• Nissan Sprouts Leaf Rollout Plans

    Nissan‘s Leaf is almost ready to be picked. The company announced its all-electric car will be available to buy as early as December, but only for those in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee. Other parts of the country will have to hold their horsepower a little bit longer. Nissan chose to release to those five states first because they’re home to the EV project… Read More

  • EcoMotors Revs Its Engine With $23.5 Million Series B Funding From Bill Gates And Khosla Ventures

    EcoMotors announced today a $23.5 million series B funding round from Khosla Ventures and Bill Gates that the company will use to build and test its eco-friendly engine, known as an Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) engine. EcoMotors makes engines that run on diesel or gasoline but have greater power density, weigh less and produce lower carbon emissions than conventional engines. Read More

  • Equipe watches designed to drive you crazy

    Every watch needs some kind of theme, and Equipe has certainly found theirs. Inspired by the auto industry, this Detroit based company designs their watches using vehicles as their guide. Read More

  • The Road Train: taking drafting to a whole new level

    So we all know that drafting increases fuel efficiency. Heck, I even saw an episode of MythBusters where they proved that following a semi suicidally close will increase your mileage dramatically. Of course, drafting is dangerous, stupid, and the risk vs. reward just isn’t there. Well, what if it was? Scientists in Europe are working on a system that would make drafting safe. Get ready… Read More

  • Better Place Raises $350 Million To Make This World A Better Place

    I’ve been quite fascinated by electric car firm Better Place since I read up on how the company was founded by former SAP executive Shai Agassi in the excellent book ‘Start-up Nation’, which tells of Israel’s historical entrepreneurial DNA and tech success stories. Basically, Better Place aims to reduce global dependency on petroleum through the creation of a… Read More

  • MyFord Touch Driver Connect Technology

    Ford announced today their move to upgrade their SYNC in-car communications system into MyFord Touch. This all-encompassing system integrates not only your cell phone or portable media device, but now your GPS, air conditioning, audio library, and much more. Multiple touch screens will replace the traditional dashboard of your car, and remember that mobile Wi-Fi hotspot we were talking… Read More

  • Mitsubishi produces mini Blu-ray player, says it will be used in cars

    Mitsubishi Electric has developed a Blu-ray player that is is just 1/3 of the size of conventional players [JP] and is intended for automotive use. The 1DIN prototype is the smallest in the industry. Read More

  • An LCD in a gear shifter: useful or just eye candy?

    When I first heard about AC Schnitzer’s new LCD-equipped gear shifter, I thought, wow, this would be useful as the LCD takes the guessing out of what gear the transmission is in. Then I realized, most people that drive a manual don’t think about what they’re doing. They just know what gear they’re in and what gear they’re planning to shift into. Are there… Read More

  • New technology turns heat into electricity for cars, saves fuel

    Tokyo-based Tech and machinery company Furukawa developed a thermoelectric conversion material that can supposedly boost the fuel efficiency of automobiles. Power is generated in the material through differences in temperature between its two sides. Conventional thermoelectric conversion material warms up as a whole, when one side is exposed to heat. This method is said to be rather… Read More

  • If you don’t believe that Volkswagen knows what the people want, just ask this talking Beetle. Volkswagen is on a quest to find out exactly what the people want, and they’re not afraid to use new… Read More

  • GM challenges NA universities to build a more eco-friendly Chevy Equinox

    GM is currently holding the Challenge X competition and today it rolled into NYC. Unfortunately, I’m on my deathbed and was unable to make it to Central Park this morning, but thanks to YouTube I can give you a glimpse of what’s going on. Challenge X is an engineering competition that has 17 North American universities competing against one another to rebuild a Chevy Equinox to make… Read More