• Digg v3 screenshots show aims beyond tech: will it work?

    Digg v3 screenshots show aims beyond tech: will it work?

    Valleywag got the scoop today that a next version of the hugely popular news site Digg will include many new categories outside of technology. Whether other communities of interest and expertise will follow and fill an expanded digg space seems to be the question. Here are the Valleywag discovered screenshots side by side with screen captures of the corresponding sections of the current design. Read More

  • The Power of Digg

    Digg is only a year and a half old, but it is already a significant social force that moves massive attention and traffic around the Internet. As has been noted for some time, it has been steadily closing the gap in alexa comparisons with Slashdot, and now has more than 800,000 average daily visitors. For further comparisons, check out digg vs. dot, a site that looks at crossposts on Digg and… Read More

  • Digg Acquisition Rumors

    Digg Acquisition Rumors

    UPDATE: Kevin Rose has directly denied these rumors. Is Yahoo acquiring Digg? Jeremy Botter and Kevin Burton say yes, but Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, says “Rumors… we are focused on features, not selling the company.” in a comment (#64) to the story on Digg. I have no direct information on this, but Kevin certainly did not deny it in his comment. Of course, it could just be… Read More

  • Gaming Digg

    Gaming Digg

    Getting on to the home page of Digg (profile) sends a site a lot of traffic, and some folks will do just about anything for traffic. I know a lot of people who claim to have multiple Digg accounts to give their posts a lift, but it appears that the practice has become more…professional recently. Richard MacManus has done some research on the issue and posts on his findings. Bottom line… Read More

  • Instantly Hooked on Diggdot.us

    Three sites I use often are Digg, Slashdot and del.icio.us/popular. If you want to find out what’s hot right now on the Internet, those sites will tell you (although Memeorandum usually gets the news even before these sites). I saw a blurb on Programmable Web about DiggDot.us, which launched yesterday. Diggdot.us combines results from all three of those sites into one very clean interface. Read More

  • Newsvine to Enter Social News Ranks

    Newsvine hasn’t launched yet, but the founder and CEO Mike Davidson has posted about what it will be once it does. Newsvine will be a collaborative, social news site. Like other sites, Newsvine will show major news publications. However, readers can comment on news items, allowing for a discussion to ensue. They are also adding tagging. Any user can bookmark a news piece (or any web page)… Read More

  • Digg is (almost) as big as Slashdot

    Digg continues to increase its traffic at an impressive rate, and is clearly set to overtake Slashdot within a month or so (thanks for the link Brian). The image, from one year traffic trend, shows Digg nearing Slashdot traffic levels after less than a year after launch. Slashdot is red, Digg is blue. Digg allows anyone to submit news stories, and other users vote on how important the news is. Read More

  • Profile – Digg 2.0

    Profile – Digg 2.0

    Company: Digg Previous Profile: June 18, 2005 Digg 2.0 Launched: 5 hours ago (July 10, 2005) What is it? See our previous profile on Digg for a description of its functionality. Its a very useful news site that leverages user submissions and “diggs” of stories to promote content higher in various categories and the home page. Digg released version 2.0 a few hours ago. New look and feel… Read More

  • Profile: Digg

    Profile: Digg

    UPDATE: More recent profile of Digg here. Company: Digg What is it? Digg is very early stage, sort of pre-beta. But its getting some buzz. Think of it as slashdot but potentially better. We first came accross it at TheShiftedLibrarian and after checking out the service ourselves we were quite impressed. In their own words, “Digg is a technology news website that gives editorial control back… Read More