• The Return of Phone.com and Software.com

    Back in 2000, two mobile software companies with perfectly good names, Phone.com and Software.com, merged in a $6.4 billion deal and became Openwave Systems. The new name was bland and meaningless then—as it is now. (Although, don’t get me wrong, the company itself is perfectly fine —and, in fact, just sold its Musiwave business to Microsoft for $46 million). But Openwave… Read More

  • EA may cut prices on certain EA Sports titles

    Uh oh. A guy in a suit is saying that Electronic Arts is going to be slashing the prices on certain EA Sports titles, mostly for the PlayStation 2 although I’d expect some PC-version cuts in there as well. These are the "08" games too like NBA Live 08, Madden 08, and Tiger Woods 08. Fourteen games in all will be price-reduced. Analyst Evan Wilson says that "pre-holiday… Read More

  • Video: People Tetris, other video games should bring tears to your eyes

    Show me someone who doesn’t like Tetris and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t lived. This here video, nicknamed “People Tetris,” shows the band re-enacting scenes from video games at the Cal v. Washington game from a few days ago. It opens with Tetris, moves to Mortal Kombat, then Pokemon, then with me wiping away single tear. People Tetris [Gloob.tv via Next Gen] Read More

  • Would you rather have a la carte cable?

    Kyle McSlarrow is the head of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. He sees the FCC’s attempts at legislating the cable industry as hurtful to consumers, particularly the idea of offering us a la carte pricing which would basically allow you and me to subscribe only to the cable channels we actually watched. He says it would "fundamentally wreck business models and… Read More

  • Again, Chumby really is the bees knees

    From this Flickr set With every Chumby piece I read, the desire to whip out my credit card increases in kind. Bits bought a Chumby—it’s not a review unit, in other words—and gave it the thumbs up. Chumby, if you’re not aware, is a sort of Internet-connected alarm clock with a 3.5-inch touchscreen that’s used to display widgets, like the weather, news, photos, etc. Read More

  • Slacker Portable: Better late than never?

    Well it’s here (almost). Although promised by the end of the summer, the Slacker Portable is now available for pre-order and should ship in mid-December. You shouldn’t think of it as an MP3 player, per se, although you can load MP3 and WMA files onto the device. Think of it more as a personal portable radio. You listen to songs and rate them. The ones you hate never show up again… Read More

  • DIY and you: how your gadget tinkering can make you money

    As much as I enjoy screwing around with the latest tech goodies, I couldn’t build a car out of legos, much less Steampunkify an old keyboard or mouse. Plenty of folks can, however, and are turning their gadget making and tinkering skills into viable businesses. Take Limor Fried, who runs Adafruit, a Web site that she uses to custom etch iPod and laptops and the like with personalized… Read More

  • Vanity Fair tells us why gadgets are cool, Jobs is king (for now)

    If you have a solid 10 minutes of free time this morning, then I highly suggest you swing on over to Vanity Fair. There you’ll find “Generals, Gadgets and Guerillas,” a four-page, professionally written (not some dumb rant) on the concept of gadget culture. What is a gadget? Why makes them cool? How did Steve Jobs manage to corner the gadget market with his iPod and iPhone? Read More

  • SL WindLight: Second Life But Not As You Know It

    Linden Lab released the WindLight First Look Second Life client Wednesday, the first serious release of Second Life that incorporates the technology Linden Lab acquired when it took over Windward Mark Interactive in May. We noted at the time of the acquisition that the technology would bring “better clouds and wind” to Second Life, but this was in retrospect an understatement. Read More

  • Jajah In The Kitchen With Jangl, Cooking Up New Products

    VOIP provider Jajah and social VOIP startup Jangl are partnering up to create some new products out of a mutually recognized compatibility. The deal makes a lot of sense. Jajah is a high-profile VOIP startup making great strides in bringing VOIP to regular telephony (with over 2 million registered users), but their recently launched click-to-call widget hasn’t yet given them a large… Read More

  • Third Quarter Losses for GoAmerica

    GoAmerica, a provider of relay and wireless communications services for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech-impaired persons, announced losses for the third quarter ending September 30, 2007. Net losses were approximately $861,000 or $0.41 per diluted common share. Losses are up from second quarter losses of $786,000, or $0.36 per diluted share. Compared to last year’s third quarter… Read More

  • YouTube HD Coming Soon

    Speaking at the NewTeeVee conference yesterday, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen confirmed that YouTube was testing HD video but qualified the statement by stating that YouTube is primarily focused on providing content to everyone, which doesn’t necessarily facilitate a HD product. Chen spoke on the difficulties on providing a watchable HD product to many, including buffering times that… Read More

  • Who needs InBox 2.0 when you can get Life 2.0?

    Yesterday Mike Arrington noted the stories that both Yahoo and Google are planning to build social networks around their email services. But so far the plans seem to lack a certain ambition. TechCrunch UK has the scoop today on a new stealth-mode app which aims to map any social network against your email, be it Facebook, OpenSocial or LinkedIn, Outlook or Gmail, thus pulling out key trends… Read More

  • Recycle Old Handsets Today

    Today is America Recycles Day 2007 and CTIA, The Wireless Association, wants to remind us to recycle used wireless devices and accessories. Green is the trendy thing to be these days, so why not get rid of some clutter and become popular by recycling? “These days, many Americans are `going green’ and taking measures to reduce, reuse and recycle in their daily lives,” said… Read More

  • Bomb scare at eBay; or Bomb it Now!

    If you sent a package to the offices of eBay, you’re in trouble. The wonderful cheap-ass auction site had to evacuate one of its office buildings earlier today when a “suspicious package” of unknown origin showed up in the mail room. I’m waiting on some AV cables for my new iPod Touch. If you were trying to send them to me but sent them to eBay instead, you’re… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Given the Boot Edition

    X-Net system stops cars dead in their tracks
    Apartment dweller: ‘The letter forcing me to switch to Comcast is tantamount to an eviction notice’
    Man uses Comcast van and uniform to steal cable box
    America Recycles Day is tomorrow, dump your crap on Microsoft’s campus
    GroundSurf: Bluetooth surfboard? Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Verizon is bad at correctly quoting data rates Rob the Drummer DON’T get me started on Verizon. I have been waiting for 2 months now for my CSA to return an email about upgrading 40 wireless broadband cards. In fact 20 of them I… Read More

  • ChaCha: A Bad Idea Poorly Executed, Raises $10 Million

    It is rare to find a company offering such a game-changing disruptive equation, even in the context of giants like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. These are the words of Morton Meyerson, the man who just led ChaCha’s $10 million Series B round of financing. What is ChaCha? It’s a new search engine that lets users ask questions to a real person, called a search guide, via a chat interface. Read More

  • Entrepreneur 2.0

    This guest post is written by Glen Kelman, the president and CEO of real estate startup Redfin. Previously, he was a co-founder of Plumtree Software, a Sequoia-backed, publicly traded company that created the enterprise portal software market. American lives, F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, don’t have a second act. As the New York Times’ Gary Rivlin reported in his profile of… Read More

  • RescueTime Out Of Private Beta, Tracking How (Un)Productive You Are

    Tony Wright has been up to a new project since selling two-month-old Jobby to Jobster last May. It’s called RescueTime and it’s meant to help manage your time and stop you from ending up like this guy. We looked at the product previously, but they’ve now come out of private beta. Wright and his team have also taken funding from Y Combinator, and stand in stark contrast to… Read More

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