• Motorola RIZR Z9 Leaked

    Check out this fancy new slider from Motorola. The handset sports styling reminiscent of the Razr 2, 3G data, 2MP camera, and expandability in the form of a microSD card. Although the phone already looks very stylish it is a prototype model so expect revisions in the future. All AT&T branding, so maybe this thing will take over for the iPhone hype in the next few months. Or maybe… Read More

  • Gizmoz To Get Mainstream Attention At MTV Music Awards

    Gizmoz, an Israeli startup that allows people to create realistic 3D cartoon avatars of themselves and embed them on other websites, will be getting a little mainstream attention at the upcoming MTV Music Awards in September. On Monday, MTV, Taco Bell and Gizmoz will jointly announce a new website and promotion: users will go to tacobell.gizmoz.com and create a fifteen second audition of… Read More

  • Steorn Now Being Openly Mocked

    Irish startup Steorn blew the hugely hyped demo of their new perpetual energy machine when “excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area” led them to abort the affair. However, the guys at LouderVoice somehow got access to Steorn’s “CEO” and “Machine” for this exclusive demo. Steorn is now at risk of becoming more ridiculous than Clown Co. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Dino Beach Edition

    Great Outdoors: Gear for the Summer Rental
    Surfboard With Two Way Radio and GPS = Vaporware
    The Reason For Owning A PS3: Turok 3
    Taser to Sell Tasing Shotgun Shell
    New Camera Lenses Capture Every Nook and Cranny Read More

  • Pownce Invites For Sale On eBay

    Proving that everything has a market, invites to Kevin Rose’s P2P service Pownce are up for sale on eBay. Bidding on Pownce invites start at 1c with buy it now prices at $5. It wasn’t that long ago when Gmail invites were available for sale on eBay, although I’d suggest there is a world of difference between the wildly innovative email platform (at the time) and a P2P… Read More

  • Dave Winer's TwitterGram

    Dave Winer likes to throw web services and his own software in a blender and see what comes out, and his new TwitterGram project is a perfect example. In this case, he’s married the Twitter API to his own service that allows people to upload short audio messages to their Twitter accounts. He’s then taken the next step of allowing people to phone in their messages via BlogTalkRadio. Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Hey readers. How are you? We love what you did with your hair. You smell nice, would you like a hug? All you beautiful people should shoot us an email at commenter at crunchgear dot com with your name, password, and email address in the subject line so that we can set you up with your very own commenting account. Yes, yes, the responsibility is great but we think you’re up to… Read More

  • Buzznet Hits The Road

    Music focused social networking destination Buzznet, a service that we noted May 24 as being the biggest social network many may never have heard of, is taking their message and brand on the road. Buzznet has hired 21 year-old blogger Audrey Kitching, “a fashion trendsetter, model and e-scene queen” as a traveling reporter to cover the 9 week, 45 city Vans Warped Tour… Read More

  • Rumor: New Santa Rosa-Based iMacs Set for August Launch

    Those iMacs set to drop next month we told you about back in June appear to be on track. Think Secret’s sources put them at an August release, which lines up nicely with what our own sources are saying, so barring some unforeseen shipping or manufacturing problem, look for them in a little over a month. The new iMacs will share a similar general shape as the current line, but will lose… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Gear for the Summer Rental

    Finally, summer is here and it’s your chance to bolt for vacation. You’ve rented a summer place and it’s a beautiful thing. We could talk about video game systems and air conditioners, but screw that! You’re off the leash and you know what? This is your life, and you’re going to have fun playing outdoors all summer long. Since summer rentals only last about 3… Read More

  • Blackberry OS and WinMo 6 Go Toe-To-Toe

    The folks at LAPTOP Mag must be really bored because they’ve put forth some effort for a Friday. As the picture implies, the winner is very clear and WinMo still bites it hard no matter what version it is. Multimedia is the only area which I will concede that WinMo is better than the Blackberry OS, but that’s all based on carrier. So it’s a moot point IMO. WinMo 6 may have… Read More

  • LiveStation: Microsoft's New Live TV Initiative

    Video: LiveStation Demo
    Microsoft LiveStation is kind of a Joost-meets-Orb except that it’s live TV (unlike Joost) only and it requires broadcasters to participate (unlike Orb). The guy in the video refers to LiveStation as “Slingbox without the box.” Sort of, but Slingbox doesn’t require broadcaster participation. Read More

  • Yahoo Bill Pay To Shut

    Yahoo has announced that Yahoo Bill Pay will close between September and October this year. Yahoo Bill Pay launched in September 1999 and was promoted as giving Yahoo users the ability “to securely pay bills from any computer connected to the Internet”. The service is to be shut in two stages. September 14 will be the last day bills can be paid using the service. Read More

  • Futuristic Energy Source Still Futuristic

    Forget the battery problems plaguing electronics. Steorn, and Irish technology startup, has a better idea: free energy. They claim to have created a device, called the Orbo, that can generate electricity from the ambient atmosphere around it. This would be a perpetual motion machine, and would violate the standard laws of physics. Steorn wants to blow your mind, baby. The problem is, the… Read More

  • RIM Enters Forbidden City

    Persistence seems to be key when dealing with communist states and RIM knows this very well. After all, it’s been 8 years since they first began courting China and the Red State has finally opened up its gates. That’s far too long to wait around to get into someone’s pants, but I guess China was worth it. By the end of August, RIM will be hawking the 8700g for about $700. Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Geek Grilling Tips

    <div class="center"Editor’s Note: Jonny from SteakFeed here is guest writing this piece specifically for CrunchGear. When it comes to the topic, he’s more of an expert than we are. Enjoy. Esteemed CrunchGear gadget guru, Matt “Effing” Hickey asked me to write a summer outdoor gadget roundup for the CrunchGear on account of my experience writing for a… Read More

  • Apple Patent Shows Simple Nano-like iPhone

    A disgusting and insulting reality is that some people don’t want to carry the Internet around in their pocket. These same people do, however, tend to like listening to music and talking on the phone. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than a phone that plays music? This is not a new idea at all. I remember being the first and last person to buy the Samsung Uproar back in… Read More

  • Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

    It may seem weird, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I see ads in my viral video. eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’s really nailed a scalable ad platform for video. However, Google’s been quietly testing their own system and there are a bunch of other startups tackling it as well. There are a couple… Read More

  • Nokia Internet Tablet OS Gets Upgraded

    Nokia may not have a multi-touch screen, but they do have a few things up their sleeve that Apple doesn’t. The N800 isn’t a phone per se, but the Wi-Fi feature coupled with the latest upgrade makes the tablet a force to be reckoned with. The latest build, 4.2007.26-8, includes Skype, Adobe Flash 9, memory card support up to 8GB (potential support up to 16GB) and improvements to… Read More

  • The Reason For Owning A PS3: Turok 3

    Hell Yes Way back in the day, the Nintendo 64 once has a brief series called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. What many don’t understand is that Turok was one of the best first-person shooters in the history of gaming. Between the big head cheat codes, vast levels, and excellent graphics, you also got to kill dinosaurs. That’s about as good as it gets I’d say. That was the past… Read More

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