• New MacBook, Less DVD Drive?

    After considering the ultra-thin form factor of the new MacBook, the guys over at 9to5mac have concluded that the new model might be shipping without the famous slot loading disc drive. This isn’t supported by any evidence as of yet but there’s been speculation for a while that such a model might be in the works. All this crazy talk is based on the fact that backup systems… Read More

  • Wirenode: Easy Mobile Websites

    From MobileCrunch – Anyone who says that the mobile Web is following the same path as the World Wide Web clearly doesn’t remember the mid-1990s. The Web didn’t launch with massive retailers, interactive forums and powerful search engines. The whole reason for the new vernacular of terms such as “surfing,” was because this was generally uncharted territory filled… Read More

  • XP is Really an Upgrade Path for Vista

    Well here’s an example of satire brushing quite close to reality. Some OEM who order PCs with Vista Business or Ultimate installed can now request XP and have even gone as far as to offer it on disk in each laptop box. Fujitsu and others are offering XP downgrades to customers who request them. Considering most IT shops wouldn’t dream of dropping Vista onto their machines this… Read More

  • Leopard Screenshots and Video Leaked

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Macgeeks have just reported that there are minor UI improvements in the current developer Leopard build including new icons and iCal now reflects the current date in the icon even when not running — finally. This news isn’t enough to wake your mom up for or anything, but it’s still fairly cool. Read More

  • PayPerPost Abuses Declining Job Candidate

    Controversial startup PayPerPost makes another misstep this weekend – they became verbally abusive with an employee candidate who turned them down. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how CEO Ted Murphy took all employees on an all-expenses-paid offside to Club Med, where they got drunk, inexplicably dressed up as Native Americans (complete with red face paint) and then posted video of… Read More

  • Sound Burger: Portable Record Player

    Check out this bit of vintage portable audio, yeah CG is all about tech news but this is too cool. The Audio Technica AT-727 Sound Burger is a clamp-like 8″ record player which was apparently developed in response to Sony’s popular Walkman cassette player. The design is pretty neat as the majority of the record is free spinning outside of the player, but don’t expect this… Read More

  • IBM Makes Virtual Worlds Available To The Blind

    IBM is at work developing a type of audible system which will integrate with virtual worlds like Second Life to give descriptions of surroundings and items to the visually impaired. The technology will provide ambient sound such as leaves rustling to indicate the presence of a tree, and with integrated text-to-speech software users can hear the in-game chats. This is cool and all but we… Read More

  • Photocopier Translates Documents With Help From Offsite Server

    How cool is this, an ordinary looking photocopier can scan material with Japanese text and spit out translations in English or Korean in the same layout. The copier works by being connected to a dedicated translation server online, so it doesn’t do the work by itself. It does however, feature algorithms which can distinguish between drawings or images and text. That algorithm must be… Read More

  • BigString: Avoid Sender's Regret

    If you have ever wanted to send anyone a self destructing micro-cassette or letter, this service is for you. BigString lets you send emails with a set lifespan which can still be erased or amended after hitting the targets inbox, you can even lock them from being saved, printed, or forwarded. I don’t know about you guys but after flipping through the site I’ve imagined at least… Read More

  • Indian Retailer Selling Unlocked iPhones

    At first we thought that this might be kind of a shady steal-your-identity type deal, but upon clicking around it seems that the site is pretty much the Indian equivalent of Amazon. The iPhone is still being sold in 4 and 8 Gig capacities with the higher end version clocking in at a hefty $870, this would have been great deal last month what with that kid trading his unlocked JesusPhone for a… Read More

  • Heat & Sip: Top Of The Line iPod Dock

    So you just dropped a few hundred on a shiny chrome iPod. You’d expect such a product to come with some sort of pseudo-dock but nay, your precious MP3 player is left to drag around your desk while charging or syncing. Now, you can always go out and buy a dock that is actually well made but that would mean falling into the social norm of iPod docks. You need something unique. We present… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mutiny Edition

    Woot Joins The Social, Gets Beaten Up
    Meizu M8 GUI Screenshots: What Chinese Piracy Problem?
    Piracy Costs Industry $5 Trillion, May Have Killed Grandmothers, Kittens, the Unborn
    The AudioFile: Apple Is the New Sony
    Film vs. Digital: Are We Really Still Discussing This? Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. MacBook Rumors: We Told You So! Scott One time out of 25, your rumor-mongering turned out to have some basis in fact, and you brag? Christ…. Read More

  • PSP Winning Console Wars In Japan

    Surprisingly the PSP is pushing more units right now than any other console on the Japanese market. That includes the Ps3, Xbox360, and Wii. The new figures were apparently inspired by the latest iteration of Final Fantasy for the system, and everyone knows that the key to the hearts and pockets of Asian consumers is a damn good RPG. There’s no telling how long this will last but… Read More

  • Possibly The Coolest Facebook Application To Date

    TechCrunch UK has the details on quite possibly the coolest Facebook application to date: a customizable version of the famous music video of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues (original video embedded below). You enter in the text that Dylan scrolls through in the video by filling in ten boxes. The video, with your custom text, then appears on your Facebook profile. What’s… Read More

  • Helio Gets A $270 Million Shot In The Arm

    Until recently, Korea’s SK Telecom had been going halvsies with Earthlink on the popular Helio MVNO mobile service but recently increased its stake in the company thanks to a $270 million injection of additional working capital. Earthlink declined to match SK’s investment but remains content that "Helio will be able to move forward with its innovative business plan."… Read More

  • RingCentral Raises $12 Million From Khosla And Sequoia

    RingCentral provides phone system integration and utilities to a traditionally under-served category, small to medium sized businesses. Similar to GrandCentral, RingCentral (founded in 1998) uses a virtual number to offer more services to their users existing mobile, fax, and landlines. RingCentral numbers can feature an auto-attendant, multiple extensions, call forwarding, voicemail… Read More

  • Blaupunkt Memory Card Car Stereo Nixes CDs

    I can count the number of times I’ve used my car’s CD player on one hand (it’s five or less) so it comes as great comfort to me to see the above device available for $150. If my stereo ever kicks the bucket, I’d be quite happy switching to an all-memory card format. Read More

  • Arrested Circuit City Guy Claims Success, Settles With City

    The guy who was arrested at a Circuit City because he refused to show his driver’s license to a police officer (because he refused to show his receipt to the front door goon) successfully fought City Hall. That is to say, in order to save itself from the headaches of a civil suit, the city of Brooklyn, Ohio worked out a settlement. Michael Righi was arrested two weeks ago because… Read More

  • Tech and mobile events of note

    It’s highly arrogant. Utterly selective. And slightly random. We present for your enjoyment our selection of the best web and mobile events coming up in the UK and Ireland (with the odd wild-card thrown in here and there). To flag up your event for consideration, just get in contact.
    Tuesday, September 25
    Mobile Transactions Forum 2007
    A 1 day event for payment companies, retailers… Read More

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