• Military-grade translation coming to civilian iPods

    Get the hell outta here. Special iPod software that our soldiers use to communicate with Arabic- and Kurdish-speaking people will be made available to regular Joe-Jobbers like you and me soon. That’s quacktastic. Here’s more from Computerworld… For example, soldiers can show Iraqi citizens a photo of a terrorist, and the iPod says in Arabic, “have you seen this… Read More

  • WWE now in high-def: Hard bodies in 1080i ftw

    I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, but the very first high-definition WWE pay-per-view aired on Sunday. The Royal Rumble, held at New York’s Madison Square Garden, is an annual last-man-standing sort of thing. It’s a big deal for wrestling fans. Raw also made its HD debut on USA last night. It’s broadcast in 1080i, which is as good as you’re gonna get on… Read More

  • ControlC: Turning Cut & Paste Into A Web Service

    ControlC is an interesting new site that takes normal copy and pasting (Ctrl-C) and runs it through a web service. At its most basic, after you create an account and install the software, any time you hit Ctrl-C, the information is saved to the ControlC website as well as your local clipboard, as simple text or as a URL link if what you’ve copied is a link. The information is both… Read More

  • MOLI wins $30m to keep your public and private life separate

    MOLI , a US-owned [but Dublin-based, see update below] Florida-based social startup has launched at DEMO with $29.6m in funding from backers including the founder of Home Depot chain Bernard Marcus, and the chain’s co-founder, Kenneth Langone. They were joined by hedge fund Vantis Capital Management. Indeed GigaOm reports that founder Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos, former Chairman and CEO… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: Vote Republican for a tech revolution

    Here at CrunchGear, we try to stay clear of political debates; after all, our mandate is hardware, gadgets, and technological goings-on. So usually, on all the sticky social and foreign policy issues, we stay mum. But when the outcome of the race could affect the entire tech sector, I feel a responsibility to throw our weight behind some candidate or another. In this case, the choice is clear. Read More

  • Fleecing of America: My overpriced college calls Internet 'phone system for computers'

    [photopress:riseofweblowres.jpg,full,center] I wish I were kidding, but this half-page of notes (higher res version here) cost me around $500 yesterday. I’m taking a class called Rise of the Web taught by Jay Rosen, which is supposed to explore how the Internet is going to change the [journalism/media] world we live in. You know, things we deal with here at CrunchGear on a… Read More

  • Need to upgrade the MacBook HD? How's 320GB sound?

    [photopress:hdupgrade.jpg,full,center]MCE Technologies has added a 320GB laptop HD for MacBooks to it’s lineup of replacement drives. $349 gets you all those gigabytes at 5400RPM and an 8MB buffer. It’s not the fastest drive out there, but if you’re more storage minded than performance minded, you may begin drooling now. Ships today. Mobilestar 320GB Drive [MCE Technologies] Read More

  • Keepon the dancing robot and Diane the dirty call management system

    My alma mater, CMU, released a bunch of videos featuring wee little Keepon, a dancing robot that could potentially sequester himself into your colon and reproduce, but let’s not think about that now. Let’s think about how cute he is. More Keepon after the jump… Read More

  • Euro ISPs don't have to give users' personal info to whiny entertainment companies

    Via Le Wikipedia “Hooray for the European Court of Justice,” Europirates exclaimed today. The EU’s top court ruled that European ISPs don’t have to release the identities of downloaders even if industry groups (like Euro versions of the RIAA) demand the information. That’s the good news. The bad news, sorta, is that the Court also… Read More

  • T-Mobile's numbers are up in 2007

    [photopress:T_Mobile_Team_2007.jpg,full,center]T-Mobile just released some new numbers, stating that in 2007 it signed up 3.6 million new subscribers, 77% of them on contract (as opposed to pre-paid or month-to-month). That’s good news for America’s second largest GSM carrier, especially considering it has yet to launch a public 3G network, something we expected from last year. Read More

  • Rumor: Do new Rogers cellular plans pave the way for the iPhone?

