• Canadians rejoice: the Nexus S is coming in March

    According to Moblicity CEO, Dave Dobbin, everyone’s favourite Gingerbread totin’ handset — The Samsung Nexus S — will be released through the company’s AWS brand come March. If you care not for AWS, then you’ll be happy to hear that Doctor Dobbs also said that Bell, Telus, and Rogers will also carry the hot new handset. Jump on through the break for a video… Read More

  • O Canada! World's Most Web Connected Land

    According to a recent comScore report, Canada has beaten out the US, the UK, France, and everyone else in the world in various metrics relating to broadband and internet use. While the conspicuous absence of the likes of Sweden, a perennial leader in these categories, fills me with suspicion, the numbers are still fun, and slightly surprising. One statistic calculated to both please and terrify… Read More

  • Canada Sinks $5.5 Million Into River Turbine Technology

    Canada is testing the water for modular river turbines. The project, led by Renewable Energy Research, received $5.5 million in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the government of Quebec. RER will install two turbines in the St. Lawrence River. Read More

  • Using children to steal DVDs eh?

    Here’s a candidate for the Canadian parent of the year award. Police in Richmond B.C. are looking for a couple that used their kids to load up on over $3000 worth of Blu-ray and DVD discs from Future Shop. The estimate is that the couple took between 80 to 100 movies. Read More

  • The $75 iPod levy that will solve all of Canada's problems

    Apparently it’s illegal in Canada to copy music from a CD you bought to an iPod (or whatever). It’s simply not allowed, even if you’re not breaking any DRM in the process. (In the U.S., it’s illegal to copy a DVD to your computer’s hard drive because you have to circumvent the copy protection in the process.) Solution? Some sort of levy, which would ensure… Read More

  • Ontario law bans the use of portable gadgets while driving

    A new law in Ontario, Canada has banned the use of handheld devices while driving. This includes cellphones, GPS devices, MP3 players, etc. Slight problem: the law is broad enough that you can construe it to include doing things like changing the radio station or reaching for a cup of coffee. Read More

  • Outrage! Canadia says we're lazy! But they do make better Palm Pre commercials

    You know what Canada looks like? It looks like the best part of town – where everyone is cool and gets drunk all the time without hangovers and where you used to go to raves when you were like 16 and now when you go back the rave places have grown up with you and become chocolate shops and classic book stores – but it looks like that all over the country. Read More

  • Kid's Science Fair Project Saves Birds From Windows

    Charlie Sobcov, an eight grader from Canada fell in love with birds on a trip to Costa Rica four years ago. He learned about decreasing bird populations due to global warming and another killer: windows. He found out that 500 million birds are killed by impact with windows annually in the US, Canada and Mexico. Read More

  • Unmanned aerial drones to patrol US Canada border

    The good ‘ol United States of America is going to employ Predator drones on the US Canada border within a few days. The unmanned arial drones have been used for years on the southern Mexican border, but they are now needed to keep a watchful eye on Canadians seeing that the US has a booming jobs market. After all, we need to keep Canadians from defecting as it’s common knowledge… Read More

  • Pomegranate NS08 smartphone features HD projector, shaver, coffee maker, harmonica, and voice translator

    We spend most of our time searching for the ultimate convergence devices and I truly believe that I’ve found the one to beat. It’s the Pomegranate NS08 from Nova Scotia, of all places. The millimeters-thin touchscreen phone handles voice, web browsing, and e-mail with ease but also tackles tough tasks that no phone to date has attempted. Read More

  • Nokia E71 available on Rogers for $49 with 3-yr contract

    I have to say, as interesting a phone as the E71 is, I’m not sure a three year contract is something I’d be willing to agree to. I mean, who does anything for three years? Well, laying out only $50 for all the capabilities of the E71 — full HTML browsing, GPS, tons of stuff available for the S60 OS — is a pretty good deal if you’re already into that Symbian thing. Read More