• Apple Responds To And Fixes App Crashing Issues, DRM Software To Blame

    Apple Responds To And Fixes App Crashing Issues, DRM Software To Blame

    Just a quick update on the issues plaguing Apple’s iOS and Mac App Stores: Apple has now informed developers that it’s aware of the problem and is working on a resolution. For background, a serious problem has been discovered in the iOS and Mac App Stores which has been causing apps to immediately crash after users update to the most recent version. This is now day three of the… Read More

  • BUG 2.0 platform adds support for Android

    If you’re interested in getting into mobile development, you should probably check out Bug Labs. Their BUG system is a modular collection of snap-together components to rapidly prototype a new mobile device. The BUGbase is the backbone — think of it like the mainboard of a traditional PC — into which you can connect a GPS, touchscreen, accelerometer, etc. It runs Linux, and… Read More

  • Video: Crazy iPhone Bug

    Just saw this behavior today. This is on a stock iPhone running 2.x firmware, no funny business. The Calendar app just kept scrolling back and forth. Kind of funny. Read More

  • Japanese company presents super-fast detector for bugging devices and hidden cameras

    It seems corporate Japan gets more and more aware of IT security issues. Last month NTT introduced its advanced anti-Tempest device, now this: Tokyo based tech conglomerate Taisei recently presented a new portable system that is able to detect bugging devices and hidden cameras almost instantly. The company claims that their completely self-developed machine just takes 20 seconds to check a… Read More

  • ATI fixes that annoying st-st-stuttering gl-gli-gl-bug

    What is it with ATI and stuttering? When Half-Life 2 was released, the game was totally unplayable on my rig (With a Radeon 9600 Pro, no slouch at the time) and pretty much everyone else’s due to constant and crippling stuttering and the still-dangerous audio-loop crash. The game was allegedly designed with almost my exact hardware configuration in mind, yet it was totally busted… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Wowwee Roboquad: It Crawls, Dances

    In the 1997 film Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, documentarian Errol Morris took a look at a variety of eccentric characters whose work blurred the line between the human, the animal, and the mechanical. One of the featured characters was an M.I.T. robotics scientist who had spent his career making machines that moved like bugs. That’s basically the idea behind Wowwee’s… Read More