    Rogers Mobile, as in the Canadian bigwigs in the mobile phone world, are rumored to be set to drop new pricing plans. That in and of itself is small news, but these plans have a couple of telltale signs that many are pointing to as indication that Rogers is about to launch the iPhone. The Canadians should have had the iPhone ages ago, but they still do not. We’re reasonably sure… Read More

  • Sprout: The Online WYSIWYG Editor for Flash

    A new application called Sprout, launching in private beta at DEMO today, promises to make the creation of Flash applets a whole lot easier. Sprout is a browser-based, WYSIWYG editor for Flash with an interface reminiscent of Photoshop or Dreamweaver. Designers can use it to create, publish and track Flash widgets, websites and mashups, thereby obviating the need for them to work with… Read More

  • MacBook Air in Apple stores today? Not so fast, Pepe

    There are reports that the MacBook Air was to go on sale at Apple stores across the country today or tomorrow. A quick trip to our local store saw no such MacBooks, and after asking a couple of acting managers when we’d be able to play with them in a retail setting, I was told at least a week. Now, this runs contrary to some rumors floating around, specifically from Boy Genius, who has it… Read More

  • Childhood 2.0: Your kids live their lives online and that's horrible

    [photopress:yourkidsaredoomed.jpg,full,center] PBS would like to inform you that your kids now live their entire lives online. Instant messages, Facebook, Hubbo, BFF, etc., all the while sharing their sensitive information with Bad Guys. Your kids are also bullying each other online, but we’ll just chalk that up to youthful indiscretion. Take a minute to stream this documentary… Read More

  • ShoZu raises £6m in Series C funding

    ShoZu, best known as the UK-based developer of an application which allows you to upload to social sites like Flickr, has raised just over £6m ($12m) in Series C funding. SEB Venture Capital led the round, and was joined by previous backers Atlas Venture, Crescendo Ventures and TTP Ventures. In November it launched services allowing users to upload Flickr albums, Facebook pages and personal… Read More

  • Paramount hooks up with Habbo, plans online content based on its awesome movies

    WORD LIFE Do you know what Habbo is? I sure as hell don’t, but it’s apparently very popular with the kids. These kids, so Paramount hopes, have plenty of money to throw around—recession be damned—which explains the deal it struck with the kiddie social networking site. In the deal, of which no financial terms have been… Read More

  • 02 drops cost of iPhone. Slow sales perhaps?

    Amid rumours that the iPhone has not been selling as well as hoped in the UK, O2 has decided to make the packages for low and mid-tier iPhone owners somewhat cheaper. The £35 tariff customers will get up to three times as many free calls and text messages for the same price, while it is phasing out its existing £55 per month deal, moving customers to the equivalent £45 per month… Read More

  • Last.fm's switch to ad-driven is rewarded by users

    Last.fm is releasing figures today based on its relaunch as an ad-supported streaming service. It looks like the three free full plays of music tracks are driving users to build more playlists and tags, which of course will again pull in more full tracks, and so on. The CBS-owned music discovery network said that in the UK the site saw a 32% increase in listeners, 30% increase in page-views with… Read More

  • U2's manager: Piracy is the fault of the ISPs!

    [photopress:dummy.jpg,full,center] While Bono is using technology to help eradicate AIDS in developing countries, his band’s manager is having a hard time of it. See, he hates Internet piracy. He believes ISPs should keep file sharers from sharing files. He believes that the labels and world government have created “thieves’ cartels” by not penalizing service providers… Read More

  • Continental Takes A Crippled Approach to WiFi in the Sky

    Connectivity is fast becoming a competitive necessity in the airline industry. Another airline is adding WiFi service to its flights. This time, Continental. But it is the crippled, low-speed kind that can only handle e-mail and instant messaging. CrunchGear weighs in: Today Continental announced that they will be offering Wi-Fi, but it will be the same crippled mess that you can find… Read More

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