• Xbox 360 Update Not So Rosy?

    . Rather than wait for more confirmation, word from Sony, word from Microsoft, or ANYBODY ELSE to run into this problem, we’re going to go ahead and call it an epidemic and call Microsoft’s update a totally bug-ridden failure. Good idea, right? In any case, Sony’s XBR2/XBR3 line of TV, which do support 1080p and are considered quite good at doing so, aren’t displaying… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: The Blackberry Pearl

    Smartphones Now is a special group of features by CrunchGear writers on the latest smartphones available – or soon to be available – in the US. In this installment, we review the T-Mobile Pearl. The BlackBerry Pearl is for the ladies. It’s slim, sexy, and cool. That’s not to say that boys might like it, but the Pearl, like the Sidekick 3, is designed to break down… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: The T-Mobile Dash

    Smartphones Now is a special group of features by CrunchGear writers on the latest smartphones available – or soon to be available – in the US. In this installment, we review the T-Mobile Dash.
    As smartphones make their way into the mainstream, we’re reminded why they were long relegated to the hip holsters of Road Warriors and the hopelessly email-obsessed. Their… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Welcome

    Welcome to Smartphones Now, our first annual survey of the smartphone arena. This collection of articles, which will run from today until this Friday, touches on the major smartphone OSes along with some of our favorite selections from this year’s crop. One thing we’ve noticed this year is the mainstreaming of the smartphone market. Phones like the Blackberry Pearl and the Motorola… Read More

  • Colored PSPs Due Soon – Too Little Too Late?

    Seeing as Nintendo’s DS is dominating the sales charts – both portable and non-portable – Sony has to find a way to stem the tide and compete. Their solution? No, it’s not making better games or more interesting media content, it’s making colored PSPs. Yes, on November 22, you can get your own Blue, Silver or Pink PSP. Just like you’ve never wanted. There… Read More

  • Wii Virtual Launch Line-up

    . Warning: exposure to these titles may cause acne, furtive masturbation, and weight gain. All of the games will be available online for Wii points, a currency that is pegged to the Yen and the Euro. Gamers will be able to download titles to their Wiis and play for hours, waiting patiently for prom to be over. Read More

  • GadgetTell Reloaded: Now with Prizes!

    Like the Internets, blogs have life-cycles. Gadgetell is now on version 2.0 and is offering up to $20,000 in prizes just for you to come buy and give them a good read. While we can’t condone making Gadgetell your number one web destination, it can be #3 after Stuff On My Cat and CG, in that order. Gadgetell v2 giveaway: Altec Lansing iM7 iPod speaker dock [Gadgetell] Read More

  • FairGame: Judo Moves on iMovie Strips iTunes DRM

    Seidai Software has created a free script called FairGame that strips DRM from your iTunes files. It apparently uses iMovie to create a clean, DRM-free copy of the file and looks about as easy as pie. Life, as they say, finds a way. Product Page [FairGame] Read More

  • Logitech Alto Makes Your Laptop More Desktop

    This is pretty simple really—it’s a notebook stand that puts your screen at eye-level and includes a built-in, full-size keyboard—and I’m surprised, with all of Logitech’s accessory and peripheral knowledge, the company didn’t crank something like this out sooner. The keyboard is complete with a number pad, a media panel and a key layout that’ll… Read More

  • Brenthaven's Classy iPod Cases

    Some of you iPod owners might be feeling envy over the dope Kickstand Folio cases from Belkin our contest winners received. They are indeed kickass. But don’t worry, there’s something for you, too. Check out these like-minded leather cases from Britain’s Brenthaven. Its offering up two different ways (in two different colors): easel style, or as a clever dock-type-thing. We… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Drafting Edition

    Some weird stuff went down on Halloween: First Pic Of iRobot’s Sentinel Project
    SoundTech Announces LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable
    Scorched Earth Rock Mod
    Wacom Ships Widescreen-Compatible Graphics Tablets Read More

  • Orkut Bigger Than MySpace? Ok, Maybe Not

    Google’s Orkut has been steadily rising on the Alexa charts, and for the first time today overtook MySpace in total page views. Since all of the other indicators suggest that MySpace is still significantly bigger than Orkut, we took a look at the Comscore data, which tells a different story than Alexa. Comscore September numbers (October will be out in a couple of weeks) say that MySpace… Read More

  • Ugenie Crunches Shopping Numbers

    Ugenie is a new online shopping aggregator developed by two former Amazon executives. Most shopping sites that come along bore me to tears but this one is fascinating. The site considers how much each item would cost, bought individually or in combination with your other items, at 35 different online market places. If you are searching 35 vendors for 3 items, then that’s 35^3… Read More

  • Zooomr Doubles Flickr's Monthly Photo Upload Limits

    As of tonight, upstart photo sharing site Zooomr has increased its monthly photo upload limits for free and pro accounts. Free account holders will be allowed 100 MB of photo uploads per month and pro accounts 4 GB per month. The company emphasizes that this means Zooomr is offering 5 times as much upload for free accounts as Flickr does and is doubling Flickr’s pro account size. … Read More

  • Charles River Ventures Goes For Angel Market

    On Wednesday Charles River Ventures will announce a new project called “Quick Start” (link should be live in the next few hours) which is designed break away from traditional venture capital investing models and get small amounts of capital to new startups very quickly and without much equity dilution. Venture capitalists investing in the consumer space have been having a tough… Read More

  • Scrybe Syncing Calendar Has Launched In Beta

    Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer with the awesome YouTube demo video we wrote about earlier this month, has launched into beta tonight. We’ve kicked the tires and can report that the parts of the service available now do deliver as advertised (see video again below). Accounts are being opened slowly but hopefully Scrybe won’t leave too many disappointed in the… Read More

  • There's Still Room for More and Better Social Networking: An Interview with SixApart's Andrew Anker

    Last week social software company SixApart launched Vox, its newest social networking and blogging service. The launch was high profile, the site is beautiful and many people (myself included) thought Vox was bringing something important to market. Not everyone agreed. In the following QandA I queried Andrew Anker, Executive VP of Corporate Development at SixApart, about some of the… Read More

  • Top 10 Worst Gaming Handhelds

    Ah yes, the wonderful world of handheld gaming. Though we’ve seen some pretty good handhelds come out in the past (Sega GameGear and Nintendo DS), for the most part they’ve just been extremely disappointing. Modojo’s top 10 list of handheld failures lets gamers reminisce on how much money they threw down the drain over “promising” portables. I myself took a blow… Read More

  • Interview With Reddit Founders

    Marshall Kirkpatrick and I spoke with Reddit founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian just a few hours after the announcement of their acquisition by Condé Nast earlier today. A recording of the discussion is now up at TalkCrunch. Steve and Alexis wouldn’t disclose the acquisition price (even under pressure), but they did talk about current traffic (70k uniques & 700k page views… Read More

  • SoundTech Announces LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable

    The LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable is simply a cable that has an XLR connector on one side and a USB connector on the other side. The two connectors allow you to plug into a microphone on one end and plug into a computer on the other. The LightSnake Microphone Cable features embedded A/D chip technology, which boosts the audio signal so you don’t need a microphone… Read More

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