• Fix the Kindle 2's light text display

    If you can’t read your Kindle 2 because it’s too light, fear not. This thread shows you how to add darker, non-aliased fonts to your 16-shades-of-gray beauty. All the hack does is replace the standard fonts with new, darker fonts but many are complaining so this might be just the thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Read More

  • Oklahoma City Tea Party protestor arrested for threatening bloodbath on Twitter

    An Oklahoma City man named Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, posted threats against the government on Twitter under the name CitizenQuasar including the suggestion that he would kill police if they approached his home. The FBI has arrested him around April 15 in response to the threats, including a final tweet describing himself as “locked and loaded” and ready to “see what… Read More

  • Google Earth Helps Solve A Plane Crash Mystery

    The idea behind Google Earth has always been a powerful one: It allows users to explore places that they either can’t or won’t go. But with its vast amount of maps and topographical data, it also is a very powerful tool for combing the Earth — and that can be very useful when you’re searching for something. Which is exactly how it helped a grieving family find a plane… Read More

  • Awesome handheld NES with wireless controllers and Zapper

    For the retro gaming fans out there, these clone systems are making a lot of dreams come true. The FC3 system, for example, plays NES, SNES, and Genesis games, for only like $60. And this sweet portable NES, which uses actual NES cartridges, has the added bonus of wireless controllers and a Zapper as accessories. Of course it’s got a TV-out; you’d look pretty silly aiming a light… Read More

  • EQ Network Converts Videos To Mobile-Friendly Formats While Inserting Ads

    The web is filled with video content, but there are different formats that don’t always play nicely with all players. The most obvious example of this is the hugely popular Flash format, which does not work on the hugely popular iPhone. EQ Network has an answer for that and other format issues, and wants to offers content owners a way to serve up ads in those video… Read More

  • World of Warcraft on the iPhone heralds end of civilization as we know it

    Well, we had a good run. The Renaissance, going to the Moon, inventing the Snuggie… but all that’s done now. World of Warcraft is no longer restricted to home and laptop use. Its grip on humanity will be total. Penny Arcade was remarkably prescient in this case; I wonder who Satan (who is the devil) is working for right now? Could Apple, could be Blizzard, or maybe he’s… Read More

  • Video: Recording analog audio to a floppy disk

    How cool is this? My friends and I have fun tinkering with audio gear every once in a while, but this awesome hack is beyond anything I would have thought up. By taking apart a drive, mating it with a tape recorder, and doing a few other really cool things, this talented hacktress has made 3.5″ floppies capable of holding about 15 seconds of analog audio. And you have to hear it, some… Read More

  • Steve Jobs On The Value Of Stock Options

    On March 18, 2008, Steve Jobs was deposed by the SEC during its investigation of Apple’s stock option backdating scandal. The deposition was never made public until Forbes published it on Friday, after obtaining it through a Freedom of Information Act request. (Full deposition embedded below) Jobs explains his reasoning for why he asked the board for mega grants of options for both… Read More

  • "KissPhone" concept – really?

    We’ve seen some strange concepts in our time, but this has to be one of the weirdest and most unlikely. This concept KissPhone is probably going to stay imaginary, since it’s the most ridiculous thing in the galaxy. Capture the movement, warmth, and “sucking force” of a lover’s lips and transmit it in real time to a pair of robo-lips? Yeah, I see a market for that. Read More

  • Jury-rigged kite photography for the crafty among you

    Do you have an extra digital camera lying around that you wouldn’t mind sending hundreds of feet in the air? Got a couple hours and a lot of thumbtacks to spare? Well, this DIY project is for you, then. It’s a very complicated way of mechanically triggering your camera while you’re away — say 100 feet down at the end of a long piece of string. Read More

  • Former AOL Exec Mike Jones To Become No. 2 At MySpace

    One thing MySpace has is a lot of holes in the executive ranks. Founding CEO Chris DeWolfe has been hurriedly replaced by Owen Van Natta (our thoughts on that are well known). Cofounder and President Tom Anderson is having “discussions” about “assuming a new role in the organization.” And last month three of the top (and most capable) execs (COO, SVP Product Strategy and… Read More

  • Windows 7 reveals XP mode AKA the IT guy's wet dream

    So there’s going to be an XP mode in Windows 7. What does that mean? For users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate – sorry, lower-end users! – you will get a full copy of Windows XP that will run under a virtual processor. However, instead of creating a new desktop environment, the XP mode will bring the application up as a window inside Windows 7. This means… Read More

  • Owen Van Natta's Infamous Tenure At Project Playlist

    One of the many unsavory aspects of the hiring of Owen Van Natta as the new CEO of MySpace: the rewriting of recent history around Van Natta’s involvement in Project Playlist. The communications group at News Corp. (MySpace’s parent company) is busy spinning Van Natta’s departure as a simple transition from one job to another, but that’s far from the truth. Nor does… Read More

  • Video: 1,000 FPS with the I-Movix SprintCam V3

    The SprintCam is a pretty heavy-duty slo-mo camera. This version, v3, can take 1,000 frames per second, resulting in a look at physical actions in full HD that is unprecedented. How much does it cost? Lots and lots, but just look at that footage. Read More

  • How-to: Hassle your girlfriend with a Nerf robot

    This project, designed to piss off the creator’s girlfriend, is a tank with a Nerf gun, speakers, and remote controlled base. The resulting tank is pretty cool although the goal – to terrorize a woman who would live with a guy who would build such a magical thing – is a bit odd. Maybe he wants to be alone? Maybe he can reverse the suction on the Nerf gun. Read More

  • Build your own open source robot

    Take a look at the Jansen walker, a laser cut robot built out of plastic and some spare nuts and bolts that were lying around. Ok, and maybe an Arduino cpu. You too can build one of these, all you have to do is buy the parts and assemble it. Oh, and program that cpu using the servo code that you can download. Read More

  • Twitter's Real Edge: It's not Scary

    When I was writing my last book, I used to go run at the gym for about an hour every morning to clear my head. The TVs were always set on ABC, so I’d zone out to either “Live with Regis & Kelly” or “The View”–two shows I’d never watched before. I was always struck by the constant fear mongering about the Internet, particularly on “The… Read More

  • Wired looks at junk that doesn't work

    Need to Ionize your water? Keep yourself safe from “raditations?” Find ghosts? Don’t buy the junk Wired looked at in order to test the validity of their claims. The most interesting product, the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer, a $2,000 lump of nothing, is features a picture of Ed Begley Jr. as well as a bunch of writing in Korean. The results of the ionization experiment? A bunch… Read More

  • Ignite NYC: Learn how a samurai katana is made in 5 minutes

    Ignite is a pretty cool show, it allows people share information with others. It’s not your normal long, boring slide presentation (who hasn’t experienced death by Powerpoint?) because there are a few rules. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lines of Communication Edition

    Contest: Win The Ultimate iPhone Application Package
    File transfers via soundwave
    LEGO! Flash Drives! Read More

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