• Philadelphia's Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Here’s some quick footage from Philadelphia and the Franklin Institute Science Museum’s Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit. More organized videos and photos to come once Peter the Ha and I sort everything out between our various cameras. I called him Peter the Ha like Jabba the… Read More

  • The non-dead Sam Jackson is rolling over in his non-existent grave

    This is for the hardcore Star Wars buffs in the audience. Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? No? How about the Jedi on the far left? Still not getting it? Well, you’re not much of a Star Wars fan then. Heh. See, the supposed Jedi on the left has a purple lightsaber and that’s a big no-no. Sam Jackson, who played by Mace Windu, personally requested a purple… Read More

  • The New Safari Is Amazingly Quick, Firefox Watch Out

    Computerworld had a review up Friday on the latest build of Apple’s Safari browser, the development version “WebKit” . Like Firefox builds these are evaluation/ testing builds so can be prone to bugs, but like Firefox what you see in these builds is usually what’s coming to the browser itself some time into the future. Computerworld said it was quick, so I tested it. Read More

  • Google To Acquire Stake In CNet?

    Nearly completely missed amid the noise around Microsoft’s takeover offer of Yahoo was speculation Friday that Google may be looking to acquire at a stake in San Francisco-based CNet. CNet shares were up 7% Friday based on the rumors. Last month, a group of investors began gathering shares of CNet and desired to exert influence on the makeup of the board of directors. Google investing… Read More

  • Yahoo! reportedly says 'no' to Microsoft deal, wants more $$

    [photopress:yahoosaysno.jpg,full,center] Yahoo! has said “no” to Microsoft. For now, at least. The Yahoo! board is expected to formally reject Microsoft’s offer, with the thinking that the company is worth more than what Microsoft offered—$44.6 billion, or about $31 per share. The board feels the company is worth closer to $40 per share, or around $57.5 billion. Read More

  • Who is the little green guy from Star Wars?

    Upon entering my room at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, I found a Yoda cookie. They have Star Wars packages, which can be found here. “Yobo? Is his name Yobo?” Someone’s significant other on the CrunchGear staff thinks Yoda’s name is Yobo. Who is it? {democracy:26} Read More

  • Yahoo's Bold Whimper

    A few well connected reporters said our prediction that Yahoo would make a decision on the Microsoft offer yesterday were off, and that Yahoo would take more time to make it’s move. But it seems that Yahoo did in fact make a decision yesterday. They will reject Microsoft’s offer. A flat and stubborn “No” should be coming on Monday. This is dramatic stuff. This could be… Read More

  • Middio Deadpool

    Middio, a cool music video search engine for YouTube, appears to have gone into the DeadPool. The home page is a blank index page. We’ve pinged them for a comment (the founder is Jeff Jarvis‘ sixteen year old son Jake) and await their response. Check out FIQL, which is actually a much more useful way of creating playlists of music videos on YouTube. Old screen shot below: Update… Read More

  • Tentative deal reached in writers strike: Guild leaders say it protects writers' future

    [photopress:strikeovertent.jpg,full,center] A tentative deal has been reached in the ongoing writers strike. The only reason why we paid attention to it here was because a primary reason for the strike stemmed from the use of “new media” like Internet broadcasts, DVD sales, mobile use, etc. Our bread and butter, in other words. There’s a PDF of all the terms and conditions of… Read More

  • 'Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination' exhibit

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Peter the Ha and I are here in Philadelphia for the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at The Franklin Institute. We’ll be posting photos and videos from the show throughout the weekend. Metaphors be with you. Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. If you are able to break away from your mobile games long enough to see the news from time to time, you may be aware that there is a presidential election in the United States this year. Political junkies like me have known about this upcoming event for a few months now. Following a national election is a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Down to the Bottom of the Sea Edition

    Digital imaging finally kills off the last Polaroid plants
    Ocean glider powers itself with water’s heat, maps the boring parts of the Caribbean
    Abandoned anchor responsible for damaged Middle East Internet cables
    Newman two-in-one smooching heart MP3 player
    CrunchDeals: $100 credit with the purchase of a Playstation 3 Read More

  • Digital imaging finally kills off the last Polaroid plants

    [photopress:polo.jpg,full,center] One of the unfortunate aspects of the so-called digital revolution is that older, analog technologies get left behind. With digital cameras, Polaroid photos are being replaced. Digitals are more instant, and usually look better, though there’s something about the primary colors and blurry edges of a Polaroid that will always rule. Those days are soon… Read More

  • Ecademy – the ten year old business social network

    [Note: please also see updates below] I first wrote about Ecademy for The Guardian newspaper six years ago. At the time it was shaping up to be an early social network aimed at freelance business people. Yesterday Ecademy celebrated 10 years in existence. Yes, it doesn’t look very Web 2.0. Yes, it’s doesn’t have a shiny logo with a reflection. Yes, it’s still built… Read More

  • Rumors that swirl: Apple event at the end of the month?

    [photopress:applelogo.jpg,full,center] We’ve got a handful of tippages today that Apple will be holding a press conference later this month to announce, well, something. We’re guessing MacBook Pro upgrades, or maybe something to do with Apple TV. It won’t be new MacBooks or iPods or iPhones, so calm yourselves. Read More

  • Poll: Brit men would forego sex for big-assed HDTVs

    [photopress:fujitsu_hs10_plasma_Sale.jpg,full,left]When asked, nearly half the men in the UK would give up sex for six months if the reward was a 50-inch plasma TV. What’s worse, many likely have, if you think about it. Now I feel really bad about the time I got some action at Fry’s. Half of UK men would swap sex for 50 inch TV [Yahoo! News] Read More

  • Yahoo Shelves Meebo Competitor myM

    Yahoo has killed off their web chat ambitions, we’ve heard. The six person team that was working on the unlaunched myM service are now working on the webmail product. (update: commenters have noted that the Yahoo web messenger product remains live). Chris Szeto, the director of product management for Yahoo Messenger, oversaw the project but has since moved on to join Sequoia-backed Meebo. Read More

  • Gouranga! GTA Developers' Flickr nostalgia set

    To coincide with the new GTA IV site (I’m guessing anyway), one of the original developers for Grand Theft Auto has put up a ton of pictures of his team and all the stuff they’ve worked on. There’s some cool GTA stuff like that above, shots of the nerds themselves, and most importantly for me, a bunch of stuff from Body Harvest, a game I’m about to go home and play… Read More

  • Lenovo's X300 getting closer to real

    [photopress:x300.jpg,full,center] Those looking for a PeeCee version of Apple’s MacBook Air might want to start poking around to find details about the rumored Lenovo ThinkPad X300. Word is it’ll clock in with a similar 13.3-inch screen, weight just 2.5 pounds, and also feature a 64GB SSD HD. Unlike the Air, it has an interated DVD burner and optional WiMAX for about $2750. Now… Read More

  • Apple skipping NAB 2008

    [photopress:Untitled_9.jpg,full,center] Now this is interesting. Usually a notable presence at NAB, Apple has announced they’ll be sitting this one out. No word on why, just that it will be focusing less on trade shows and more on its retail stores and website. Considering it’s a consumer brand more than industrial, this makes sense. Apple drops out of NAB show [TV Tech] Read More

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