• CrunchDeals: Lenovo laptops on the cheap

    We didn’t really delve too far into this for specs, but if you’re looking for a new laptop on the cheap then check out the Lenovo outlet store. Some of them are discounted by about 40%. Maybe the kids need a laptop or something. Check it out. Lenovo Outlet Read More

  • Apple attempting to trademark 'thinnovation'

    The European Trademark Office has today published an application by Apple for dibs on the word “thinnovation”. And what’s more, it’s not just for computers and notebooks, but for “all manner of telecommunications,” hinting that Apple may have some broader WiMax plans up its sleeve. In related news, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers all… Read More

  • Microsoft's new keyboard/mouse combo looks pretty solid

    I’ve been a Logitech guy for a while now, but before that I had an excellent Microsoft keyboard/mouse combo, and this new offering looks nice enough to perhaps tempt me back to the dark side. Or the translucent side, really. They say the design is inspired by Aero, but unlike that demanding Vista feature, this keyboard’s good looks don’t require an extra gig of RAM. I like… Read More

  • Express your fanboyism with a Sony-style tattoo

    The PS3 is, it must be said, a powerful and versatile system. However, that does not really qualify it as a good tattoo subject. Flaming someone on an internet forum for hating on your console, well, that’s fanboyish, but getting Sony intellectual property permanently written on your skin? That borders on zealotry, my friend. I have a feeling it won’t be long until roving bands… Read More

  • What Does YouTube Have Up Its Sleeve? Guess Right, And Win An iPod Shuffle.

    YouTube is making a big announcement tomorrow morning. Could it be live-streaming? (We’re told not). High-definition video? A partnership with Hulu? (That would be so hot). A new Website design? Dialing up the advertising? Another way to get on mobile phones or big-screen TVs? Or as was leaked in February, better video-editing tools, personal video recommendations, better… Read More

  • K2 'Porcupine' flashlight for blinding and poking

    Ah, the convergence device. Is there anything better? Probably, but let’s try to stay focused here. Speaking of focused, how would you like 70 lumens of “eye-blinding white light” to freeze you like a deer on a dark Wisconsin road just before taking a nice set of “sharpened retractable spikes” to the noggin? If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, maybe… Read More

  • Qualcomm acquires Ireland's Xiam for $32 million

    US Telco giant Qualcomm has acquired Ireland-based Xiam Technologies for its mobile advertising targeting and personalisation technology. Qualcomm will pay approximately $32 million for Xiam and estimates the acquisition will be neutral to FY08 earnings per share. Founded in 2004 and funded with venture capital from Delta Partners and Enterprise Ireland, Xiam’s technology enables… Read More

  • Samsung, DDD ink deal for upcoming 3D HDTVs

    The DDD Group, they’re a 3D software company, has joined forces with Samsung to integrate its TriDef 3D functionality into low cost 3D chips for upcoming generations of Samsung’s 3D HDTVs. However, DDD will have to reach a certain technical milestone for a prototype chip, which they expect to be finished sometime in the first half of this year before they receive their development fee. Read More

  • EDGE network down in Pittsburgh?

    A reader just sent in a tip that EDGE service might be down in the Pittsburgh area. It appears, at least on my iPhone, that EDGE is down in the Pittsburgh area. Anyone else say anything about this? How ’bout it? Is anyone else having EDGE trouble in and around Pittsburgh? For what it’s worth, I’m definitely having EDGE trouble here in Boston but that’s mostly because… Read More

  • Home-grown video shows on tech are almost there. But not quite.

    Without access to a potential audience of millions in the US and the subsequent advertising revenues, video webcasts on this side of the pond have been patchy affairs. And especially in the realm of tech business news the content tends to be thin on the ground. Starting at the consumer end of the market, there is the patchy and variable (I’m being kind) BT Podshow . One question: why? All… Read More

  • Hulu opens up to the public tomorrow

    Hulu, which has been throwing me the above 500 error all morning as I try to log in with my beta credentials, will be open to the public tomorrow. It’s tallied up about five million viewers in the past month, which is impressive for a site that hasn’t been open to just anyone yet. It’s got a pretty broad swatch of content partners, too, including Fox, NBC Universal, MGM… Read More

  • What's in the 99 cent iTunes rental store this week?

    [photopress:Picture_6.png,full,pp_image] I may pipe in once in a while about physical media coming to end very soon, but I still like it and use it. I haven’t purchased or rented any movies on iTunes yet, but 99 cents is a drop in the bucket for some entertainment during dead times. But who has the patience, time or the brain of an elephant to remember to check what’s in the 99… Read More

  • Moto's CTIA line-up leaked (??)

    Moto is teaming up with Kodak? Releasing the MotoMing 2? Launching the Q10 with WinMo 6.1? Bestill my beating heart! Please, Moto, please: do well this quarter. We still need a primarily US-based handset maker and at the rate you’re going, I suppose I’d rather just look at a picture of Burt Reynolds. Major Handset announcements from Motorola at CTIA: Kodak phone, MotoMing 2, Rokr… Read More

  • Dropbox: The Online Storage Solution We’ve Been Waiting For?

    Dropbox was one of the most impressive startups I saw at Y Combinator’s demo day this past August, not because they’ve built anything terribly prescient or awe-inspiring, but because they’ve come up with an online storage product that I might actually use regularly. The idea behind Dropbox, which officially enters into private beta today (with 200 invitations available… Read More

  • Sony to discount PS3s in Europe?

    Following yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft would be cutting the price of Xbox 360 consoles, Sony may also be on the verge of dropping prices to keep their sales momentum going according to analyst firm Strategy Analytics. But others in the industry don’t see it happening until later this year. “Sony will be nervous that the PS3’s recent sales surge may fizzle… Read More

  • Odd Apple device showing up on secret iTunes Store pages

    Not sure how we missed this but last week iLounge found an odd Apple device — something between a touch and an eBook reader — on the private iTunes store for EF Education Tours. Obviously EF is a real organization and probably isn’t privy to Steve Jobs’ secret wet dreams, so I doubt this is anything to get excited about. However, we should probably get excited about… Read More

  • Strange Microsoft MySong product: Ghosts in the machine

    Need a happy song? A jazzy song? A saddy song? Get you some of this MySong stuff. It’s basically a note detector that builds music based on the “tune” you sing into the program. The system then adds chords and accompaniment using all the skills these morons should probably be learning if they intend to ever write real music. This will be great for Lindsay Lohan, however. via Giz Read More

  • The Star Wars Chubby: Not what you think

    While Leia was hot in that metal bikini, this isn’t that kind of chubby. It’s basically a tiny action figure with magnetic feet which represents the evolution of the character over time. They fit together like Russian nesting dolls and, as you can see, might not make great toddler toys. They have a few versions including Jango/Boba, Luke, the Ewoks, and George Lucas as he gets… Read More

  • SanDisk officially announces Sansa Fuze

    [photopress:FuzeFamilymicroSDHC8GBcardHiRes.jpg,full,pp_image] Following yesterday’s tiny snafu on Amazon, SanDisk has made official the tiny little Fuze MP3 player. It will be available in shades of pink, red, blue, black and silver. Storage capacity for the Fuze will be 2, 4, and 8GB with prices starting at $80 up to $130. Canada and Europe will get the Fuze in late Spring with the rest… Read More

  • Beatles on iTunes: Jacko's company says it ain't so

    If the Beatles were to show up on iTunes any time soon, it’d be news to Sony/ATV Music Publishing — the Sony + Michael Jackson joint venture that owns the publishing rights to most of the songs. Read More

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