• Some People Talk Too Much

    The BubbleTALK service from Bubble Motion has some devoted users. The most talkative sent 3201 messages last month. The top five BubbleTALKers averaged 67 messages a day. I don’t know if these prodigious yackers said anything intelligent in their scramble to rank number one in BubbleTALK’s hall of fame, but I doubt it. BubbleTALK is touted as a “Voice SMS.” Voice SMS is… Read More

  • Flash Video Player Soon To Do High Definition

    Adobe is getting set to support the H.264 high-definition standard, the same standard used in Blu-ray and HD-DVD players and set-top cable and satellite boxes. Most popular video sites on the Internet use the Flash video format and as more and more videos get published in this new format, we can expect to see the visual quality of web video improve exponentially. Read More

  • eBuddy Adds MySpace Instant Messaging

    European web chat startup eBuddy, which is in a fight-to-the-death struggle with Silicon Valley based Meebo, just added support for MySpace instant messaging tor their product. eBuddy now supports MySpace IM, AOL, ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN and Yahoo. Log in to some of all of these services from the eBuddy home page. MySpace says they now have over 18.5 million users of the service, which soft… Read More

  • Yarrr: Franz Ferdinand Tells Fans To Pirate Away

    Thumbs up to Franz Ferdinand. If every band in the world felt the same way that singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos does, the world might be a slightly better place (musically). When asked about illegally downloading music, he said… “I like the idea that, because of downloading, people are going to buy songs only if they are good. I think that’s a positive thing. It means lazy… Read More

  • Zyb, The Mobile Social Network

    The idea of taking an address book application and turning it into a social network isn’t new – Plaxo just did it two weeks ago. Now ZYB, a Danish startup, is using the mobile phone contact list as the center of the network, and the company doesn’t have the emotional baggage that still lingers with Plaxo and makes many users hesitant to trust them (I, for one, forgave them… Read More

  • Google Reverses Position On Video Refunds; Good For Them

    We criticized Google last week when they shut down their video marketplace and told users they would receive refunds only through a Google Checkout credit. We called it a “mistake” and suggested that users might be hesitant to try out for-pay Google products in the future. Today, though, Google admits the error, says they will give users a full refund via a credit card, and allow… Read More

  • Snob Edition: Nokia 6555

    It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it’s 3G, it’s the Nokia 6555! This high-end luxury phone features an external analog clock that just exudes your superiority over others. The WCMDA handset from the Fins has a recessed hinge that, when open, creates a seamless line that also shows how affluent you really are. Bah. The 6555 has an internal display with 240×320 resolution and a… Read More

  • CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap

    Mmmmm… prizes Manhattan’s Red Sky last night played host to a gathering of geeks and geek sympathizers the likes to which the world has never seen (at least not this week, granted it was only a Monday night — but that’s neither here nor there really. You get the point.) Anyway, the occasion? The CrunchGear One Year Anniversary Celebration, of course. What else could… Read More

  • Germany Snaps To

    Nokia announced today that SNAP Mobile Games will be available to German customers in the fall. SNAP games are currently sold in Asia and North America. Popular handsets will come with free demo games installed. To download a full game, a user only needs to click the ‘buy’ link. A text message is then sent with link information. Antoine Doumenc, head of SNAP Mobile stated… Read More

  • CrunchGear 1st Birthday Bash Recap and Photos

    We at one of the “other” Crunch blogs celebrated our first birthday last night and we have a plethora of pictures featuring some of the New York tech scene. It wasn’t quite a bunch of tanned, attractive people partying under a fading Palo Alto sunset, but was still a party. Special thanks to all the sponsors and Blast Media for allowing us to give out great prizes —… Read More

  • Toshiba Wants To Cram 320GB Into Your Laptop, Awesome

    Oh boy, Toshiba. You sure know how to cure a hangover. Toshiba has announced they will begin production on a 2.5-inch 320GB drive in Q4 that is part of the MKxx52SX line of HDDs. Two platters will make up the SATA 320GB HDD. There will also be 80GB and 250GB drives in the aforementioned line. No pricing yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for this one. Toshiba readies 320GB laptop drive… Read More

  • T-Mobile wants Orange Netherlands

    T-Mobile wants to acquire Orange Netherlands, a branch of France Telecom. France Telecom has been trying to sell Orange Netherlands since February. European Union regulators have given the go-ahead for T-Mobile Netherlands to buy Orange Netherlands. According to the Houston Chronicle the European Commission said the deal would “not significantly impede effective competition” in… Read More

  • Wal-Mart Begins Selling DRM-free Tunes

    Hmm. Who knew Wal-Mart was anti-DRM. The ginormous retailer of all that is craptacular and cheap is now selling MP3s for the low price of 94 cents a track or $9.22 per album. Hey Verizon, that’s about how much you should be charging for albums. Morons. Universal Music Group and EMI have jumped on board and you’ll be able to download tracks to whatever device you feel like… Read More

  • Study: Ads and Voice Improve Mobile Search

    Ad-support mobile search is actually favored by mobile search users, who also prefer voice search to text search. These are the results of a new independent user experience benchmark on mobile search that was conducted by Usable Products Company. Participants in the survey preferred voice-enable mobile search solutions more than text-based options, and 79 percent of participants favored… Read More

  • Anorexic PSPs On Amazon

    If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the slimmed down PSPs to hit stores then hold on just a little while longer. All three versions (piano black, ice silver and ceramic white) have appeared on Amazon with launch dates. The piano black version won’t be pre-packaged with anything fun, but it ships September 10 for $169.99. The ice silver unit is apart of the Daxter Entertainment… Read More

  • David Letterman on your Phone

    Starting tonight the “Late Show with David Letterman” and the “Late Late Show”, will be available to V Cast subscribers commercial free. CBS is the first broadcast network to offer V Cast customers access to full-length on-demand programming. V Cast breaks the programming into convenient segments for viewing ease. The shows are available following their nightly… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming on the Increase: Other Services Slide

    Continental Research has released a survey that claims gaming services are on the increase in the mobile industry, while other services are on the decline. Service providers that push features like web browsing and video viewing may be selling products that mobile phone users don’t want. Since last year, the number of people who accessed the internet on mobile phones declined by 2%. Read More

  • Print on the Go with Cloudprint

    Have you ever been on the go and needed to print something you left behind? In today’s fast moving world it is easy to forget something as you scurry out the door. Road warriors need not fear anymore, as Hewlett-Packard has come up with an application that allows you to print documents worldwide via your mobile phone. This innovation is called Cloudprint. Cloudprint is a free service… Read More

  • gBox: Give The Gift Of DRM-Free Music

    gBox is a new take on selling digital content. Instead of emphasizing sales directly to consumers, gBox is encourages you to create wish lists and buy gifts for your friends and family. To kick-start the service, they’ve sealed a pretty big deal with Universal to be the retailer for their new “Open MP3″ experiment into DRM free music. In a move that’s a snub to… Read More

  • Zoho Goes Offline (in a good way)

    Online office suite Zoho will launch offline functionality for Zoho Writer this morning, and other applications in their suite will follow shortly. The offline functionality was built on Google Gears, an open source project launched by Google in May 2007. Users will need to install a browser plugin to take advantage of the functionality. After that, an option will appear in the navigation bar… Read More

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