• Click Forensics Raises $10 Million B Round

    Click fraud is a big business, and so is detecting it. Click-fraud auditing firm Click Forensics has raised a $10 million B round, led by Sierra Ventures. Also participating is Austin Ventures and Shasta Ventures, who invested in the company’s $5 million A round last January. Advertisers and Website can subscribe to the company’s service, which claims to be able to identify… Read More

  • Mixx Gets Credibility Boost From NYTimes

    The New York Times tonight added Mixx bookmarking buttons on its site, which is an important milestone for the company. Facebook, Digg and Yahoo Buzz are the only other third party social bookmarking services that are offered. The NYTimes doesn’t include well known and more established services like Delicious, Reddit and others on its pages (Delicious was bumped for Mixx). And since Mixx… Read More

  • Invoke Solutions Takes $7 Million

    Online and mobile research firm Invoke Solutions has taken an additional $7 million in funding in a round led by North Atlantic Capital that included existing investors Bain Capital and BEV Capital. Waltham, Mass. based Invoke Solutions offers real-time online and mobile research services that offer “fast, usable insights for their clients.” Invoke Solutions products are used by… Read More

  • Facebook Pays $25 For User Testing; We'll Double That For Leaks

    Where does Facebook go when it wants to check the pulse of its users? Craigslist of course. The company just posted the following job offer on the classifieds site, offering a $25 Visa Gift Card for anyone who stops by their Palo Alto offices this Thursday “to provide feedback on Facebook” (what, no stock options?). Sign up at this URL. As a corollary, we’re offering $25… Read More

  • New Incredible Hulk trailer leaked

    Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Virgin America offering discounted fares, again

    Go on. Give it a try. You have until March 14. Virgin America Read More

  • SXSW 2008: Rhapsody understands how the music industry has changed, looking to make most of new environment

    [photopress:sxswrhap.jpg,full,right] It’s amazing. Ever since the music industry declared war on its customers a few years ago those of us who spend entirely too much time online have debated back and forth on message boards, modern day salons. How dumb is an industry that sues its own customers? (Answer: Very.) What compels people to pirate music in the first place? (Answer: Immediacy. Read More

  • The best D&D flowchart I ever have seen

    Click the image above to see the whole thing. I’m crying because it’s so true. NYT [via Kottke] Read More

  • BioShock 2 confirmed for Q4 2009

    Take-Two announced today that 2k Marin is slated to release the sequel to BioShock, which has sold 2 million copies since August, in time for the holidays in 2009. That is all. Press Release Read More

  • Content Marketplace Helium Officially Launches

    Citizen journalism site Helium has today officially launched its content marketplace after 7 months in beta testing. We’ve covered the service twice before, once in 2006, then last year when Helium Marketplace first opened its doors. Helium offers two services: a user generated content portal that’s part Wikipedia, part Squidoo, complete with revenue sharing. The marketplace works in… Read More

  • New OLED manufacturing process from GE means OLEDs are actually going to be practical soon

    [photopress:oled_01.jpg,full,center] OLEDs, the little successors to LEDs that are made of the stem cells of baby unicorns, are about to get a lot cheaper to manufacture. GE has found a way to make the OLEDs in a roll-to-roll fashion, meaning in essence making them affordable. Really affordable. In theory, the super-low-power OLEDs could be almost disposable, and offer more realistic light… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Unreasonable Stance: Multi-touch is just more Apple snake oil

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own Devin Coldewey takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. Everybody’s all a-twitter about Apple’s latest amazing technology, the incomparable… Read More

  • Panasonic's new Viera HDTV line hits you where it hertz

    It’s good news for two reasons when a good company like Panasonic drops some new gear on us: first, you’ve got the hot new gear, and second, their old stuff takes a huge price hit. These new Vieras look good enough that you should consider them for your next upgrade: many inputs, 100Hz and 24p motion conversion, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, all in glorious 1080p and the option of… Read More

  • Video: WTF is this thing?

    Robotic Wooden Goliath
    Add to My Profile | More Videos I realize this is old (after doing a little research), but it’s still cool to see. strandbeest Read More

  • Verizon greenlights 100Gbps network; Yes, you read that right

    [photopress:internet2usamap1.jpg,full,center] Verizon is kicking its major network routes up to 100Gbps early next year. It’s looking at upgrading it’s backbone after successful trails last year over a short piece of network (short being 300+ miles) proved it feasible. They’re calling it Internet2. Catchy! It won’t affect your home connection in most ways, but it… Read More

  • eBooks: One with a dog and one like a Mac Classic

    That’s a pretty big screen, ladies and gentlemen. The one on the left there, with the dog — it’s almost ten inches! Guess what else? It’s got built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it uses electronic ink, has 4GB of storage, and lasts 5000 pages on a single charge. I’d actually buy it if I knew how to accomplish such a task (more on that later). Then there’s the… Read More

  • Hollywood going more 3-D with new agreement for digital distribution

    [photopress:3D_Scream.jpg,full,center] If you saw Beowulf in 3D this past holiday season, you were no doubt blown away. It looked fantastic, and with Hollywood gearing up more 3-D releases, animated and not, the smart theater owner is upgraded his equipment. Thankfully, it’s starting now. Disney, Fox, Paramount and Universal will all start shooting with a standard 3-D system supported… Read More

  • Review: AT&T's Palm Centro

    [photopress:centro.jpg,full,center] The Palm Centro for AT&T is one of the better smartphones on the market today for first-time buyers, or so-called “casual smartphone users”. Its low price, familiar form factor and full QWERTY keyboard with touchscreen make it ideal for those who aren’t into navigating through messy menus — though it’s not for… Read More

  • The British are coming!

    I’m sure there is little requirement for even more Brits wandering around Silicon Valley – but I’m afraid it’s going to be unavoidable during the week of 19-25 April, as 20 UK startups invade, courtesy of the British government. Web Mission 08 is a project to bring 20 UK tech startups out to network with companies and people in Silicon Valley. Organised by UK… Read More

  • GoGo inflight porn-surfing is GO!

    American and Virgin airlines will roll out an inflight WiFi product called GoGo in about six months, ensuring that every douche with a MacBook — all of CG included — will now be able to Twitter from 30,000 feet. Gogo uses a ground-to-air system that allows small antennas on the planes to pick up signals being pumped out terrestrially. Aircell has 92 giant antennas spread across… Read More

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