• RIAA's Target In 2008: You

    The RIAA has lodged documents in the ongoing case of the Record Industry vs Jeffrey Howell that argues that ripping music from legally purchased CD’s is illegal. If the Judge rules that the RIAA is right, any person in United States who has ever ripped a legally purchased CD will become a copyright thief and a potential target of the RIAA, and that means just about every iPod owner in… Read More

  • Metal Slug 3 coming to XBLA in T-Minus 5 days

    The arcade classics are coming back in force, and one of the big daddies of them all is certainly the Metal Slug series. Metal Slug 1, 2, and X were fantastic, but Metal Slug 3, in my opinion, stands apart as simply the best run-and-gun game of all time. Not only is it beautiful, but the branching paths, extra weapons, and co-op multiplayer will keep you entertained for years. You can get it… Read More

  • Robot portrait artist to replace the French entirely

    Roboteer Sylvain Calinon, who dabbles in human-robot interaction, has created a robot specially designed to put an entire class of Frenchman out of business. He’s Swiss, so that makes some sense, but all national rivalries aside he’s made a pretty cool little bot. This thing has facial recognition built in, and snaps a picture when you sit down in front of it. It then draws you… Read More

  • Most Popular TechCrunch Posts of 2007

    In addition to the Year in Headlines and Year In Deals , here are simply the 20 most popular TechCrunch posts of 2007 based on comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks (this list was generated using Alex King’s Popularity Contest plug-in for WordPress). See also our Year of TechCrunch Headlines, Year in DeadPool, and Year in Deals. Fifty Oomas For Readers, Just Tell Us Why You Want… Read More

  • The Year in TechCrunch Headlines (2007 Edition)

    Headlines can tell you a lot about what happened over the year. Below I’ve assembled some of the most telling headlines from TechCrunch posts in 2007, divided by month. The big story of the year was the battle between Facebook and Google with their competing platforms for social networking applications (and ads). But there were other interesting subplots as well, such as media… Read More

  • The Year In Deals (2007 Edition)

    We covered a lot of financial deals at TechCrunch in 2007, including both venture fundings and acquisitions. The list is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to give a flavor for the deals that went down in 2007. The year started out with eBay’s acquisition of StubHub and rumors of its StumbleUpon deal. Google agreed to buy DoubleClick fopr $3.1 billion, but has yet to consummate… Read More

  • Samsung takes OLED to 31 Inches

    We know that the future of flat-panel televisions and monitors is in OLED, and that future is getting closer daily, it seems. Samsung will be showing off at CES next month the largest OLED screen to date, weighing in at 31 inches. While it’s still not big enough for my living room (my 37″ Olevia is tops), it’s progress. OLED is lighter than LCD or plasma, uses less power, and… Read More

  • 666 exorcised from Louisiana prefixes

    There are places all over America where 666, The Number Of The Beast, is a telephone prefix. Reeves, in Allen Parish, LA, is one less place, having finalized to change 666 to 749 over the next 90 days. This is sad for teenage goth kids througout the area, and for the one guy who’s number spelled the easy-to-remember word “MONSTER”.

    666 Phone Prefix Cast Out Of Allen… Read More

  • Amazon's Kindle Knows Where You Are

    Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader an has unpublicized feature: it can tell you where you are via Google Maps and mobile phone based location finding. Discovered by Interface, the feature uses the Kindle’s built in CDMA mobile coverage to triangulate your location on Google Maps, delivering a similar experience to a GPS unit, complete with the ability to locate nearby gas stations… Read More

  • iubo – needs to get organised

    iubo is a new UK site which is aiming to organise your entire life. That’s a very tall order. The idea is that you input all your data (contacts, photos, bookmarks, calendar, etc) and then iubo lets you search across all that data to create a useful service. iubo calls this ‘your own private Google’ for your stuff. In theory, once all the data is there, you could do a lot… Read More

  • Amazon's 'best of 2007' list

    In case you were wondering who the best sellers for 2007 were on Amazon then I have some news for you. The Nintendo Wii curb stomped everyone else in ‘Video Games’. The Canon PowerShot A570IS was the best selling ‘electronics’ gadget and the Nokia “Internet Tablet PC” championed the ‘Computers’ section, though it’s unclear which model… Read More

  • Stop with the 'Tattoo Designs' already

    This is more or less addressed at CE and/or CE-related companies. Stop making products with stupid tribal tattoo designs. It’s a fad that’s been long gone, like 10 years ago or something, and one that I hope never returns. I don’t even care what features this bag has, Case Logic. I remember back in the day when I exclusively bought your CD cases and no one else’s. Read More

  • Nikon D60 to replace D40x, still has a booty lens mount

    Nikon’s D40x, 10-megapixel version of the D40 released inexplicably only four months after the D40, is set to be replaced by the new D60 line. There aren’t a lot of details, but considering the price point and previous capabilities of their cameras along that line, you can probably expect a perfectly decent camera crippled by its lack of autofocus support for much of… Read More

  • PlayboyU: All Tease and No Action

    I was skeptical when Playboy launched its exclusive social network for college students in August called PlayboyU, mostly because Hef’s adult entertainment empire had chosen merely to brand a standard Ning website. While it’s questionable to me whether a corporate brand can ever sustain a large and active social network, it just didn’t seem like the company was trying very… Read More

  • Apple readying for iTunes Tagging-HD Radio push

    Announced back in September, iTunes Tagging is a way for listeners of HD Radio to take a song they’ve heard on the radio, mark it with the appropriate metadata (that’s then synced to your iPod), then download the song from the iTunes Store after connecting their iPod to their computer. I’ve completely make a mess of that sentence, but you know what I mean to say. Now… Read More

  • What is a Histogram, why do I need it?

    Over the last couple weeks I’ve been taking more photos and really immersing myself into the whole thing. It’s an area (DSLR) where I know very little, which is completely unacceptable from a geek’s perspective. I’m still reading and digesting this handy how to guide on histograms so I thought others could read along with me and the more advanced photogs in the crowd… Read More

  • Apple now third most valuable company: behind Microsoft, Google

    A minor update to Hickey’s “Apple shares hit $200” post from the other day: Apple is now the third most valuable technology company, right behind Microsoft and Google. Its market capitalization (yes, I had to look up what that means) is now around $174 billion, some $100 billion more than last year. And to think I got excited when Grandma sent me $50 for Christmas. Keep in… Read More

  • Ron Paul supporters plan rally in World of Warcraft

    Like World of Warcraft? Like Ron Paul? Happy day, then! On New Years Day, supporters of everyone’s favorite libertarian will march from Iron Forge to Stormwind on the Whisperwind server. Supporters have even formed a guild called RP Revolution, complete with their own Web site. I can see why people would be averse to politics “invading” their favorite games, but, right… Read More

  • Wal-Mart closes its online video store, HP's fault

    Oh, Wal-Mart. We love your low prices, your imported-from-China everything, but when it comes to online movie purchases, it seems you misstepped. Your HP-powered online movie store that launchedin February was supposed to, as Peter Ha might say, “change the game.” Only it didn’t; the game is the same. For HP, the brains behind the operation pulled the plug on the… Read More

  • Canceling Music Services 101

    Eliot Van Buskirk was sick — sick! — of paying for music download services. Now that Amazon is DRM-free and offers lots of music, he decided to cancel all of his music subscriptions. Yahoo was the easiest at about 1 minute but it took him 30 minutes to cancel Napster and 10 minutes to cancel Rhapsody. This reminds me of trying to cancel my XBox Live and MS SPOT subscriptions. Read More

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