• Wii Sensor Bar Hacks

    It seems that the Wii Sensor Bar runs on 7.5 volts barreling out of the Wii console itself. Therefore, an industrious young man, if he put his mind to it, could add a DC adapter from Radio Shack. That’s just what the folks at AVSForums did, with mixed results. The problem is that the cable connected to the sensor bar is very thin and difficult to solder. Not impossible, mind you, but… Read More

  • Lucid Dreaming for the Poor

    If you’ve been wanting to attempt lucid dreaming ever since you saw “Waking Life,” but haven’t been able to afford one of the exuberantly priced devices, then feast your eyes on this DIY lucid dreaming device. This $30 homebrew lucid dreaming device will deliver you real world cues five hours into your sleep cycle. Read More

  • Don't Buy Red Steel for the Wii

    It’s rare to find such a hateful review of a game unless it involves horrible voice acting, wonky controls, and terrible graphics… oh, wait. Yes, it appears Red Steel is a hunk of garbage with retarded AI and an interface that causes blood clots in the elderly. The concept is sound: you use the Wii-mote to wield a sword. Apparently, however, the game is absolutely horrible. Head… Read More

  • New Photo Sharing Site: Se Habla Español…Et Français

    Maybe the world actually does need another photo sharing service. In a recent Spanish blog, one user wrote, (translated from Spanish) “If there is anything in the entire world that I refute, it is that Flickr is in English.” A new photo sharing site called Pikeo launched in beta about three weeks ago in English, Spanish, and French. But language is not the site’s only claim… Read More

  • Swann's Digital Private Eye Is Watching You. Sinner.

    Swann, maker of many many D-I-Y security products for the home and office, launched today the Digital Private Eye video camera and recorder. Running on a power cable or 9V battery (both included), the camera takes shots whenever the motion detector is tripped, recording up to 30,000 images to a 1GB SD card (not included). Read More

  • Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux: Shouldn't They Have Done this Four Years Ago?

    CIO Magazine is apparently going through their assignment backlog and decided to put together a hefty tome on the differences between Windows, Linux, and OS X. Hmmmm… With gems like this: He prefers OS X’s security, reliability and simple user interface over that of XP. And though he still has high hopes for running a version of Linux that is reliable and full-featured, he… Read More

  • Comcast Begins Offering Limited Wireless Phone Service

    The race is on for telecom companies to catch up to the cable companies. With Comcast already offering Broadband Internet, Digital Cable, and Digital Voice service for only $33 a piece all on one bill, companies like Verizon need to start raising the stakes if they want to stay afloat. Now Comcast is offering a cellphone service to their customers in limited areas. If you live in Boston, MA… Read More

  • BitTorrent Strikes Major Video Download Deal, Again

    BitTorrent announced today a deal inked with 20th Century Fox, G4, Kadokawa, Lionsgate, MTV Networks, Palm Pictures, Paramount and Starz Media to allow for video downloads from their catalogs of movies and TV shows. This follows last month’s news that CE manufacturers will start pre-installing the peers-to-peers software on wireless routers and media servers and a July announcement of… Read More

  • iHome Releases Slew Of Wireless Audio Products

    Looks like iHome went all nuts on us today. They’ve announced both the iHome iHC5 Bluetooth Clock Radio and the iHome iH21 Water-Resistant Streaming iPod Dock and Speakers. Aside from the latter having an insanely long name, these products are just some decent looking ways to get your groove on wirelessly and safely. The iHome iHC5 (pictured) allows you to stream audio via Bluetooth to… Read More

  • Otterbox Your 2G Nano

    Another day, another iPod case. However, this one’s from Otterbox, which specializes in cases to do more than just prevent some scratches. The new 2G iPod nano case features an airtight seal for keeping out all Mother Nature has to offer, including full water protection. And it’s rugged design protects your nano from falls and scratches. It’s not exactly slim, so if… Read More

  • Axion iPTV Anywhere Box and Wireless Monitor Allow Seamless Streaming Of Magnum P.I. Episodes Around House

    Guess what kiddies: we have ourselves yet another product with the letter “I” dropped to a lowercase in the product name. This time around, the culprit is Axion’s iPTV system. Consisting of a box and mobile monitor, this thing is very similar to Sony’s LocationFree jawn. A hardwired box hooks up to your broadband internet connection and streams television and programming… Read More

  • Google Has No Answers

    Yesterday we compared a new service called BitWine to Google Answers. Apparently that was the last day we could make that comparison because at 10 p.m. last night, Google announced that they would be closing the service by the end of the week. So if you’ve got a pressing question, ask now or forever hold your peace. “Google is a company fueled by innovation, which to us means… Read More

  • DSMIDIWiFi: Nintendo DS Wireless MIDI Controller

    This is totally mind-blowing. Some guys have developed a way to use the Nintendo DS as a MIDI controller wirelessly. DSMIDIWiFi uses the Nintendo DS’ touch screen as a controller and sends the signals wirelessly to a host program on your computer, like Garageband, Ableton Live, or whatever you use for creating music. The creators have written three different programs for your… Read More

  • NEC Develops Prototype Phone To Cater To Gumby

    Remember back in the late 1980s, early 1990s when some company developed those rulers that would snap around your wrist? Well NEC apparently was a huge fan and this new concept cellphone they’ve developed is no exception. Dubbed the “tag”, these cellphones are made up of a shape-memorizing rubber that can be twisted and controlled to your liking. The picture shows three… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Spidey Piñata Edition

    Snapalarm Smoke Detector, Because Safety’s First, Or Something
    Go Retro with Vinyl-Lookalike CD-Rs
    Case Mod: Peter Parker’s PC
    Lightsaber Maker Gets Sued For Selling Pirated Replicas Read More

  • Snipperoo focus' on Widgetisation

    Last week I was in Manchester at NW StartUp 2.0, co-presenting with Ivan Pope from Snipperoo whose company I have been tracking for sometime now. Ivan spoke about how he sees widgets changing the way we interact with the web and about how his new company Snipperoo has developed a new universal tool for managing widgets. “Our aim is that the Snipperoo system works with all the web widgets… Read More

  • Mama Mio

    This week, BBC News is running a series of stories on the Future Of TV – of course, YouTube, IPTV, mobile TV, BitTorrent and other forms of online TV figure a great deal in these articles; the UK is notoriously namechecked as the source of between 10 and 25% of all TV piracy. It’s fair to say that one of the consequences of Web 2.0 is the increased bias of binary content… Read More

  • BitTorrent Raises $25 million, Bram Cohen is History

    Om Malik posted a rumor today regarding a new BitTorrent financing and possible ouster of CEO Bram Cohen. We did some independent digging and have come up with what I believe is accurate based on multiple sources and a leaked document: BitTorrent has raised a $25 million Series B round of financing from Accel Partners and previous investor Doll Capital Management, bringing the total capital… Read More

  • LouderVoice one to catch at Le Web 3.

    LeWeb 3 is nearly closed for registration but one company going is LouderVoice an Irish startup that has just launched its prototype alpha version today. “After a short delay, we had our prototype Alpha walkthrough today and it really is a humdinger. The current plan is to have the Beta of the prototype ready just before Le Web 3. If it is looking good and there is any interest, I may do… Read More

  • Firefox Summit 2006 and TV Flicks

    A few weeks ago, Firefox contributors from around the world met at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View, CA for the Firefox Summit 2006. Below is a link to the Agenda and Proposed Sessions. Sadly I couldn’t go but last week I met Ian Hayward of Glaxstar - UK developers of Firefox add-ons (Yahoo’s delicious add-on) and the organiser of the Firefox party, which I will be going to… Read More

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