, Audiovox has pulled the RCA Lexi from sale in the US, citing concerns over price drops in the Nook and Kindle. They wrote to one interested customer: Per your inquiry regarding our RCA eReader, as a result of the recent price drops in the market (Kindle/Nook/Sony) our primary focus has shifted to international opportunities. Read More

  • Sharp planning to launch e-reader

    Sharp planning to launch e-reader

    Another day, another e-reader. Sharp, manufacturer of all things high tech (although I honestly haven't seen them on the American market much recently) is planning to launch and e-book reader that may run on the Verizon network. The reader will use Sharp's own XMDF (ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format) for e-book files. The company offers 29,000 titles in XMDF for Japanese readers already… Read More

  • Android based Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet coming in August

    Android based Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet coming in August

    Prepare yourself people, the tablet/e-reader wars are about to heat up. Virginia based Velocity Micro announced their new "Cruz" line today, consisting of the 7" color Cruz Reader, the 16:9 Cruz Tablet, and the kid-friendly Cruz StoryPad. The most interesting part? The entire Cruz product line runs the Android OS. Read More

  • EliteGroup E ink e-reader, now with WiMax!

    This video shows off EliteGroup’s new e-reader with large E ink display, a Marvell CPU, and 3G, Wi-Fi, and WiMax. It looks like a freaking monster – probably a full 8 1/2 x 11 screen. Read More

  • Kindle DX failing out of Darden Business School

    Kindle DX failing out of Darden Business School

    According to Ars Technica, Darden Business School students are unhappy with the Amazon Kindle DX in terms of academic usefulness. That's not to say that they're down on the DX in general: there's pretty high support amongst Darden students for the DX as a personal e-reader. It's just not quite the classroom supplement that Darden administration had hoped it would be. Read More

  • Fujitsu to unveil improved color e-paper screen

    Fujitsu to unveil improved color e-paper screen

    Fujitsu Laboratories announced today that they will be unveiling a new version of their color electronic paper display at the company’s Fujitsu Forum exhibition in Tokyo next week. The new screen is a supposed to be a third brighter and has a contrast ratio of 7:1, three times that of the previous model. These improvements are mostly due to the use of a new liquid crystal material with superior… Read More

  • i-tab digital tablature reader

    i-tab digital tablature reader

    Its a proven fact that playing guitar will get you chicks. Unfortunately, by the time you actually put in the time to stop sucking at it, most of the chicks are gone. The i-tab will have you playing pop songs in no time, its up to you whether or not you look like a putz while doing so. Read More

  • enTourage eDGe dualbook gets deals with academia

    enTourage eDGe dualbook gets deals with academia

    The enTourage eDGe dualbook made its official debut at CES last week, along with lots of other e-book readers, dual-screen laptops, and more. We mentioned the eDGe book store, but that book store is gaining usefulness with the announcement of deals with publishers McGraw Hill, Oxford University Press and John Wiley & Sons, which will bring a number of academic texts to the dualbook. And… Read More