• Android pay apps to multiply, thrive in RC33

    Last week’s update to the T-Mobile G1, which included the handy voice search among other things, apparently also laid the foundation for the real pay app push, which should be starting right… about… I’m going to say Wednesday. T-Mo had this to say… Read More

  • Ladies, need help with Valentine's Day (or any day, really) gifts for us?

    Who’s to say girls know what to get their better halves for birthdays and holidays? I realize there are tons of sites that have tons of suggestions for gifts but my experience has been that they stink. Really bad. Now I’m not saying WishWrap is any better, but I must admit the selections are pretty good. Read More

  • Video: This is the God of War III trailer, and it looks good

    My initial, knee jerk reaction to the God of War III trailer was, “God of War III was fun when it was called God of War, in 2005.” Read More

  • IVP's Chaffee: Why I Invested In Twitter

    Why did Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital just plow $35 million into Twitter? I talked today with Todd Chaffee, the partner at IVP behind the deal, and asked him just that. His answer: Our model is to find the winners and market leaders that are going to grow at a disproportionate level. Twitter falls in that category. Twitter is bigger than a lot of people realize… Read More

  • The Resident Evil 5 racism debate continues, for some reason

    For reasons known only to God and his brother Jim—ooh, sacrilege—plenty of people are still calling Resident Evil 5 racist. The list now includes The Atlantic and Eurogamer; don’t forget N’Gai Croal brought this issue to everyone’s attention last year. Me? I’m sorry, but I have bills to pay, and I simply cannot be bothered to argue, in print or otherwise… Read More

  • Snowboard multi-tool includes "tobacco pipe"

    Hey, man. Is it your intention to do some exciting tricks on the slopes on your board this weekend and perhaps smoke some tobacco and drink some cola? Why not bring this handy multi-tool from Bakoda which includes a screwdriver, tape measure, and pipe. Read More

  • Cheesy last minute Valentine's Day gift

    OK, fellas, you know what tomorrow is and if you’re like me then you probably haven’t even thought about a gift for the lil lady yet. Luckily there’s always some gadget pusher out there with a worthwhile last minute gift idea. This time around it’s SmartParts and their 1.5-inch digital picture frame keychain. Read More

  • The complete DTV shutoff list straight from the FCC

    The original DTV shutoff date of February 17, 2009 is almost here and some stations still plan on switching off their analog broadcast as originally planned. Thankfully, the FCC has an extensive list detailing what stations will shutoff next week and the ones that already flipped the switch. Read More

  • Tattoo ink monitors blood glucose levels

    Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Draper Laboratory has developed a special tattoo ink that changes colors based on a person’s blood sugar levels. As CrunchGear’s resident diabetic and as someone who lives right down the street from Draper, I’d say that I’m “quite interested” in something like this. Now I just need to think up an awesome tattoo design. Read More

  • They have Gelaskins for netbooks, BlackBerry Bold now

    Kudos to Gelaskins, who have finally released their telltale gadget skins for netbooks and the BlackBerry Bold. (That pleases Doug and Peter, respectively.) It’s the same deal as the company’s laptop skins: exotic-looking art slapped across your device that not only looks fairly neat, but protects it from dirt and grime. Read More

  • Google Japan Apologizes For Awkward PR Campaign, Gets Punished With PageRank Reduction

    On Monday, we covered an embarrassing pay-per-post campaign Google launched in Japan with the aim of boosting awareness of a new keyword hitlist box on the Google Japan top page. It now turns out the move, which was (to my knowledge) first brought to light by Japanese super bloggers Masato Kogure and Akky Akimoto, triggered a number of repercussions. The aftermath in a nutshell: The campaign… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Target offering HDTVs for under $200

    Let’s not get too excited here, but starting this Sunday, Target will have a 720p HDTV on sale for $199. Here’s the catch, it’s a little guy. How little? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20 percent off Dell makes budget-minded gamers happy

    Thanks to a 20 percent off coupon code to Dell.com, you can score some real cheap gaming consoles right now. The Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Holiday Bundle ships for only $239 post-coupon. That’s with two games, too. Wanna go a bit higher-end? You could score the 80GB PS3 or Xbox Elite for only $319 with the same coupon code. Talk about recession friendly prices. Read More

  • Transformers 2 release date pushed up

    Why I would bother going to Paramount’s site to check out the trailers for G.I. Joe and Star Trek (I’m actually okay with this one) is baffling, but I’m glad I did. I just noticed that the release date for Transformers 2 has been moved up two whole days. Yay! Watch the leaked trailer right here. Paramount Read More

  • Do you have a spare Crawligator?

    I know this probably won’t help, but it’s worth a shot. DaddyTypes got an email from a new dad named Michael about his eight month old son with leg problems: I’m searching for a Crawligator for my eight month old son with leg deformities. He will be having them amputated and is expected to have trouble crawling. I would like to find him a Crawligator to give him the best… Read More

  • Jack Cover, inventor of the Taser, dies at 88

    Taser inventor Jack Cover died of pneumonia last Saturday at 88 years of age. A life-long inventor, Cover began work on the Taser in the 1960s before it finally saw widespread use in the 1990s. Read More

  • Twitter Raises $35 Million Series C From Benchmark and IVP

    Update: We just got off the phone with IVP partner Todd Chaffee who says this round was actually in excess of $35 million. Apparently, $35 million is just the total of what Benchmark and IVP put in ($21 million and $14 million respectively), while the additional amount put in by Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital is still unknown. According to Chaffee, “Everybody wanted to protect… Read More

  • Sony has sold 50 million PSPs so far (to 96 million Nintendo DSs)

    There’s not a damn thing I can add vis-à-vis the PSP’s performance to what Mr. Joel Johnson, OBE, wrote the other day, so good on him. I will, however, note that Sony is blaring its victory trumpets today. Why is that? It seems Sony has sold a whopping 50 million PSPs, worldwide, since its December, 2004 launch in Japan. That’s as of January, 2009, too, so the actual number… Read More

  • Iridium satellite collides with Russian satellite

    Mobile satellite phone service provider Iridium found one of its orbiting satellites knocked offline when it collided with a non-working Russian satellite 500 miles above Siberia on Tuesday. According to NASA, debris from the accident is potentially dangerous although it’s “very small and within acceptable limits.” The debris will be tracked by scientists. Read More

  • Ning's Doing Just Fine Without The Porn

    At the beginning of last December, Ning reversed course on its anything-legal-goes policy by declaring a prohibition on adult social networks. The reason? Porn wasn’t paying the bills; instead of attracting advertisers, it was scaring them away. Legal adult content was also begetting illegal content, which drew the ire of both authorities and lawyers with DMCA notices in hand. Given… Read More

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