• Earthlink Cuts 900 Jobs, No One Notices

    I’m not really sure who uses Earthlink still. I guess people with dial-up chillin’ way out west. Either way, another sign that the company is failing has struck us, this time in the form of job cuts. About 900 people will lose their jobs as part of Earthlink’s restructuring efforts to save money for the company. It’s expected to save about $25-$35 million for the… Read More

  • Chicago No Longer Getting Citywide WiFi Network

    Though Chicago may be home to great things like deep dish pizza and DA BEARS, it won’t have a citywide WiFi network come 2008. Chicago officials have officially killed the plan that would have given 228 sq. miles of Chicago wireless Internet access. Unfortunately, not enough financing was available for the project to go through, despite companies like EarthLink showing interest. I guess… Read More

  • Nokia Launches Ovi Mobile Platform: Gaming, Maps, Music Umbrella

    Big news here in London. It’s no secret Nokia’s moving more into the content providing phase these days: offering mapping services, games, and a music store. In order to keep their scattered offerings under one umbrella, they’ve announced the upcoming launch of Ovi. A sort of cross-platform portal, Ovi will let users log on from either their Nokia phone or interneted PC… Read More

  • Ovi Knocking at the Door

    Today Nokia announced its new Internet services brand, Ovi. (Ovi is Finnish for door). Nokia’s new Internet service will include Nokia Music Store, N-Gage and Nokia Maps. Music and maps can be downloaded from Nokia Music Store and Nokia Maps. As reported yesterday on MobileCrunch (The Return of Frankenphone), N-Gage is a mobile phone gaming service. All three services can be used… Read More

  • Local Youth Charities get a Boost

    Boost Mobile, a division of Sprint Nextel, is offering its Unlimited by Boost to local youth charities for free. Unlimited by Boost is a mobile phone service that lets customers in parts of California and Texas make unlimited local and long distance calls from their home calling area for a fixed monthly price. Youth charities in these areas can signup for a year’s worth of this service… Read More

  • Nokia To Stake N-Gage Mobile Gaming Future On N-Series, Ovi Platform

    N-Gage had some decent games. The main problem with the old platform, of course, was that you had to buy one very specific Choco-Tacoy phone. They only pushed about 3 million of these suckers out the door in the entire world, which meant they were far shy of the terminal velocity needed to create a profitable gaming ecosystem. Well, there are already tens of millions of N-Series phones… Read More

  • Mobile Game News: Castlevania Coming from Konami, Capcom's Devil on Deck, I-play rushes to the ER

    In mobile game news this week, Konami has announced that it will develop content specially for mobile phones based on the company’s popular videogame brands, with new storylines and original music. The first of these will be Castlevania: Order of Shadows for the mobile platform, which will arrive on September 18 on major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Networks. “As… Read More

  • Nokia Intros N81 Multimedia Phone

    Photos and video by Peter Ha We love the Nokia N-Series. If you can handle a bulky pocket and don’t insist on a real keyboard (or multi-touch screen), there really is no better way of of converging everything you’d ever want to do in your pocket. Enter the N81. It hits in two versions: One’s got 8-gig of flash, the other relies on your microSD card. Both have got stereo… Read More

  • Nokia 5610 Solidifies XpressMusic Line

    The 5610 XpressMusic is a whole different ballgame from the 5310. This 3G slider is feature rich with a slide lock key in the center that switches between the phone and music player. The 5610 is also encased in black (here and there) aluminum with red or blue accents and the same features as the previously announced 5310, but the screen is a smidge bigger at 2.2-inches and comes with a… Read More

  • Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Ups The Ante

    ‘Ello from London. Remember the 5310? Meet the 5310 XpressMusic. The middle child in the Xpress line now takes a candy bar form factor, which I like better than the slider. Encased in a sleek metallic black case with red or blue accents, the tri-band GSM 5310 takes it up a notch with a 2-inch QVGA screen, built-in FM stereo radio with RDS, a dedicated audio chip (DAC-33) for Hi-Fi audio… Read More

  • Nokia N-95 Goes Black, 8-Gigs

    The N-95 gets 8-gigs of memory, and a few (mostly cosmetic) updates today, like a nice black shell, and some other minor body mods. Still, the lack of any real internal innovation shouldn’t be too troublesome–the N95 is already a bit ahead of it’s time, if you ask me, but considering that the original came out before the most-hyped phone in history, and their entire reponse… Read More

  • Nokia To Offer Finger-Flicking Touchscreen On Future Devices, Draws Laughter

    In an unintentional laugh line at today’s press conference, a Nokia video demonstration touted the new “full-screen” touch interface on upcoming phones. The video showed a little hand flick through an interface in a way that was a little too reminiscent of another little phone . Note to Nokia: We love you, and you keep us giggling. Just check out the photo. Read More

  • Farecast Now Provides Data On Fairness Of Hotel Pricing

    Seattle based Farecast, a startup that launched about 18 months ago to focus on predicting flight prices and guaranteeing users against increases, just expanded to help people find deals on hotel rooms as well. The hotels area of the site helps users see prices based on a number of travel search engines (Orbitz, CheapTickets and ReserveTravel). All the results are shown on a map along with… Read More

  • The Apple TV You're Having When You Don't Own An Apple TV

    Not Apple TV has a fairly simple goal: to recreate the Apple TV experience for users who don’t own an Apple TV, via the web browser. The flash based interface feels exactly like the Apple TV interface, with a few changes. Features such as a “History” and a “Favorites” have been included, along with a wider variety of online video choices; services available via… Read More

  • Live From London: Nokia: Go Play Press Conference

    The city: London, England. The location: Old Billingsgate. The thing: Nokia press conference. My path happens to converge here with CrunchGear correspondent Peter Ha, so we’ll be tag-teaming this one. Stay tuned for the latest live happenings as we show you the latest GSMs out of Finland. We’ve got some idea as to what they’ll be showing, but we’re always expecting… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Warehouse Mishap Edition

    $1.4 Million IBM Server Falls Off Forklift
    Tetris Street Fight
    Boing Boing Launches Gadget Blog with Joel J at the Helm
    Ello Guvnah!
    10 Days of CrunchGear: It’s Over Read More

  • The Tech Industry Wants You To Support The Fight For Fair Use

    Listen very carefully to the copyright statement in this clip. Thinking about discussing last weekend’s game with family and friends? The NFL clearly states that viewers cannot talk about the game to anyone without permission Insane statements like this, and others, are the target of a FTC complaint by the Computer & Communications Industry Association, a group backed by… Read More

  • If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join Digg

    Video sharing site MetaCafe launched a new area of their site today – it uses the Digg API to show the most popular MetaCafe videos. Viewers can sort by most dugg, highest rated, most discussed, most viewed, etc. Only Metacafe videos are shown. Digg’s video channel and Metacafe overlap somewhat, particularly for people who just want to quickly find and browse interesting videos. Read More

  • Magnify.net Launches Video Focused Ad Network

    Video startup Magnify.net will today invite Magnify.net site owners to participate in a beta test of its new advertising program, the “AdShare Network.” The AdShare Network gives site owners the ability to earn directly from their video channels, both from the network itself and by allowing users to deploy their own ad inventory. We first covered Magnify.net in March… Read More

  • What Do You Get When You Ask Gmail Fans To Express Email Delivery?

    Google asked the question, and found out: Google received over 1,100 submissions for the collaborative effort. It reminds me a little bit of Ze Frank’s (what ever happened to him BTW?) Video for Ray project earlier this year. The exercise just goes to prove that tapping into passionate users can deliver; over 1,000 people world wide took time out to video and upload their love of Gmail… Read More

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