• New Lycos email tops Gmail in storage, attachment size

    Lycos announced today that their beta email service now offers 3 GB of storage and allow attachments of “essentially unlimited” size to be sent and received. Gmail is currently topping out at 2.75 gigs of storage, Hotmail at 250 MB and both limit attachments to 10 MB. For $20 per year, Lycos will up the limit to 5 GB of storage. To prevent infrequent use just for sending huge… Read More

  • RealNetworks to deliver Firefox

    For the next two years a partnership between RealNetworks and Mozilla will mean that users downloading RealPlayer, Rhapsody and other Real software will also receive the Firefox browser. The announcement late last night said that a partnership to distribute the Google Toolbar has also been formalized. This is great news for Firefox. Real says it sees more than 2 million downloads of… Read More

  • Meebo Launches MeeboMe

    Palo Alto based Meebo is a Sequoia backed web chat company that allows users to access popular instant messaging services on a web page instead of using downloaded software. Our posts on Meebo are here – we’ve covered this company closely since its launch in September 2005. Until February, every time a user visited Meebo they were required to re-enter their IM login credentials… Read More

  • Yodel Anecdotal – The Yahoo Corporate Blog

    Yahoo launched Yodel Anecdotal, their first corporate level blog, tonight at 10:30 pm PST. The first post, by Niki Dugan, is here. Like TechCrunch, Yahoo chose WordPress for their blogging platform. My friend Havi Hoffman, who’s part of the influencer marketing group at Yahoo, emailed to tell me about the blog, writing “The blog is the brainchild of Nicki Dugan, Senior Director… Read More

  • Internet Brands Launches WikiCars

    Internet Brands, which owns Carsdirect.com, RealestateABC (a Zillow competitor we covered in March 2006) and other sites, launched a new service called WikiCars tonight. There has been a lot of movement in the autos space as entrepreneurs drool over the high advertising demand and see the obvious flaws in dated sites like Yahoo Autos. See, for example, recent social networks that have… Read More

  • Windows Live Spaces Launches, Replaces MSN Spaces

    Tonight at 9 pm PST Microsoft will announce the launch of Windows Live Spaces, a blogging and social networking site on the Live.com platform. As Microsoft phases out the MSN brand in favor of Live.com, they’ve moved services over one at a time to the new platform. Unlike Windows Live Messenger, though, which runs in parallel with MSN Messenger, Live Spaces is taking over MSN Spaces… Read More

  • Bloglines wants to block private feeds from search

    “Everything you blog goes on your permanent record!” How many times have we heard that lately? From employment to family situations, many people have been frustrated to find out that things they intended to write for a personal audience is now discoverable by anyone in the world via search engines. Bloglines proposed a new standard tonight to change that. You can have private… Read More

  • Old People Now Have a Place to Hang Out

    Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor has a new startup launching today called Eons. But don’t bother signing up unless you are at least 50 years old – this is a social network for the older crowd. Jeff himself is only 45 years old – too young to use his own service. The idea is good – this is a huge audience with time on their hands for socializing – but the execution… Read More

  • Craigslist + footballer with a taser = PR disaster

    Ellis T. Jones III, a 20 year old former football player, has been arrested in San Jose, California for allegedly using Craigslist to lure potential buyers and sellers of electronic equipment to places where he could stun them with a taser and rob them. This is just the kind of thing that could spell trouble for online services seeking to bring people together in the meatspace (real life). … Read More

  • Microsoft to present fly-through photo app, PhotoSynth

    A team from Microsoft Live Labs will present a prototype of an awesome looking new photo tool at tomorrow’s SIGGRAPH conference in Boston. Called Photosynth, the tool will compile multiple images of a single location to create a zoomable fly-through 3D image. Other functionality, like looking up similar photos on the web, is in the works as well. PhotoSynth is the first prototype to… Read More

  • Wizag offers semantic analysis, attention to RSS

    RSS is world changing technology, but it risks getting bogged down in information overload. The simple solution is a system like MyYahoo where a limited number of feed items are displayed and the interface is most conducive to subscribing to a small number of feeds. The power user needs a lot more, though, and the holy grail for many RSS feed reader developers is a working relevance… Read More

  • Zune as Part of Microsoft's "Broader Picture"

    Lots of new details are emerging about Zune, Microsoft’s new music/video device and related service. The news about Zune broke last week in a Billboard article where Chris Stephenson, Microsoft’s new GM of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business, said Zune will be an umbrella brand for what he says is “a family of hardware and software products” targeting various… Read More

  • SpyMedia launches photo bounties and a widget – stillborn in MySpace

    Photo sales site SpyMedia relaunched this morning with two major new features. The San Jose company has since late last year let photographers sell their news photos to media companies or other interested buyers. Today the site has added a slideshow widget and a bounty system to let buyers offer money for photos they would like to purchase. Here’s a heart breaker; remember when we… Read More

  • CNN, AOL launch new video services – trouble for startups?

    Two Time Warner sites are making serious moves into online video. CNN is expected to formally launch today a system for collecting user generated content, with video at the center of its strategy. The basics are already up at CNN Exchange. The system will be powered by Blip.tv – quite a deal to land for them. A CNet story this weekend said that war footage from Lebanon found on… Read More

  • Inform.com's Latest Offering

    I’ve gone back and forth on Inform.com in the past (we also covered them here). They are a massively funded New York startup that launched an inferior news product late last year. Since then, they’ve made real efforts to shake things up. Their newest product, Inform Publisher Services, is aimed at big web publishers, and is designed to help them increase page views by adding… Read More

  • Play Ajax Texas Holdem Poker at gpokr

    If you liked Battleship in Ajax, you’ll love this. Toronto, Canada based gpokr is a multiplayer no limit Texas Holdem game developed with Ajax technologies. The site, which was created by Ryan Dewsbury, also has real time chat among all players in a game. The site does not use real money, and Ryan says he has no plans to change that. gpokr was written with Java, and uses the Google… Read More

  • SingShot Enters Online Karaoke Space

    kSolo, acquired by Fox Interactive back in May, faces some new competition in the online karaoke space. SingShot is releasing their own variation of online karaoke tomorrow. The new service is essentially a copy of kSolo heavily influenced by the successful YouTube user interface. All the basic functionality of the kSolo product is there. Performers can select from a library of songs that are… Read More

  • Digg Profile For Sale on eBay

    With all of the recent news about top Digg users being offered cash by Netscape to move over to their competing platform, I’m not surprised to see that someone has apparently placed their top 100 Digg profile up for sale on eBay. The auction, which started a few hours ago, is for the Digg username GeekForLife. The user has submitted 748 Digg stories, 39 of which have made it to the Digg… Read More

  • Overview: The End of Paper TV Guides

    A few years ago, online TV guides were just a paperless version of what was arriving in the mail or the middle of Sunday papers. Today, however, as we get closer to the world of TV over IP and video on demand in every home, the space is evolving, giving customers more than they can get in paper. At the same time, advertisers are realizing that TV guides with demographically targeted… Read More

  • Touchstone brings Attention Data to life in real-time

    I love RSS, I love IM and I love the concept of Attention Data. Wrap it all up together and put a just-in-time bow on top and what do you get? The Touchstone Attention Management Engine. I love it. A product of Australia’s Faraday Media, founded by Chris Saad and Ashley Angell, Touchstone is currently in private alpha with a few hundred invites going out per month. There’s a… Read More