• Mötley Crüe Song Sells More on Xbox Than On iTunes

    Can video games save the music industry? Probably not. But video games are emerging as a powerful distribution channel for digital music downloads. Players of Grand Theft Auto IV can buy the songs they hear in the game from Amazon by making their characters dial a number on their cell phones. Now the rock band Mötley Crüe (yes, they are still alive) is getting in on the action as well. … Read More

  • MS impressed by Leopard search, still won't add WinFS to Windows 7, I cry

    Windows 7 is coming out in 2009. It is supposed to be amazing, which multi-touch, surfaces, and small parasites that with eat dead skin from your back while you sleep. It sounds great. What won’t it have? WinFS. WinFS was supposed to me Microsoft’s super fast file system that enabled amazing search on your desktop. When Apple launched Leopard, however, WinFS was still a glimmer… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 4 for Wii gets downloadable content

    Because of the Wii’s rather silly amount of storage space available (512MB), developers have been loath to plan on downloadable content for the system. But Vicarious, the developers for the upcoming Guitar Hero 4, understand that to make the most of the Wii market may be the difference between a success and a smashing success, so they’re doing it anyway. They’re not… Read More

  • FeedBurner Finally Rolls Out AdSense

    Nearly a year after it was bought by Google for $100 million, FeedBurner is finally going to roll out Google’s AdSense as an advertising option for blogs and Websites that use its service to publish their feeds. FeedBurner will start with a few select publishers next week, and then expand the option to all of its customers soon afterwards. What took them so long? That seemed to be… Read More

  • Google's Android to get iTunes-like app store

    We know that Apple will add an app store to iTunes very soon so that people can buy and download new applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Google’s going with a similar solution for Android, and is said that it will create a central storefront for commercial apps for handsets running the search giant’s new Linuxy OS. More interestingly, Google has said that handset makers… Read More

  • Space beer heading our way, courtesy of Sapporo

    Space beer. It’s right up there with space wrestling as something that’s long overdue, but the wait will soon be over. Sapporo will launch a beer in November that’s brewed from International Space Station-grown barley. Initially, only 100 bottles of the space brew will be made, and none of them released commercially, and it’s unlikely that the beer will taste any different. Read More

  • Onkyo releases stereo system with HDD and featuring "floating technology"

    Today Onkyo unveiled a new stereo system which will go on sale in Japan on June 28th. The Nippon-only BR-NX10A is priced at $710. It comes with two bookshelf speakers, a CD player and an LCD color display. The most distinctive feature is the 80 GB HDD which is integrated into the main unit. Onkyo says this is enough to store a total of 40,000 songs. The company placed “cushions”… Read More

  • Bill Gates wants you to lose your mouse

    I don’t use a mouse. I use the trackpad on my MacBook or a trackball when I’m at the desktop, but Bill Gates thinks all these things are going they way of DOS. He sees a future where waving ones hands over a sensor is the way to interface with your computer. He stops short of saying the keyboard is going away — that’s a Jobs thing — but he claims the days of the… Read More

  • aTV Flash hack shut down

    Remember that little thumb-drive that beat the heck out of your Apple TV until it gave up its precious? Well, due to some fair use issues (read “People getting pissed that aTV was stealing their programs”) they’ve discontinued the product. In our interpretation of the fair use doctrine, our software does not cross any lines, but since this is a grey area issue, we have taken… Read More

  • Mobile Me the new name for .Mac?

    Could “Mobile Me” be the new name for .Mac? That’s what it looks like, at least according to what Blogging Robots (is that name a social statement?) has discovered. Strings in the iPhone 2.0 SDK reveal the name “Mobile Me” left, right and center, as pictured here. More evidence: Apple trademarked the name in 2006. So reasonable minds have concluded that, yes… Read More

  • For seeding a single album, arrests made in OiNK BitTorrent tracker case: report

    A former OiNK user was arrested last week, TorrentFreak has learnt. The user, who was not identified, was later released on bail. More arrests are expected. This news should concern a lot of us here, I’m going to assume. For one, if the police are involved, and not some anti-piracy watchdog like MediaDefender, it suggests that the post-OiNK investigations are criminal in nature (as… Read More

  • CrunchGear live podcast starts in an hour

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • Hutchison Telecom bringing iPhone to Hong Kong

    Joining Japan and Korea on the list of Asian countries planning on bringing the iPhone over, Hutchison Telecom is set to bring the iPhone to Hong Kong and Macau within the next few months. They’re being a bit hush-hush about the specifics, especially about whether the iPhone they’ll offer will be 2G or 3G – but it’s pretty safe to assume it’ll be the latter. Still… Read More

  • Play golf at your desk with this new mouse and pad

    Tokyo-based accessory maker Green House’s newest invention is a true dreamfor all gadget fans who don’t want to leave their computer to play golf. The company started shipping an (almost) golf ball shaped USB mouse along with a mat resembling a green. The set also includes a small putter, three “real” mini golf balls and a flag which can be placed on the mouse pad/green. Read More

  • Contest: Win History's "Engineering Disasters" DVD set

    Here are some shows where you can really see some gear crunch. They’re part of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels series, which cover (as you may expect) the major works, megastructures, and, in this set, the spectacular failures of modern engineering. You won’t be seeing the Apple Newton on there or Microsoft Bob, but you will see bridges and buildings collapsing, huge… Read More

  • Hop On Wireless' HOP1800 "disposable" phone: Beware

    As we all know, Hop On Wireless finally (they’ve been promising hardware since 2001) released the Hop1800, a $10 disposable dual-band phone with no screen. Great, right? So what am I so antsy about? I did a little digging recently and came back worried. Hop On has been hyping this device for seven years. Its founder, Peter Michaels, made a huge splash in 2001, receiving accolades from… Read More

  • Walmart Launches Classified Listings

    Walmart has added a classified listings service to their site. Silicon Valley startup Oodle, which was founded in 2004, is powering the service. The listings are free, which means Walmart is likely doing the deal to generate page views and advertising impressions. They also now compete with both Craigslist and eBay-owned Kijiji. Walmart has a mixed history of success with Web businesses… Read More

  • Video: Control a PSP with your DualShock~!

    It’s Friday, so expect one or two silly, time-killing videos throughout the day. This first one shows a man controlling a PSP with a DualShock controller. If you’re interested in putting something like this together, there’s a thread on Acid Mods that explains some of the more technical matters, matters that I won’t even pretend to understand. via PSP-Hacks Read More

  • ASUS Essentio CS5110 gets pricing, Blu-ray burner

    The ASUS Essentio CS5110, which we’ve covered in fair-to-middling detail, will be offered with an optional Blu-ray burner. Pricing will run between $657 and $1,642, with the Blu-ray equipped version of the PC starting at just over $1,300. These prices, by the way, are being converted from New Taiwan dollars, so they’re not necessarily set in stone. Still no official launch date… Read More

  • China's hackers could have caused East Coast blackout… not!

    Well how’s this for a Die Hard scenario: Chinese hackers are believed to control some of the electric power grids and may have caused blackouts in Florida and on the East Coast. How, you ask? Spyware! Using “slurping” software, Chinese counterintelligence has grabbed data from businessmen. But wait, there’s more! Kevin Poulsen calls the story bogus and so would I if… Read More

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